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Optics, Illumination, and Image Sensing for Machine Vision VIII
Editor(s): Donald J. Svetkoff

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Volume Number: 2065
Date Published: 15 March 1994

Table of Contents
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Video camera interface standards: update and forecast
Author(s): David L. Gilblom
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Analysis of methods for image rearrangement
Author(s): Kevin G. Harding
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Design of illumination systems for vision-assisted placement of surface-mount components
Author(s): S. Hossein Cheraghi; E. Amine Lehtihet; Pius J. Egbelu
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Machine vision detection of the high points on small, curved, shiny things
Author(s): Nabil I. Hachem; Michael A. Gennert; Norman Wittels
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Adaptive control of camera position for stereo vision
Author(s): Jill D. Crisman; Michael E. Cleary
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Illumination and imaging design for a machine vision COD gauge
Author(s): Yinhong Li; Tahar El-Korchi; Norman Wittels; Gary L. Leatherman
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Compact illuminators, collimators, and focusers with half-sperical input aperture
Author(s): Janis Spigulis
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Uniform frontal illumination of planar surfaces: criteria for optimal lighting design
Author(s): Michael A. Gennert; Norman Wittels
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Comparison of methods for 3D laser calibration
Author(s): Kwangik Hyun; Woon Y. Chung; Lester A. Gerhardt
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Visual programming interface for optics, detector, and signal processor modeling
Author(s): Philip D. Henshaw; Norman R. Guivens Jr.
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Prototype model of optical detection systems
Author(s): Norman R. Guivens Jr.; Philip D. Henshaw
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Accurate analysis of noncollinear acousto-optic interaction in TeO2 crystal
Author(s): Lan-ying Ding; Xishu An; Quan Ren; Aijian Wei
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Model-based performance evaluation of fiber optic light sources
Author(s): Donald J. Svetkoff
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Fourier analysis of complex filtering in the transform plane for obtaining nanometric surface profiles
Author(s): Jan H. Rakels
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Generation of arbitrary moire contours for automated inspection
Author(s): Bernard R. Gilbert; Joel H. Blatt
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Large depth-of-field moire system with remote image reconstruction
Author(s): Albert J. Boehnlein; Kevin G. Harding
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Image processing techniques in coded holotags recognition
Author(s): Maria Isilda Pinto; Armindo L. V. S. Lage; Oliverio D.D. Soares
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Shadow moire by phase shifting method and applications
Author(s): Gerard Mauvoisin; Fabrice J. Bremand; Alexis Lagarde
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Optical correlator using binary phase-only filters implemented with hybrid TV/liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
Author(s): V. V. Dadeshidze; Igor N. Kompanets; I. L. Lindunen; Anatoly A. Vasiliev
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3D stereo using photometric ratios
Author(s): Lawrence B. Wolff; Elli Angelopoulou
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Strategies and algorithms for DSP-based CCD illumination control for light-stripe sensors
Author(s): Juergen Klicker; Petra Klein-Gunnewigk
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Triangulation with simultaneous recording of reference and object fringes
Author(s): Jacques Lewandowski; Bruno Menard; Daniel G. Hennequin
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Adaptive, 3D optical profilometer using liquid crystal light projector
Author(s): Giovanna Sansoni; Franco Docchio; Luca Biancardi; Umberto Minoni
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Reconfigurable laser ranging instrument
Author(s): John Schneiter
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Video rate laser scanner: considerations on triangulation optics, detectors, and processing circuits
Author(s): Kees S. Kooijman; Jef L. Horijon
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High speed, ultra-high resolution 3D laser line scan camera
Author(s): Donald J. Svetkoff; Donald B.T. Kilgus
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Three-dimensional TV system
Author(s): Igor N. Kompanets; Alexander P. Yakimovich
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Three-dimensional sensing system for the adverse scattering environment
Author(s): Jie Gu; Youxian Sun
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Laser power control circuit of discrete values in time and in magnitude for triangulation-based range finders
Author(s): Juergen Klicker; Rainer Helmes
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Design of an angular scan LED array-based range imaging sensor
Author(s): Janusz A. Marszalec
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