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Biochemical and Medical Sensors
Editor(s): Otto S. Wolfbeis
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Volume Number: 2085
Date Published: 15 February 1994
Softcover: 17 papers (150) pages
ISBN: 9780819413529

Table of Contents
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Optical characteristics of modified fibre tips in single fiber, laser Doppler flowmetry
Author(s): P. Ake Oberg; Hongming Cai; Hakan Rohman; Sven-Erik Larsson
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A novel single beam optical spectrophotometer for fast luminescence, absorption, and reflection measurements of turbid materials
Author(s): Werner Schmidt
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Optical pH sensor for physiological pH measurement
Author(s): Sifu Zhang; Peter J. Rolfe; Yappa A.B.D. Wickramasinghe
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Development and clinical evaluation of noninvasive near-infrared monitoring of cerebral oxygenation
Author(s): Yappa A.B.D. Wickramasinghe; Peter J. Rolfe; Keith Palmer; S. Watkins; S. A. Spencer; M. Doyle; S. O'Brien; A. Walker; C. Rice; C. Smallpeice
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Plastic optical fiber sensor for gastric ph detection
Author(s): Francesco Baldini; Susanna Bracci; Franco Cosi
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Immunosensors based on fiber optics and enhanced chemiluminiscence: construction and biomedical application for determination of different antigens
Author(s): Nickolaj F. Starodub; Pavel Ya. Arenkov; Alexander N. Starodub; Vladimir A. Berezin
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Towards an optoelectronic luminescent sensing device
Author(s): Dmitry B. Papkovsky; Gely V. Ponomarev; Vladimir I. Ogurtsov; Alexey A. Dvornikov
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Fluorescence decay time measurement - a new optical sensing scheme
Author(s): Sonja Draxler; Max E. Lippitsch
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Video imaging in flow - a novel method for increasing the discriminating power of flow cytometers used in aquatic science
Author(s): Joachim Wietzorrek; E. Glossner; R. Kuehn; V. Kachel
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New CCD imager for spectroscopy
Author(s): Alain Jutant
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Optoelectronic mammoscope for breast cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski; Miroslaw A. Karpierz; Tomasz R. Wolinski; Marek Wojciech Sierakowski; Z. Jaworski; Marcin Swillo; J. Dziukowa; Z. Malinowski; E. Wesolowska
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Optical fiber chemical sensors at IROE for medical applications
Author(s): Francesco Baldini
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Infrared fiber optic radiometric thermometry for biomedical applications
Author(s): Edward Belotserkovsky; Michael Mesh; A. Shlifer; Ophir Eyal; Abraham Katzir
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Chemically selective optode membranes casted on multiple internal reflection elements of high-refractive index
Author(s): Daniel Freiner; Ursula E. Spichiger-Keller
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Colorimetric sensor based on two optical fiber couplers
Author(s): Artur Dybko; Janusz Maciejewski; Ryszard S. Romaniuk; Wojciech Wroblewski
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Medical applications of MIR-fiber spectroscopic probes
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Natalia I. Afanasyeva; Alexander A. Lerman; Alexander P. Kryukov; E. F. Kuzin; Natalia N. Zharkova; Victor G. Plotnichenko; George A. Frank; G. I. Didenko; Victor V. Sokolov; Wolfgang Neuberger
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New type of miniaturized drift sensor and its application in laser medicine
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Liess; Juergen Lademann; Juergen W. Leonhardt; Dieter Berger
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