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Telemanipulator Technology and Space Telerobotics
Editor(s): Won Soo Kim
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Volume Number: 2057
Date Published: 21 December 1993
Softcover: 41 papers (474) pages
ISBN: 9780819413222

Table of Contents
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Collision avoidance during teleoperation using whole-arm proximity sensors coupled to a virtual environment
Author(s): Jim L. Novak; John T. Feddema; Nadine E. Miner; Sharon A. Stansfield
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Virtual fixtures as tools to enhance operator performance in telepresence environments
Author(s): Louis B. Rosenberg
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Three-dimensional pointing device using tactile sensors: application to telerobotics
Author(s): Naoyoshi Kanamaru; Tomoichi Takahashi; Ken-ichiro Shimokura; Tadashi Naruse
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Teleoperation with virtual force feedback
Author(s): Robert J. Anderson
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Display of high-frequency tactile information to teleoperators
Author(s): Dimitrios A. Kontarinis; Robert D. Howe
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ROTEX: space telerobotic flight experiment
Author(s): Gerd Hirzinger; Klaus L. Landzettel; J. Heindl
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Virtual environments for telerobotic shared control
Author(s): Brian K. Christensen
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Portability issues in teleprogramming: a case study
Author(s): Matthew R. Stein
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Advanced operator interface design with preview/predictive displays for ground-controlled space telerobotic servicing
Author(s): Won Soo Kim; Paul S. Schenker; Antal K. Bejczy; Stephen Leake; Stanford Ollendorf
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Manipulator position display (MPD) for human-machine interaction
Author(s): Michael J. Massimino; Perry D. Campbell; Michael E. Kearney; Michael F. Meschler
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Interactive task planning system for space robots
Author(s): Keizyu Okabayashi; Ichiro Watanabe; Takeshi Aoki; Tsugito Maruyama; Takashi Uchiyama
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Human performance evaluation of isometric and elastic rate controllers in a six-degree-of-freedom tracking task
Author(s): Shumin Zhai; Paul Milgram
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Visual display considerations of a teleoperated robot system via ISDN communication lines
Author(s): Iris Yamashita; Jun Tang; Hideyoshi Masuda; Kenichi Kawamura
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Telerobotics with whole-arm collision avoidance
Author(s): Karl Child Wilhelmsen; Stephen Strenn
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Human factors in telemanipulation: perspectives from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory experience
Author(s): John V. Draper
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Development of the inverse Jacobian for the Kraft slave, and its use in force reflecting teleoperation
Author(s): Dale E. Schinstock; Terry N. Faddis; R. Bryan Greenway
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Dynamic range of achievable impedances in force-reflecting interfaces
Author(s): J. Edward Colgate; Michael C. Stanley; G. G. Schenkel
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Optimal motion control for teleoperated surgical robots
Author(s): Janez Funda; Russell H. Taylor; Kreg Gruben; David LaRose
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Design framework for telerobotic control
Author(s): H. Kazerooni
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Real-time skills of robot manipulators for unstructured environments
Author(s): Serdar Kalaycioglu
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Advanced teleoperation controller architecture
Author(s): Eric D. Paljug; Paul S. Schenker
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Control of man-machine system for dexterous manipulation
Author(s): Kazuhiro Kosuge; Yoshio Fujisawa; Toshio Fukuda
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Remediating hazardous waste robotically using a high-level control system and real-time sensors
Author(s): Brady R. Davies
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High-performance parallel input device
Author(s): R. W. Daniel; Patrick J. Fischer; B. Hunter
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Utility of whole-hand input
Author(s): David J. Sturman; David L. Zeltzer
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End-to-end robotic module changeout procedure on the Explorer Platform Spacecraft
Author(s): Edward B. Cheung; Stephen Leake
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Effects of vehicle station-keeping and end-effector disturbance compensation on neutral-buoyancy teleoperation
Author(s): Michael S. Valdez
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Monocular TV vs stereo TV for solar maximum satellite repair subtasks
Author(s): Daniel B. Diner
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Periodic components of hand acceleration/deceleration impulses during telemanipulation
Author(s): John V. Draper; Stephen Handel
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Grasping rigid objects in zero-g
Author(s): Greg D. Anderson
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Performance measurement of autonomous grasping software in a simulated orbital environment
Author(s): Robert S. Norsworthy
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Integrated approach for delineating robotic capabilities needed for future space exploration tasks
Author(s): Jon D. Erickson; Paschal J. Aucoin; Peter G. Ossorio
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Dynamic sensor-based fault detection for robots
Author(s): Monica L. Visinsky; Joseph R. Cavallaro; Ian David Walker
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Vision-based robotic system for space applications
Author(s): Rui J. P. de Figueiredo; Andrea Maccato; Peter Wlczek; Bradley S. Denney; John Scheerer; Michael J. Massimino; Lynn O. Kesler
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Reactive navigational controller for autonomous mobile robots
Author(s): Scott Hawkins
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Thermal management in hyper-redundant space manipulators
Author(s): Robert O. Ambrose; Reginald B. Berka
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Decision-making criteria for intelligent control of dual-arm robots with cooperating manipulators
Author(s): Daniel J. Cox; Delbert Tesar
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Capaciflector sensor imaging and ranging applications for robot control
Author(s): Semion Kizhner
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Development of a real-time laser scanning system for object recognition, inspection, and robot control
Author(s): Forrest R. Livingstone; L. King; J. Angelo Beraldin; Marc Rioux
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Telerobotics surgery in a transatlantic experiment: application in laparoscopy
Author(s): Alberto Rovetta; Remo Sala; Francesca Cosmi; Xia Wen; Dario Sabbadini; Santo Milanesi; Arianna Togno; Licinio Angelini; Antal K. Bejczy
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Software architecture for a kinematically dissimilar master-slave telethesis for exploring rehabilitation applications
Author(s): Joseph Wunderlich; Shoupu Chen; D. Pino; Tariq Rahman; William S. Harwin
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