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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1984

Advanced Laser Dentistry
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Volume Number: 1984
Date Published: 17 April 1995
Softcover: 43 papers (310) pages
ISBN: 9780819412317

Table of Contents
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Refractive index of bulk dentin
Author(s): Vladimir N. Grisimov
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Nonlinear transmission and second harmonic generation in dentin in the field of ultrashort Nd-laser pulses
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Nickolai R. Belashenkov; George A. Martsinovski; Anatoly A. Solounin
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Effects of a second harmonic Alexandrite laser on human dentin
Author(s): Thomas Hennig; Peter Rechmann; Peter Jeitner
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Laser destruction of demineralized dentin
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Nickolai R. Belashenkov; Vyatcheslav B. Karasev; Alexei V. Skripnik; Anatoly A. Solounin
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Ablation characteristics of healthy dentin at different laser wavelengths
Author(s): Peter Rechmann; Thomas Hennig
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Ablation of healthy and carious enamel and dentin by erbium:YAG laser irradiation
Author(s): Klaus K.-F. Roth; Edwin W. Duczynski
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Thermal modeling of laser destruction of hard tooth tissues
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Andrew V. Erofeev; V. I. Egorov; Tatyana L. Semenova
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Investigation of bacterial activity in products of destruction of enamel and dentine
Author(s): Andrei V. Belikov; Boris T. Moroz; Svetlana N. Vlasova
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Investigation of destruction of human hard tooth tissues by YAG:Cr;Tm:Er laser 2.69-um radiation
Author(s): Andrei V. Belikov; Andrew V. Erofeev; Alexandra M. Tkachuk; Alexander V. Sandulenko
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Morphofunctional variation of the tooth pulp under the action of the erbium laser radiation with the wavelength 2.69 um
Author(s): Victor N. Balin; Alexey S. Guk; A. K. Jordanishwily; Sergey P. Kropotov; Dimitry Yu. Maday; Tatyana A. Kusovkova; Victor A. Serebryakov; Sergey V. Frolov
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Erbium laser with 2.69-um wavelength for use in the odontopreparation
Author(s): Victor N. Balin; Alexey S. Guk; A. K. Jordanishwily; Sergey P. Kropotov; Dimitry Yu. Maday; Tatyana A. Kusovkova; Victor A. Serebryakov; Sergey V. Frolov
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Spectral analysis of emission plume under Nd-, Ho- and Er-laser destruction of hard tissues
Author(s): Dmitri S. Andreev; A. V. Burkov; Andrew V. Erofeev; Vyatcheslav B. Karasev
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Clinical applications of the Er:YAG laser in cariology and oral surgery
Author(s): Ulrich Keller; Raimund Hibst
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Amalgam ablation with the Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Harvey A. Wigdor; Steven R. Visuri; Joseph T. Walsh
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Evaluation of the use of four different lasers in oral soft tissue surgery
Author(s): Lajos Gaspar
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Destruction of soft tissue under combined influence of Ho- and Nd-laser radiation
Author(s): Andrew V. Erofeev; Ildar K. Ilyasov; K. V. Prikhodko
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Laser-assisted oral surgery in general practice
Author(s): Mark C. McCauley
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Clinical periodontics with the argon laser
Author(s): R. Larry Finkbeiner
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Effects of different black mediators on the shear strength of orthodontic bracket to the enamel treated with Nd-Yag laser
Author(s): Shun-Te Huang; I-Shueng Lin; Chi-Cheng Tsai
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Experimental investigations of the use of an erbium:YAG laser on temporomandibular joint (TMJ) structures: first experimental results
Author(s): Michael Nuebler-Moritz; Herbert Niederdellmann; Peter Hering; Christian Deuerling; Ralf Dammer; M. Behr
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Characteristic changes of lased dentin
