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Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging II
Editor(s): Joseph N. Wilson; David C. Wilson

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Volume Number: 2035
Date Published: 23 June 1993

Table of Contents
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Mathematical foundations of local deformation analysis
Author(s): Nicolas F. Rougon
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Thin-plate spline for deformations with specified derivatives
Author(s): Fred L. Bookstein; William D. K. Green
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Spline-based approach for averaging three-dimensional curves and surfaces
Author(s): Court B. Cutting M.D.; Fred L. Bookstein; Betsy Haddad; David Dean; David Kim
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Automated measurement of human body shape and curvature using computer vision
Author(s): Jeremy David Pearson; Clifford Allan Hobson; Peter H. Dangerfield
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Multifractal analysis of radiographic bone structure in osteoporosis
Author(s): Philip Caligiuri M.D.; Maryellen Lissak Giger; Murray Favus M.D.; Kunio Doi
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Evaluating 3D registration of CT-scan images using crest lines
Author(s): Nicholas Ayache; Andre P. Gueziec; Jean-Philippe Thirion; A. Gourdon; Jerome Knoplioch
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Defining optimal feature sets for segmentation by statistical pattern recognition
Author(s): James M. Coggins; Changhua Huang
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Algorithm for gray/white matter segmentation of MRI brain images
Author(s): Joshua S. Shimony; H. Douglas Morris
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Digital-image-based finite element analysis for bone microstructure using conjugate gradient and Gaussian filter techniques
Author(s): Scott J. Hollister; Barbara A. Riemer
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Stochastical segmentation method for vascular images and its convergence and parallelization
Author(s): Maurits J. Malfait; Dirk Roose; Dirk Vandermeulen
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Segmentation based on motion: an incremental approach using temporal Kalman filtering
Author(s): Florence Germain; Daniel Baudois
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Segmentation in blurred images
Author(s): Warren M. Krueger
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Recognizing elongated objects using invariant surface features and matched filters
Author(s): Qian Huang; George C. Stockman
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GEM algorithm for edge-preserving reconstruction in transmission tomography from Gaussian data
Author(s): Emanuele A. Salerno; Luigi Bedini; Lucio Benvenuti; Anna Tonazzini
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Correction of gross patient motion artifacts in positron emission tomography
Author(s): Roger R. Fulton; Brian F. Hutton; Michael Braun; Babak A. Ardekani
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Statistical methods for paired comparisons of SPECT brain images
Author(s): Nicholas Lange; L. A. O'Tuama; S. Ted Treves
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Tumor detection at multiple scales
Author(s): Robin N. Strickland; Hee Il Hahn
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Use of the wavelet transform to investigate differences in brain PET images between patient groups
Author(s): Urs E. Ruttimann; Michael A. Unser; Daniel E. Rio; Robert R. Rawlings
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Limited-angle tomography via multiresolution analysis and oversampling
Author(s): Tim E. Olson
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Use of multiple data types in time-resolved optical absorption and scattering tomography
Author(s): Simon Robert Arridge; Martin Schweiger
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Electron density tomography with Compton-scattered radiation
Author(s): Nina V. Arendtsz; Esam M. A. Hussein
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Markovian approach for 3D reconstruction of vessels from two views
Author(s): Claire J. M. Pellot-Barakat; Alain Herment; Marc Sigelle; Isabelle Bloch
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Image restoration and diffusion processes
Author(s): Alfred S. Carasso
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Improved image reconstruction in positron emission tomography using a priori anatomical information
Author(s): Babak A. Ardekani; Michael Braun; Brian F. Hutton
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Future directions in surface fitting
Author(s): Fred L. Bookstein
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