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Computational Vision Based on Neurobiology
Editor(s): Teri B. Lawton

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Volume Number: 2054
Date Published: 17 March 1994

Table of Contents
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Coding of inhibition in visual cortical spike streams
Author(s): A. B. Bonds
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Visual cortex neurons in monkey and cat: contrast response nonlinearities and stimulus selectivity
Author(s): Duane G. Albrecht; Wilson S. Geisler
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Monocular and binocular mechanisms of contrast gain control
Author(s): Izumi Ohzawa; Ralph D. Freeman
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New model of human luminance pattern vision mechanisms: analysis of the effects of pattern orientation, spatial phase and temporal frequency
Author(s): John M. Foley; Geoffrey M. Boynton
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Dynamic object-based 3D scene analysis using multiple cues
Author(s): Teri B. Lawton
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Large-scale organization of the primate cortical visual system
Author(s): Malcolm P. Young
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Topography of excitatory and inhibitory connectional anatomy in monkey visual cortex
Author(s): Jennifer S. Lund; J. B. Levitt; Quanfeng Wu
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Influence of figural interpretation on the selective integration of visual motion signals
Author(s): Thomas D. Albright; Gene R. Stoner
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Neuronal mechanism for signaling the direction of self-motion
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Roy
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Neural processing of biological motion in the macaque temporal cortex
Author(s): Michael W. Oram; David I. Perrett
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Neurobiological mechanisms of cortical direction selectivity
Author(s): Curtis L. Baker Jr.; Jane C. Boulton
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Psychophysical evidence for both a 'quasi-linear' and a 'nonlinear' mechanism for the detection of motion
Author(s): Jane C. Boulton; Curtis L. Baker Jr.
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Motion mechanisms based on nonlinear spatial filters have lower temporal resolution
Author(s): Andrew M. Derrington
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Fidelity metrics and the test-pedestal approach to spatial vision
Author(s): Stanley A. Klein
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Computational reconstruction of the mechanisms of human stereopsis
Author(s): Christopher W. Tyler; Lauren Barghout; Leonid L. Kontsevich
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Reconstruction of 3D structure from two central projections by a fully linear algorithm
Author(s): Maxim L. Kontsevich; Leonid L. Kontsevich
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Disparity tuning of cyclopean visual mechanisms
Author(s): Scott B. Stevenson; Clifton M. Schor; Lawrence K. Cormack
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Spatial vision based upon color differences
Author(s): Karen K. De Valois
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Standard model of color vision: problems and an alternative
Author(s): Russell L. De Valois
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