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Applications of Fuzzy Logic Technology
Editor(s): Bruno Bosacchi; James C. Bezdek
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Volume Number: 2061
Date Published: 22 December 1993
Softcover: 45 papers (580) pages
ISBN: 9780819413260

Table of Contents
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Fuzzy logic applications to control engineering
Author(s): Reza Langari
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Fuzzy logic control: a knowledge-based system perspective
Author(s): Piero P. Bonissone; Kenneth H. Chiang
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Fuzzy modeling and simulation
Author(s): Witold Pedrycz
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Fuzzy expert systems models for operations research and management science
Author(s): I. Burhan Turksen
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Fuzzy logic applications in image processing and printing
Author(s): Ali Asgharzadeh; Nader Vadiee; Mohammad Jamshidi
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Fuzzy temperature controller and its applications
Author(s): Satoru Isaka
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Integrated development environment for fuzzy logic applications
Author(s): Andrea Pagni; Rinaldo Poluzzi; GianGuido Rizzotto; Matteo Lo Presti
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Fuzzy logic program at SGS-Thomson
Author(s): Andrea Pagni; Rinaldo Poluzzi; GianGuido Rizzotto
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Application and classification of fuzzy dynamic system and fuzzy linguistic controller with examples illustrated
Author(s): Paul P. Wang; Ching-Yu Tyan
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Advantage of fuzzy logic technology in a multisensory perception system
Author(s): Marie-France Collin; Luc-Henri Pampagnin
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Fuzzy logic applications in electric utility power plants
Author(s): Kiyo Matsuoka; S. Murthy Divakaruni
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Fuzzification of the self-organizing feature map: will it work?
Author(s): James C. Bezdek; Nikhil R. Pal
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Structures for fuzzy decision systems
Author(s): Ronald R. Yager
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Medical application of fuzzy logic: fuzzy patient state in arterial hypertension analysis
Author(s): Aleksandra Blinowska; Lucien Duckstein
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Perspectives of fuzzy logic applications to intelligent highway-vehicle system
Author(s): Bruno Bosacchi; Ichiro Masaki
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Recycling troubleshooting experience with fuzzy logic
Author(s): Yuval Lirov
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Consumer preference models: fuzzy theory approach
Author(s): I. Burhan Turksen; I. A. Wilson
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Process capability analysis using fuzzy sets theory
Author(s): Jairo Munoz
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Application of fuzzy sets to estimate cost savings due to variance reduction
Author(s): Jairo Munoz; Phillip F. Ostwald
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Applications of fuzzy ranking methods to risk-management decisions
Author(s): Harold A. Mitchell; James C. Carter
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Learning of fuzzy rules by mountain clustering
Author(s): Ronald R. Yager; Dimitar P. Fileu
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Bayes' formula holds for fuzzy events
Author(s): Fred A. Watkins
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Ellipsoidal fuzzy learning for smart car platoons
Author(s): Julie A. Dickerson; Bart Kosko
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Knowledge combination and decision algorithms for expert systems based on fuzzy logic
Author(s): Michel de Mathelin; Christiaan Perneel
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Generalized regression for fuzzy rule bases using the Hough transform
Author(s): Joseph M. Barone; Dimitar P. Fileu
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Decision support system for capital investment risk analysis
Author(s): Fengming Song; Ping Liang
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Fuzzy expert system shell for scheduling
Author(s): I. Burhan Turksen; Tanju Yurtsever; K. Demirli
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Decision-making with a fuzzy logic inference engine
Author(s): Nadja K. O'Hagan; Michael O'Hagan
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Combining fuzzy mathematics with fuzzy logic to solve business management problems
Author(s): Joseph A. Vrba
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Neuro-fuzzy models in pattern recognition
Author(s): Sunanda Mitra; Yong Soo Kim
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Fuzzy logic and neural networks in space applications
Author(s): Yashvant Jani; Jack Aldridge
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Fusion techniques of fuzzy systems and neural networks, and fuzzy systems and genetic algorithms
Author(s): Hideyuki Takagi
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Neural modelling of fuzzy set connectives
Author(s): Kaoru Hirota; Witold Pedrycz
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Adaptive control of redundant multilink robot using fuzzy logic
Author(s): X. Su; Sunanda Mitra
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Foundations of fuzzy neural networks
Author(s): Madan M. Gupta; Dandina Hulikunta Rao
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Automatic design of fuzzy systems using genetic algorithms and its application to lateral vehicle guidance
Author(s): Thomas Hessburg; Michael Lee; Hideyuki Takagi; Masayoshi Tomizuka
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Real-time neuro-fuzzy systems for adaptive control of musical processes
Author(s): Michael Lee; David Wessel
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Adaptive control model of an active automobile suspension system
Author(s): Matthew Fritz; Donald C. Wunsch; Sunanda Mitra
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Dynamic neural network for fuzzy inference
Author(s): Madan M. Gupta; George K. Knopf
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Fuzzy logic and the spray forming process
Author(s): Timothy J. Zappia; Dennis N. Harvey; Craig Madden; M. Allen Matteson
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Fuzzy logic and process control: applications to rice wine production
Author(s): Kevin C.H. Tsou
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Adaptive aggregation in decision making: a fuzzy neural network approach
Author(s): Hong Ding; Madan M. Gupta
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Implementation of fuzzy inference with neural network: the NNFI structure
Author(s): Shyh-Yeong Shu; Chung-Mu Hwang
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Fuzzy logic approach to object recognition
Author(s): Trung Tat Pham; Guanrong Chen
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Fuzzy deductive database for handling uncertainty in the fields of medical diagnosis and high-level VLSI synthesis
Author(s): Sanjoy Kumar Mukherjee; Mary Deutsch-McLeish; D. K. Banerji
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