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Multigigabit Fiber Communication Systems
Editor(s): Leonid G. Kazovsky; Karen Liu
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Volume Number: 2024
Date Published: 1 November 1993
Softcover: 41 papers (424) pages
ISBN: 9780819412737

Table of Contents
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Analog fiber optic links: progress and prospects
Author(s): Charles H. Cox; Gary E. Betts
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Theoretical and experimental investigations of the dynamic range of high-frequency coherent AM optical links using semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Delfin Jay M. Sabido; Masafumi Tabara; Thomas K. Fong; C. L. Lu; Leonid G. Kazovsky
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Dynamic range improvement using a novel phase-modulated analog optical link
Author(s): Robert F. Kalman; Jason C. Fan; Leonid G. Kazovsky
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Hybrid optical transmitter for microwave communication systems
Author(s): Joannes M. Costa; Benson C. Lam; Albert L. Kellner; Paul K. L. Yu
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High-bandwidth organic dye-doped polymer optical fiber amplifier
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Yamamoto; Kazuhito Fujii; Shigehiro Teramoto; Akihiro Tagaya; Eisuke Nihei; Takeshi Kinoshita; Yasuhiro Koike; Keisuke Sasaki
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Elimination of nonlinear PM and FM noises in optical amplifier repeater systems by squeezer
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Sasaki; Tsuyoshi Satoh; Naoyuki Ubayama; Kouichi Yamazaki; Osamu Hirota
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Optical preamplifier and receiver module for multichannel applications
Author(s): Karen Liu; David Steinberg
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Optically preamplified n-ary PPM systems
Author(s): Robert A. Cryan; Andrew J. Phillips; John M. Senior
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Analysis of soliton collisions in wavelength-division-multiplexing systems with lumped amplifiers and frequency-guiding filters
Author(s): Xiongyan Tang; Ruomei Mu; Peida Ye
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Toward optical packet-switched network architectures
Author(s): Imrich Chlamtac; Andrea F. Fumagalli
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De Bruijn topologies for self-routing all-optical networks
Author(s): Marco Ajmone Marsan; Andrea G. Bianco; Emilio Leonardi; Fabio Neri
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Comb-Net: a high-density WDM network with centralized wavelength combs
Author(s): Mario Gerla; Guido Chiaretti; Salvatore Rotolo
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Tunable-channel multiaccess (TCMA) networks: a new class of high-speed networks suitable for multimedia integrated networking
Author(s): Kwok-wai Cheung; Lian-Kuan Chen; C. Su; C. T. Yeung; P. T. To
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Self-routing in multistage networks based on nearest-neighbor interconnects
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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Ultrafast all-optical photonic packet switching
Author(s): Wing C. Kwong; Paul R. Prucnal
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MultiGbit/s optical LAN utilizing a passive WDM star: toward an experimental prototype
Author(s): Charles F. Barry; Michael James Hickey; Ciro A. Noronha; Nina L. Taranenko; Leonid G. Kazovsky
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Performance evaluation of a multi-Gbit/s WDM optical packet network with physical ring topology and multisubcarrier header encoding
Author(s): Imrich Chlamtac; Andrea F. Fumagalli; Leonid G. Kazovsky; Pierluigi T. Poggiolini
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Using CSMA-CD arbitration in multiple channel architectures
Author(s): Tom S. Wailes; David G. Meyer; James P. Weber
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WDM coding for high-speed lightwave systems
Author(s): Ming-Seng Kao; Shou-Kuo Shao
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Shared-memory optical packet (ATM) switch
Author(s): Mark J. Karol
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Space-time switching in fiber optic packet-switched networks
Author(s): Aruna V. Ramanan; Harry F. Jordan; Jon R. Sauer
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Architecture and devices for an all-optical routing switch
Author(s): Joseph L.A. Hughes; Carl M. Verber
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Comparison of feedforward and feedback configurations of the staggering switch architecture
Author(s): Zygmunt Haas
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Techniques for detecting densely wavelength-multiplexed solitons
Author(s): R. Brian Jenkins; Jon R. Sauer; Christian V. Radehaus; Alan F. Benner; Mark J. Ablowitz; Gregory Beylkin
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Holographic optical filters in wavelength-division-multiplexed systems and their crosstalk performance
Author(s): M. Moulavi-Kakhki; Mohsen Kavehrad
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Planar grating wavelength demultiplexer
Author(s): Karen Liu; Franklin F. Tong; S. W. Bond
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Tunable subcarrier comb generator using phase modulator with high modulation index
Author(s): Jiunn-Shyen Wu; Shyh-Lin Tsao; Hen-Wai Tsao; Jingshown Wu
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High-speed lossless optical crossbar switch based on semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): Larry R. McAdams; Allan M. Gerrish
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High-speed switching matrix for fiber optic communications using crossphase modulation techniques
Author(s): Eric Donkor; Shean-Yih Chiu
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Crosstalk performance of optical WDM systems
Author(s): Shouhua Huang; Shizhong Xie; BingKun Zhou; Yizhi Gao
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Synchronous fiber optic code-division multiple-access networks using matrix codes
Author(s): Jyh-Horng Wu; Ing-Jiunn Su; Jingshown Wu
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Multisection GaAs MMIC group delay equalizer for dispersion-compensated 8 Gbit/s heterodyne transmission
Author(s): M. S. Chaudhry; John J. O'Reilly
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Device noise characterization for the design of tuned front-end optical receivers used in coherent lightwave systems
Author(s): S. D. Greaves; Rodney T. Unwin
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Design implications of high-speed digital PPM
Author(s): Martin J. N. Sibley
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Channel capacity and new modulation schemes for high-speed fiber optic transmission systems
Author(s): Andreas Czylwik
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Numerical modeling of a novel TDM digital optical fiber communication link
Author(s): Stephen W. Farrer; Julian Cheng; Kevin J. Malloy; John Gerard McInerney; S. Sohail H. Naqvi
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Modeling and analysis of propagation in optical fibers using wavelets
Author(s): Lionel R. Watkins; Yu Rong Zhou
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Novel model and analysis of an optical phase-locked loop
Author(s): Qing Li; Peida Ye
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Timing performance of self-synchronized optical fiber PPM
Author(s): Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani; Robert A. Cryan; F. M. Clayton
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Integrated optical devices based on the thermo-optic effect
Author(s): George S. Svechnikov; Valeri A. Voznesensky; Alexandr Ohrimenko
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Performance of a terahertz optical asymmetric demultiplexer in a 50-Gbit/s optical time division-multiplexed system
Author(s): Jason P. Sokoloff; Ivan Glesk; Paul R. Prucnal; Raymond K. Boncek
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