Author(s): Akira Senda; Osamu Matsui; Hisao Katada; Kazuari Kamiya; Akira Gomi
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Application of Er:YAG laser to treat root caries lesion
Author(s): Akira Aoki; Masayuki Otsuki; Yoshinori Ando; Toshimoto Yamada; Hisashi Watanabe; Isao Ishikawa
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Pulpal reaction in dogs following cavity preparation by Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Y. Sekine; Arata Ebihara; A. Takeda; H. Suda
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Peculiarities of temporal structure of erbium lasers
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Andrei V. Belikov; S. V. Gagarskiy; Andrew V. Erofeev; Sergei E. Parakhuda
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Low-intensity laser radiation usage in dentistry
Author(s): Nikolai N. Petrishchev; Gregory B. Altshuler; Ludmila I. Yantareva; Ludmila A. Ermolaeva
Clinical and experimental low-intensity laser therapy in dentistry
Author(s): Nikolai N. Petrishchev; V. I. Kalinin; Ludmila I. Yantareva; Ludmila A. Ermolaeva; A. B. Veselovskij; A. S. Mitrofanov; G. D. Fefilov
Influence of low-intensity laser radiation upon the microflora of carious cavities and root canal
Author(s): Bogdan R. Shumilovitch; Valery Nekrylov; Leonid Mazo
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Usage of low-intensity lasers in endodonty
Author(s): Anatoly A. Kunin
Usage of low-intensity laser radiation for the treatment of the inflammatory processes of the oral cavity mucosa after applying removable plate dentures
Author(s): Edvard Kalivradzhiyan; Nikolay Lesnykh; Vadim Kunin; Mikhail Mutafyan
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Laser prophylaxis and treatment of primary caries
Author(s): Svetlana G. Kazmina; Anatoly A. Kunin; Elvira I. Dergunova
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Low-intensity laser radiation in complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of parodontium
Author(s): Irina A. Sokolova; Stanislava V. Erina
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Automatized securing definition for laser therapy indications in cases of noncomplicated caries
Author(s): Olga I. Oleinik; Olga Popova
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Radiation damage of lips and its treatment by low-intensity laser irradiation
Author(s): Elana E. Podolskaya
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Microbiological estimate of parodontitis laser therapy efficiency
Author(s): F. M. Mamedova; Ju. A. Akbarova; L. G. Bajenov; T. U. Arslanbekov
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Laser therapy applying the differential approaches and biophotometrical elements
Author(s): F. M. Mamedova; Ju. A. Akbarova; D. A. Umarova; G. A. Yudin
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Lasers in diagnostics and treatment of microcirculation disorders under parodontitis
Author(s): Valentine I. Kozlov; Elena Krechina; Oleg Alexandrov Terman
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Back-scattered light diagnostics of enamel and dentin
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Nickolai R. Belashenkov; Anatoly A. Solounin; Sergei L. Studenikin
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Prospect of relieving pain due to tooth movement during orthodontic treatment utilizing a Ga-Al-As diode laser
Author(s): Noriyoshi Shimizu; Masaru Yamaguchi; Takemi Goseki; Yasuko Shibata; Hisashi Takiguchi; Yoshimitsu Abiko; Tadamasa Iwasawa
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Stimulatory effects of low-power laser irradiation on bone formation in vitro
Author(s): Yasuhito Ozawa; Noriyoshi Shimizu; Hiroyuki Mishima; Genichiro Kariya; Masaru Yamaguchi; Hisashi Takiguchi; Tadamasa Iwasawa; Yoshimitsu Abiko
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Dental laser market
Author(s): Bernhard Strehl
Morphological change of tooth surface irradiated by Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Yasumoto Sakakibara; Kazutoshi Ishimaru; Souei Asano; Masaaki Takamizu; Shigeru Goto; Atsushi Kohno
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Study to increase the resolution and range of a light imaging system
Author(s): Abund Ottokar Wist; Steven Lynn Herr; Peter Moon; Panos P. Fatouros
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Scanning electron microscope findings of the lased implant surface
Author(s): Tadamasu Tsuda; Koukichi Matsumoto
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