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13th Annual BACUS Symposium on Photomask Technology and Management
Editor(s): Edward C. Grady; Jack P. Moneta
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Volume Number: 2087
Date Published: 15 February 1994
Softcover: 41 papers (432) pages
ISBN: 9780819413567

Table of Contents
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Masks for Markle-Dyson optics
Author(s): Andrew Grenville; Gerry Owen; Jeff A. Robinson; David Anthony Borkholder; Curtis W. Frank; Roger Fabian W. Pease; David A. Markle
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Comparison of state-of-the-art lithography tools
Author(s): Richard W. Aprile
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Flexure of photomasks in manufacturing and application
Author(s): Michael Zander
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CORE 2564 process optimization with the APTCON 4045
Author(s): Alan Golob; Greg Mullins; Catherine A. Baker; C. Edward Franks; Asao Shikata
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Comparison of wet and dry chrome etching with the CORE-2564
Author(s): Peter D. Buck; Brian J. Grenon
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Dry etch patterning of chrome on glass optical masks using P(SI-CMS) resist
Author(s): Anthony E. Novembre; David A. Mixon; Christophe Pierrat; Chester S. Knurek; Michael W. Stohl
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Results from the first fully automated PBS-mask process and pelliclization
Author(s): Andreas B. Oelmann; Gerd M. Unger
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CD results for 6 inch 250 mil PBS photoblanks for a 0.50 micron generation photomask process
Author(s): Chris K. Keith
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Self-calibration in one dimension
Author(s): Michael T. Takac
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Postioning accuracy issues for 0.35 micron critical dimension microlithography
Author(s): An Tran; Jim DeWitt; Charlie Boettcher
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Through quartz metrology in an automated chemical process
Author(s): Alex R. Naderi
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Dimensional metrology of phase-shifting masks with scanning probe microscopes
Author(s): Joseph E. Griffith; Herschel M. Marchman; Leslie C. Hopkins; Christophe Pierrat; Sheila Vaidya
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Direct phase measurement in phase-shift masks with a differential heterodyne interferometer
Author(s): Hiroshi Fujita; Hiroyuki Miyashita; Hiroyuki Nakamura; Hisatake Sano; Kasuhiko Kimura; Hiroshi Nakanishi; Hideo Takizawa; Hidehiko Yamaguchi; Takahiro Ode
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Application of an aerial image measurement system to mask fabrication and analysis
Author(s): Richard A. Ferguson; Ronald M. Martino; Russell A. Budd; John L. Staples; Lars W. Liebmann; Derek B. Dove; J. Tracy Weed
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Metrology hardware simulation of mask focus-exposure matrix
Author(s): Mircea V. Dusa; Guoqing Xiao; Erik H. Rauch
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Improvements in two-dimensional X/Y metrology on photomasks and wafers
Author(s): John M. Whittey
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New tool for phase-shift mask evaluation: the stepper equipment aerial image measurement system--AIMS
Author(s): Russell A. Budd; John L. Staples; Derek B. Dove
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Basic improvements in the pellicle final clean area
Author(s): Donald M. Shernock; James Campi; Hector I. Garcia; Alan Golob
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Development for deep-UV pellicles
Author(s): Tokinori Ago; Hiroaki Nakagawa
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Die-to-die inspection of phase-shifting masks
Author(s): Doug J. Stolpe; Christophe Pierrat; Stephen D. Kirkish; Sheila Vaidya
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Die-to-database inspection using high accuracy database representation
Author(s): Nissim Elmaliach; Yair Eran; Shiree Shafrir; Carla Thoe; Patricia D. Beard
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Automatic defects classification for photolithographics reticles
Author(s): Denis M. Rigaill; Henry Roussel-Dupre; Michel Tissier; Yann Guerin
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Fabrication and evaluation of a programmed transmission defect test mask
Author(s): Larry S. Zurbrick; Paul DePesa; Ricardo A. Diola
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PSM defect repair using currently available tools
Author(s): Roswitha Remling
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Laser repair of phase-shifting masks
Author(s): Yung-Ho Chuang; Baorui Yang; Victor Garkavy; John M. O'Connor; Kuo-Ching Liu; Martin G. Cohen; J. Farkas; Paul B. Comita
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Recent advances in focused ion beam repair of phase-shifting masks
Author(s): John C. Morgan
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Printability of phase-shift defects using a perturbational model
Author(s): Robert John Socha; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Universal pattern data format
Author(s): Michael R. Rolle
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Characterization of defect sizing on an automatic inspection system (KLA238e)
Author(s): Dave Stocker; Brian Martin; Jeffrey O. Browne
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Chrome-level repair of phase-shift photomasks using conventional focused ion beam repair technology
Author(s): William C. Joyce
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LAN integration of photomask tools at IBM Burlington using the IBMRISC/6000
Author(s): Edward J. Wilbur
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Continuous improvement journey at Du Pont photomasks
Author(s): Robert K. Henderson
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Mask manufacturing improvement through capability definition and bottleneck line management
Author(s): Al Strott
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Cost of ownership for soft x-ray projection lithography
Author(s): Kathleen Early; William H. Arnold
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Mask quality assessment
Author(s): Larry Regis; Neil Paulson; James A. Reynolds
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Phase-shifting mask fabrication
Author(s): Christophe Pierrat; John DeMarco
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New simple method of extending the limit of rim phase-shift mask
Author(s): Seong-Woon Choi; Sang-Gyun Woo; Jin-Min Kim; Jongmin Son; Jeong Gey Lee
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Simulation and fabrication of a new phase-shifting mask for 0.35 um contact hole pattern transfer: half-tone rim
Author(s): Wen-An Loong; Shyi-Long Shy; Guei-chi Guo; Y. L. Chou
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Continous phase transitions fabricated by subtractive process
Author(s): Taro Saito; Hideyuki Jinbo; Katsuhiro Takushima; Itsuji Ashida; Yoshio Tanaka
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Electron-beam lithography optimization for 0.25-um x-ray mask making
Author(s): Denise M. Puisto
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Practical approach to 0.35-um i-line lithography
Author(s): Etsuya Morita
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