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Optomechanical Design
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Volume Number: 1998
Date Published: 16 September 1993
: 18 papers (200) pages
ISBN: 9780819412478

Table of Contents
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Analysis of adhesive bonds in optics
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Parametric investigations of mounting-induced axial contact stresses in individual lens elements
Author(s): Paul R. Yoder
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Evaluation of a 60-inch sphere using optical testing and analytical methods
Author(s): Kevin A. Sawyer; Lee R. Dettmann; Tina M. Valente
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Design of a cell for the wide-field corrector for the converted MMT
Author(s): Robert G. Fata; Daniel G. Fabricant
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Environmental packaging of fiber optic integrated circuits
Author(s): Joseph J. Scozzafava; Timothy Stephens; John A. Sultana
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Design of optical structures for maximum fundamental frequency
Author(s): Keith B. Doyle
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Optimum design of lightweight mirrors
Author(s): Victor L. Genberg; Noel Cormany
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Ray tracing from finite element results
Author(s): Victor L. Genberg
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Design fundamentals of electroformed components
Author(s): David M. Stubbs; Robert J. Housman
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Thermal design of the TAUVEX astronomical space telescope
Author(s): Avigdor Blasberger; Moshe Levi
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Wide-look-angle gimbal for an airborne electro-optical system
Author(s): Richard J. Preliasco
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High-precision motorized and computer-controlled mechanical support for a large collimator
Author(s): Carlo Flebus
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Five-degree-of-freedom mount
Author(s): Carlo Flebus
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Influence of elastic hysteresis on combined (rolling-sliding) friction
Author(s): Peter H. Vo
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Dual magnification video microscope for machine vision
Author(s): John A. Penkethman; Stephen R. Motta
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COSTAR optical bench CTE testing
Author(s): James F. Gilmore
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Optomechanical design of 50-mm displacement measuring apparatus with nanometer accuracy
Author(s): Yi-Ru Zhang; Ye-Qing Zhu; Zu-Shan Shen
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Designs for optical components related to the Los Alamos free-electron laser
Author(s): Donald A. Byrd; Steven C. Bender
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