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Laser Applications in Ophthalmology
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Volume Number: 2079
Date Published: 15 February 1994
Softcover: 24 papers (208) pages
ISBN: 9780819413468

Table of Contents
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Clinical use of new lasers in ophthalmology
Author(s): Rosario Brancato; Giuseppe Trabucchi; Mariangela Verdi
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Mathematical modeling of laser applications in ophthalmology
Author(s): Victor K. Pustovalov
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Raman and elastic light scattering of fresh human eye-lenses
Author(s): Cees Otto; Anna N. Yaroslavskaya; Ilya V. Yaroslavsky; Gijs F.J.M. Vrensen; Gerwin J. Puppels; Jan Greve
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Multicolor laser ophthalmocoagulator of a new generation
Author(s): Georgi I. Zheltov; Alexander S. Podol'tsev; A. I. Kirkovsky; V. N. Glazkov; A. Linnik
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Morphological and functional effects of induced laser retinal fibrosis
Author(s): Harry Zwick; Steven T. Schuschereba; Donald A. Gagliano; M. Silverman; David J. Lund; Scottie B. Reynolds; Bruce E. Stuck
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Ho:YAG laser sclerostomy in a long-term animal model
Author(s): Sandor G. Vari; Vani R. Pergadia; Wendy J. Snyder; Thanassis Papaioannou; William Fein; Michael C. Fishbein; Wei-Qiang Shi; M. D. Dhondt; Warren S. Grundfest
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Measurement of the Z-transferfunction in the fovea centralis of the human eye using a new confocal laser scanning device
Author(s): Stefan Goelz; Joerg P. Fischer; Ronald Klitsche; Josef F. Bille
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Imaging through light scattering eye media: letter identification
Author(s): Claes M. E. Beckman
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Comparison of laser tomographic fundus mapping to digital analysis of stereo photographs
Author(s): Tilman P. Otto; Reinhard O. W. Burk; Josef F. Bille; Joerg J. Dengler
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Development of an electro-optical ellipsometer with application in ophthalmology
Author(s): T. Fendrich; Stefan K. Fischer; Josef F. Bille
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Measurement of fundus pulsations to control the course of diabetic retinopathy
Author(s): Leopold F. Schmetterer; Christian J. Unfried; Adolf Friedrich Fercher; A. Salomon; A. Rheinberger
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Optical systems in ergophthalmology
Author(s): Valentina Kovalenko; Valentina Besedovskaya; Tamara Paloob
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Laser Doppler investigation of blood flow in capillary tubes
Author(s): YeshaYahou Levy; F. Christo; A. Romano
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Excimer laser-induced ablation in corneal surgery by a two-dimensional scanning method
Author(s): Angela Unkroth; Karin Pachomis; Eberhard Welsch; Jens-Uwe Walther; D. Zimare; Ulf Krause
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Eye movements compensation in excimer laser keratectomy
Author(s): Vasyl V. Molebny; Alexandr P. Semenov; Igor Kornilovsky
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Investigations on laser thermokeratoplasty
Author(s): Ralf Brinkmann; Norbert Koop; Gerit Droege; Ulf Grotehusmann; Andrea Huber; Reginald Birngruber
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Surface ablation of corneal tissue using UV, green, and IR picosecond laser pulses
Author(s): M. H. Niemz; Frieder H. Loesel; Martin Fischer; Christian Lappe; Josef F. Bille
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Concominant squint complex treatment efficiency through low-power laser and prismatic correction
Author(s): Valentina Bessmertnaya
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YAG-laser therapy in opthalmology
Author(s): Daniel Vorosmarthy
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Giant-pulse Nd:YAG laser sclerostomy: preliminary results
Author(s): Adiel Barak; Mordechai Rosner; Arieh S. Solomon; Shlomo Timor Melamed
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Review of laser applications in glaucoma filtering surgery
Author(s): Michael S. Berlin; Roy Ahn
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Solid state lasers for ocular surgery: preclinical study
Author(s): Rinaldo Cubeddu; Rosario Brancato; C. Sozzi; Paola Taroni; Giuseppe Trabucchi; Gianluca Valentini; Mariangela Verdi
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Preliminary results of human scleral ablation in vitro with Ho:YAG laser
Author(s): Vani R. Pergadia; Sandor G. Vari; Michael C. Fishbein; Wei-Qiang Shi; Warren S. Grundfest
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Laser coagulation of intraocular hemorrhages and nonpigmented tumors
Author(s): Victor K. Pustovalov
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