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Current Developments in Optical Design and Optical Engineering III
Editor(s): Robert E. Fischer; Warren J. Smith
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Volume Number: 2000
Date Published: 25 November 1993
Softcover: 44 papers (416) pages
ISBN: 9780819412492

Table of Contents
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Multiple-temperature lens design optimization
Author(s): Torben B. Andersen
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Solid modeling of optical components and ray tracing
Author(s): Rami Finkler
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Aberration balancing in the design of visually coupled lens systems
Author(s): Pantazis Z. Mouroulis; Kevin P. Lyons; Guoheng Zhao
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Multimirror anastigmat design
Author(s): Cheng Wang; David L. Shealy
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Algebraic approach for optimizing a triplet lens
Author(s): Abed M. Kassim
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Design and testing of a refractive reshaping system
Author(s): Wu Jiang; David L. Shealy; James C. Martin
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Fisheye projection lens for large-format film
Author(s): Rekha Doshi
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Design of the multiwavelength Scophony infrared scene projector
Author(s): Kevin P. Thompson; James R. Kircher; Steven Arthur Marlow; Ronald J. Korniski; Robert A. Richwine
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Study of CdS/CdSe-LCLV for large screen displays
Author(s): Haifeng Li; Peifu Gu; Xu Liu; Ting Mei; Jinfa Tang
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Plastic-molded total-reflection type polygonal laser beam deflector
Author(s): Naoki Kaiho; Yasukazu Sano; Nobuhiko Tsuji; Fumiyuki Ikeda; Tetsuya Saito
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New compact Xenon flash system for zoom lens and close-up photography
Author(s): Dah Yu Cheng
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Achromatic catadioptric Fresnel lenses
Author(s): Dennis F. Vanderwerf
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Engineering an agile beam director for laser radar
Author(s): Brian W. Neff; Murray R. Dunn
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Design and construction of large-aperture reflective interferometers
Author(s): John J. Nemechek
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Automated testing of visual instruments and the problem of best focus
Author(s): Pantazis Z. Mouroulis; Xiaoxue Cheng; Kevin P. Lyons
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Beam design of a noncooperative interferometer
Author(s): Michael Hoelscher; Wolfgang Holzapfel
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New method of improving the sensitivity of real-time measuring of the surface roughness of workpieces
Author(s): Yawei Wang; Ying-Dong Liu
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Room-temperature functional test station for a cryogenically cooled far-infrared sensor
Author(s): Jonathon W. Book
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Innovative target for integration and early evaluation of infrared sensor performance
Author(s): Carl F. Dadson
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Diffractive optics for CO2 laser on dry photopolymer: fabrication and testing
Author(s): Yuri B. Boiko; Jesus R. Moya-Cessa; Fernando Mendoza Santoyo; Daniel-Joseph Lougnot
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Performance evaluation of noisy hologram
Author(s): Chung Jung Kuo; Shen T. Chang
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Propagation methods for the analysis of bistable devices and spatial light modulators based on nonlinear molecular media
Author(s): Shammai Speiser; David Groswasser; Meir Orenstein
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Theoretical analysis of the optical bistability with Faraday effect
Author(s): Masao Hirano
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Instrument applications of large-core optical fiber cable transfer (LOCAT) theory
Author(s): Zhi-Hai Wang; Bruce Adams; F. G. Tinsley
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Investigations of the bimorph piezoelectric mirrors for use in astronomical telescopes
Author(s): Andrej V. Ikramov; I. M. Roshchupkin; Andrey G. Safronov
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Anticounterfeit holographic marks with secret codes
Author(s): Shou Liu; Xiangsu Zhang; Hongkai Lai
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Optical system design of the Voltage ImagingTM optical subsystem (VIOS) in AMLCD in-process test system (IPT)
Author(s): Ying-Moh Liu; David Yushan Fong
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Optical design, simulation, and testing of an addressable 64 x 64 liquid crystal phase plate
Author(s): Alan Purvis; N. J. Bailey; Gordon D. Love; John Victor Major
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Caustic analysis based on higher-order asymptotic stress field of mode II crack tip of nonuniform propagation
Author(s): Jing Fang; Ya-Pu Zhao; Jiang Qi
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Microprocessor-controlled sensor with multiple light sources for acquisition of spatial information
Author(s): Xunliang Liu
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Design of a novel field-portable fluorescence spectrophotometer
Author(s): Mao Fan Qing
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Two-dimensional imaging of array line focal illumination in x-ray laser experiment
Author(s): Liqing Shen; Fuzheng Zhou; Wanning Chen; Dianyuan Fan; Huibing Yang; Zhen Gu; Luyan Ge; Qingchun Zhu; Shusen Wang
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Wideband monitoring of optical coatings with deposition error correction
Author(s): Peiyun Wu; Peifu Gu; Jinfa Tang
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Some oxide films deposited by reactive low-voltage plasma-assisted evaporation
Author(s): Xu Liu; Bin Wang; Gan Wang; Peifu Gu; Jinfa Tang
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Effect of fabrication errors on binary phase grating
Author(s): Zhenwu Lu; Longsheng Qian; Jianghong Liao; Zhicheng Weng
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Modeling of diffractive optical elements for lens design
Author(s): Juan L. Rayces; Lan Lebich
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Refractive index profile determinations using a Lloyd's mirage
Author(s): Brendan E. Allman; Anthony G. Klein; Keith A. Nugent; Geoffrey I. Opat
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Imaging characteristics of radial gradient index lenses
Author(s): A. M. Kassim; David L. Shealy
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Fabrication of planar gradient index cylindrical microlenses and their application to laser diode collimation
Author(s): Torsten Possner; Rolf Goering
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Design of a 35-mm photographic objective using axial GRIN materials
Author(s): Richard N. Pfisterer
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Control of gradient index profile for gradient index glasses of macro size and large n for a varifocal slide projector lens
Author(s): Xiaojie Xu; Max Andrew Wickson; Michael Savard; Paul Sherman
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Advantage of nonlinear axial gradients in optical design
Author(s): Paul K. Manhart; Kenneth R. Castle; Mitchell C. Ruda; Tilman Werner Stuhlinger
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Graded index objective with a spherical end for endoscopy
Author(s): Sergei N. Ivashevskii; Garegin O. Karapetyan; Yuri G. Korolyov; Galina Kurbatova; Viktor M. Lykosov; Dmitrii K. Tagantsev
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Preparation of GI plastic rods by interfacial-gel copolymerization
Author(s): S. Y. Young; Yih-Her Chang; Bang-Chein Ho; J. J. Chen; H. Y. Hsu; W. H. Hu; T. W. Tseng; M. S. Lee
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