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Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy, Lidar, and DIAL Techniques for Environmental and Industrial Measurements
Editor(s): Alan Fried; Dennis K. Killinger; Harold I. Schiff

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Volume Number: 2112
Date Published: 3 June 1994

Table of Contents
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Development of IR tunable diode lasers and source assemblies for atmospheric monitoring and related applications
Author(s): David L. Wall; Jonathan C. Sproul; Ze'ev Feit; Glen William Sachse
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Frequency modulation spectroscopy with tunable diode lasers
Author(s): Haris Riris; David E. Cooper; Clinton B. Carlisle; Lewis W. Carr; Jan E. Van der Laan
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Signal processsing strategies for tunable diode laser spectroscopy
Author(s): Peter W. Werle
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Dual-channel two-tone frequency modulation tunable diode laser spectrometer for ground-based and airborne trace gas measurements
Author(s): Frank G. Wienhold; J. Thomas Zenker; Geoff W. Harris
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Tunable diode laser spectroscopy: new methods and applications
Author(s): Alexander I. Nadezhdinskii; Nikolai V. Sobolev; Steven P. Kadner
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Tunable IR diode lasers based on the A3B5 solid solution for the spectral range 2-4 um
Author(s): Yury P. Yakovlev; Alexej N. Baranov; Albert N. Imenkov; Andrei A. Popov; Victor V. Sherstnev
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Line strengths of some selected transitions in the 2900-cm-1 region of H2CO
Author(s): Robert L. Sams
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Field diode laser spectrometer employing an astigmatic Herriott cell
Author(s): Scott David Sewell; Alan Fried; Bruce E. Henry; James R. Drummond
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Measurements of CF4 and C2F6 in the emissions from aluminum smelters by tunable diode laser absorption spectrometry
Author(s): Harold I. Schiff; J. Bechara; John T. Pisano; Gervase I. Mackay
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Calibration procedures for tunable diode laser spectrometers
Author(s): Robert Josef Muecke; Bodo Scheumann; Franz Slemr; Peter W. Werle
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Measuring atmospheric methane and water vapour using near-infrared diode lasers
Author(s): D. Christian Hovde; Joel A. Silver; Alan C. Stanton
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Industrialized high-sensitivity fiber optic near-IR diode-laser-based gas analysis system
Author(s): Henrik Ahlberg; Stefan Helge Lundqvist; Robert Tell; Torbjoern Andersson
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Automated remote monitoring of toxic gases with diode-laser-based sensor systems
Author(s): Neil Goldstein; Jamine Lee; Fritz Bien
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Solid state DIAL for the remote sensing of ambient air pollutants
Author(s): Craig A. Smith; John S. Gergely; James A. Trainham; Samir A. Ahmed; Fred Moshari
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Three-dimensional monitoring of air pollution using "all solid state" Lidar systems
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Wolf; Mathilde Douard; Klaus Fritzsche; Patrick Rairoux; Gunter R. Schubert; Matthies Ulbricht; Dirk Weidauer; Ludger H. Woeste
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Lidar systems for gaseous species detection and mapping: a review of modeled performance
Author(s): R. Brent Smith; A. Grant Cunningham; Arkady Ulitsky; Tin-Yu Wang; Mark Frischman; M. Stanier
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New Lidar method utilizing elastic and Raman scattering for the measurement of backscattering and extinction profiles
Author(s): Thomas D. Wilkerson; Hans Moosmueller
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Boundary layer height measurements with an eyesafe Lidar
Author(s): Gary G. Gimmestad; Edward M. Patterson; David W. Roberts; Susan C. Gimmestad
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Calibration of Lidar systems
Author(s): Matthies Ulbricht; Patrick Rairoux; Juergen Reif; Dirk Weidauer; Jean-Pierre Wolf
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Remote aerosol mapping in the boundary layer with a Lidar system
Author(s): Shlomo Fastig; Y. Benayahu; Abraham Englander; E. Glaser
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Development and demonstration of a high-altitude atmospheric backscatter Lidar system
Author(s): Thomas M. Dolash; John Garvey; Joseph Leonelli; Mark Bradford; Lynn Rose
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Visible wavelength Doppler Lidar for measurement of wind and aerosol profiles during day and night
Author(s): Wilbert R. Skinner; Kenneth W. Fischer; Vincent J. Abreu; Matthew J. McGill; Todd D. Irgang; John E. Barnes
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Mobile SO2 and NO2 DIAL Lidar system for enforcement use
Author(s): David Lloyd Cunningham; William H. Pence; Stephen E. Moody
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Lidar environmental observations
Author(s): Edward E. Uthe
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Airborne UV-DIAL urban plume measurements
Author(s): James L. McElroy; Hans Moosmueller; Rudolpha M. Jorgensen; Curtis M. Edmonds; Raul J. Alvarez; Donald H. Bundy
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Lidar and DOAS remote sensing for pollution monitoring in the Washingto D.C. area during August/September 1992
Author(s): Cyril Flamant; Thomas D. Wilkerson; Willard E. Fraize; Coorg R. Prasad; Joseph Famiglietti
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Comparative open-path environmental monitoring using Lidar, IR radiometer, and point detectors
Author(s): Smadar Egert; David Peri; Joseph Sivan; Yehezkel Baumgarte
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Frequency-agile CO2 DIAL for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Lewis W. Carr; Leland Fletcher; Max Crittenden; Clinton B. Carlisle; Steven W. Gotoff; Felix Reyes; Francis M. D'Amico
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Measurement of aerosol loading profiles and mixing heights in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1992 SORP-ONA field study
Author(s): Kenneth W. Fischer; Vincent J. Abreu; Perry J. Samson; Matthew J. McGill
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Improved laser light source for remote sensing of air pollutants by means of DOAS and DIAL
Author(s): Thomas D. Wilkerson; Steven J. Davis; David M. Sonnenfroh; Donald F. Heller; John C. Walling
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Transportable Lidar for the measurement of ozone concentration and aerosol profiles in the lower troposphere
Author(s): Yanzeng Zhao; James N. Howell; R. Michael Hardesty
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Atmospheric measurements of the ENEA DIAL station
Author(s): Francesco Colao; Roberto Barbini; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo
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Some anomalies in the shape of Lidar signal from upper sea-water layers
Author(s): Yurij I. Kopilevich; Alexander A. Svetlykh; Victor I. Feigels
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Dual-use applications of laser remote sensing to the military battlefield and environmental monitoring
Author(s): Joseph Leonelli
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New generation of multipass systems
Author(s): Semen M. Chernin
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