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Photodetectors and Power Meters
Editor(s): Kenneth J. Kaufmann
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Volume Number: 2022
Date Published: 15 October 1993
Softcover: 28 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780819412713

Table of Contents
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Brief history of photoemissive materials
Author(s): Alfred H. Sommer
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Modern theory and applications of photocathodes
Author(s): William E. Spicer; Alberto Herrera-Gomez
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Photocathode development for a 1300-nm streak tube
Author(s): Verle W. Aebi; Kenneth A. Costello; Gary A. Davis; Robert E. Weiss
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Measurement of charge limit in a strained lattice GaAs photocathode
Author(s): P. Saez; Ray K. Alley; H. Aoyagi; James Clendenin; Josef C. Frisch; C. Garden; Earl Hoyt; Bob Kirby; L. Klaisner; A. Kulikov; C. Prescott; D. Schultz; Huan Tang; James L. Turner; Klaus H. Witte; Michael B. Woods; M. Zolotorev
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Physics of high-intensity nanosecond electron source
Author(s): Alberto Herrera-Gomez; William E. Spicer
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Picosecond silicon metal-semiconductor-metal photodiode
Author(s): Thomas Y. Hsiang; Sotiris Alexandrou; Chia-Chi Wang; Mark Y. Liu; Stephen Y. Chou
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Transient photoresponse of an a-Si:H p-i-n photodetector: modeling and analysis
Author(s): Yi Fang; Richard Y. Kwor; Dashen Shen
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Using computer simulation to understand detection enhancement in amorphous silicon structures
Author(s): Jingya Hou; Francisco A. Rubinelli; Stephen J. Fonash; Murray Bennett; Scott Wiedeman; Liyou Yang; James Newton
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Theoretical study of potential ultralow-noise confined-state photodetectors
Author(s): Yang Wang; Nabil S. Mansour; Ali F. Salem; Kevin F. Brennan; P. Paul Ruden
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High-density avalanche photodiode array
Author(s): Ernesto V. Gramsch; Shane X. Zhang; Michael C. Madden; Myron Lindberg; Marek Szawlowski
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Charge accumulation and multiplication photodetector
Author(s): Liang-Fu Lou; Kerry S. Kitazaki
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Photon-counting arrays for spatially varying low-light-level signals
Author(s): Alan Mathewson; John C. Alderman; J. Ryan; R. Michael Redfern; G. T. Wrixon
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Thin-film photosensor design and fabrication issues for liquid-crystal spatial-light modulators
Author(s): Pierre R. Barbier; Li Wang; Garret Moddel
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Electrically calibrated pyroelectric-detector refinements for improved optical power measurements
Author(s): Robert J. Phelan; John H. Lehman; Donald R. Larson
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Multispectral power meter
Author(s): James W. Hoffman; Ronald C. Grush; Richard A. Heppner
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Study of lateral-effect position-sensitive photodetectors
Author(s): T. Santhanakrishnan; Alkondan Ramalingam
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Variable-intensity large-area illuminator for photodetectors and image sensors
Author(s): Miklos Racz; Janos P. Makai
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Measurement of UV-A and UV-B irradiance with glass-filtered detectors
Author(s): Miklos Racz; Istvan Reti; Sandor Ferenczi
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Ultrafast measurements of 200-GHz GaAs Schottky photodiodes
Author(s): Katheryn Li-Dessau; E. Ozbay; A. S. Hou; J. A. Sheridan; David M. Bloom
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Novel high-speed graded superlattice InAlGaAs photovoltaic detector
Author(s): Li-ping Chen; Jia-ming Liu; C. T. Liu; Charles A. Burrus; Alfred Y. Cho
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Accurate characterization of high-speed photodetectors
Author(s): Paul D. Hale; Douglas L. Franzen
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Resonant microcavity photodetectors
Author(s): Ravi Kuchibhotla; Joe C. Campbell
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Integrated waveguide photodetectors
Author(s): Robert J. Deri
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Inversion-channel resonant-cavity-enhanced field-effect photodetector for 2D OEIC applications
Author(s): Sonu L. Daryanani; Geoffrey W. Taylor; Timothy A. Vang; Stephen K. Sargood; Benjamin Tell; D. Wendling; Lloyd R. Harriott
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Signal conditioning circuit between a-Si:H p-i-n photodetector and A/D converter
Author(s): Yi Fang; Richard Y. Kwor
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Extending response of Schottky-barrier IR detectors to longer wavelengths
Author(s): Dietrich Meyerhofer; Harvey R. Gilmartin
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High-quantum-efficiency photomultiplier with fast time response
Author(s): Ross A. La Rue; John P. Edgecumbe; Gary A. Davis; Brad Gospe; Verle W. Aebi
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Ultrasonic detection of 10.6-um laser in bulk germanium
Author(s): Xuecai Yu; Dayong Zhu; Yaxiong Lu
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