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Optical Scattering: Applications, Measurement, and Theory II
Editor(s): John C. Stover
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Volume Number: 1995
Date Published: 1 December 1993
Softcover: 27 papers (312) pages
ISBN: 9780819412447

Table of Contents
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Windowing effects on light scattering by sinusoidal surfaces
Author(s): Egon Marx; Theodore V. Vorburger
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Wavelength dependence of scatter from O-50 grade Beryllium mirrors
Author(s): Charles M. Egert; John C. Stover; Marvin L. Bernt
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Scattering signatures of isolated surface features
Author(s): Carina Kylner; Joakim P. Ingers; Lars H. Mattsson; Mans Bjuggren
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Light scattering and distribution model for scintillation cameras
Author(s): Sylvain Rioux; Daniel Gagnon; Roger Lexa; Frank C. Valentino
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Diffuse reflection from smooth dielectric surfaces
Author(s): Lawrence B. Wolff
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Plane-wave expansions methods applied to the calculation of the optical scattering by one-dimensional randomly rough dielectric surfaces
Author(s): Stephane Mainguy
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Extracting the scattering coefficient of sea water from the return time signal of ocean lidar
Author(s): Jinlong Zhang; Xiao-Sheng Huang; Zhishen Liu
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Preparing samples for scattering measurements--a cleaning study: part 2
Author(s): Jeff L. Brown
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Design review of an instrument to map low-level hydrocarbon contamination
Author(s): Brett D. Swimley; Mary W. Knighton; Vince C. Skurdal; Lee H. Pearson; John C. Stover
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Measurement of hemispherical directional reflectance in the infrared
Author(s): John Ternay Neu
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Design review of a high-accuracy UV to near-IR scatterometer
Author(s): Tod F. Schiff; Mary W. Knighton; Daniel J. Wilson; Fredrick M. Cady; John C. Stover; James J. Butler
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Design review of a unique laser monostatic bidirectional reflectometer
Author(s): Zu-Han Gu; Zong Qi Lin
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Sources of error in spectroscopic low-level integrated light scattering measurements
Author(s): Daniel Roennow
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Real-time detection of surface damage by direct assessment of the BRDF
Author(s): Hendrik Rothe; Angela Duparre; Horst Truckenbrodt; Monika Timm
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Microtopography investigations of optical surfaces and thin films by light scattering, optical profilometry, and atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Angela Duparre; Norbert Kaiser; Horst Truckenbrodt; Manfred R. Berger; Arno Kohler
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Characterization of curved plastic surfaces
Author(s): Qianyan Xie; Donald G. Fesko
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Reflection, scattering, and polarization from a very rough black surface
Author(s): Soe-Mie F. Nee; Jean M. Bennett; Philip C. Archibald
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Very high angular selectivity system for measuring backscatter from rough surfaces
Author(s): Yoshitate Takakura; U. Schon; Patrick Meyrueis
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Scattering properties of very rough surfaces: application to brightness measurement of common objects
Author(s): Patrick Sandoz; Gilbert M. Tribillon
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High-temperature optical scatter characteristics of CVD diamond and natural type IIa diamond
Author(s): Malcolm B. McIntosh; Joseph R. McNeely; Robert E. Clausing; William B. Snyder
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Wavelength scaling investigation of several materials
Author(s): John C. Stover; Marvin L. Bernt; Charles M. Egert
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Mueller matrix measurements of several optical components
Author(s): John C. Stover; Marvin L. Bernt; Tod F. Schiff; Brett D. Swimley
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Bulk scatter measurements in fused silica at two wavelengths: a comparison with Rayleigh scatter theory
Author(s): James Paul Black; Kirt C. Hickman
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BRDF round robin test of ASTM E1392
Author(s): Thomas A. Leonard; Paul Rudolph
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Experimental scattering investigations and radiative transfer calculations of large arbitrarily shaped absorbing particles
Author(s): Christian Sasse
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New generation high-speed high-resolution hemispherical scatterometer
Author(s): Raymond J. Castonguay
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Step-height standard for surface-profiler calibration
Author(s): Peter Z. Takacs; Michelle X.-O. Li; Karen Furenlid; Eugene L. Church
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