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Iodine Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Milos Chvojka; Jarmila Kodymova; Bozena Kralikova

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Volume Number: 1980
Date Published: 23 April 1993

Table of Contents
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Status report of the Asterix IV high-power iodine laser
Author(s): H. Baumhacker; Guenter Brederlow; Ernst E. Fill; H. Schillinger; Christian Schroedter; Reinhard Volk; Siegbert Witkowski; Klaus-Juergen Witte
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Theoretical and numerical modeling of short-pulse amplification in a high-power iodine laser
Author(s): V. A. Eroshenko
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Experimental study of population inversion in the shock-pumped iodine laser
Author(s): S. N. Pevny; V. A. Eroshenko; Stanislav M. Kulikov; Gennadi A. Kirillov; Gennady G. Kochemasov; Sergey P. Smyshlyaev; Stanislav A. Sukharev
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Iodine laser with SBS mirror
Author(s): Yu. V. Dolgopolov; Gennadi A. Kirillov; Gennady G. Kochemasov; Stanislav M. Kulikov; Vasili M. Murugov; S. N. Pevny; Stanislav A. Sukharev; L. I. Zykov
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Modeling of free-generation regime of iodine photodissociation laser with variable internal loss
Author(s): Jaroslav Beranek; Milos Chvojka; Bozena Kralikova; Karel Masek; Karel Rohlena; Jiri Skala
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Iodine photodissociative pulse-repetitive laser: problems of efficiency
Author(s): Oleg B. Danilov; A. A. Artemov; Aleksandr P. Zhevlakov
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Influence of the ignition on the flashlamp effectivity
Author(s): Jiri Skala; Bozena Kralikova; Milos Chvojka
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Laser fusion investigations on high-power photodissociation iodine lasers ISKRA
Author(s): Gennady G. Kochemasov
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High-power laser physics in the United Kingdom
Author(s): Justin S. Wark; Michael H. Key
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Characteristics of solid Xe plasma soft x rays produced in experiments at iodine laser facility ISKRA=5
Author(s): F. M. Abzayev; A. V. Belotserkovets; S. A. Bel'kov; A. V. Bessarab; A. A. Gorbunov; G. V. Dolgoleva; A. I. Zaretskii; V. M. Izgorodin; Gennady G. Kochemasov; A. V. Kunin; G. P. Nikolayev; V. T. Punin; Nikolai N. Rukavishnikov; N. A. Suslov; Stanislav A. Sukharev; Vladimir A. Tokarev
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Conversion of ultrashort laser pulses into x-ray emission in high-density laser plasma
Author(s): Jiri Limpouch; Alexander A. Andreev; A. N. Semakhin
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Limits of high-resolution x-ray spectroscopy of laser-produced plasma
Author(s): Oldrich Renner; M. Kopecky; E. Krousky; Eckhart Foerster; Justin S. Wark
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Monochromatic x-ray imaging of laser-produced plasma
Author(s): Eckhart Foerster; Ingo Uschmann
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Comparison of Si P-I-N diodes and thermoluminescent detector responses in the soft x-ray region
Author(s): Josef Krasa; M. Pietrikova; Libor Juha; Milos Chvojka; Bozena Kralikova; Karel Masek; Jiri Skala; E. Krousky; J. Trousil; J. Plichta; Anita Darickova
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Generation of second harmonics in an iodine-laser-produced plasma
Author(s): Karel Masek; Karel Rohlena; Josef Krasa; O. Stirand; Milos Chvojka; Bozena Kralikova; Jiri Skala; E. Krousky
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Ion measurements of laser-produced Al plasma on PERUN laser system
Author(s): Eugeniusz Woryna; Waldemar Mroz; Piotr Parys; Leos Laska; Karel Masek; Josef Krasa; Milos Chvojka; Bozena Kralikova; Jiri Skala; Karel Rohlena
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Processing of complex interferograms on personal computers
Author(s): Milan Kalal
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Fullerenes prepared by an iodine laser
Author(s): Leos Laska; Libor Juha; Josef Krasa; Vera Hamplova; Ladislav Soukup
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High-power oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Vitali S. Kalinovsky; Gennadi A. Kirillov; V. V. Konovalov; V. D. Nikolaev
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Current status of industrial COIL development
Author(s): Hiroo Fujii; Toshio Atsuta
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O2 vibrational population and mechanism of I2 dissociation in oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Valery N. Azyazov; Valery I. Igoshin; N. L. Kuprianov
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Investigation of various types of singlet-oxygen generators
Author(s): Yuri A. Kulagin; Victoria N. Yarygina; German A. Skorobogatov
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Scaling of the bubbler-type SOG and gas-transport system for COIL
Author(s): Nikolai P. Vagin
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Experiments and modeling of iodine-oxygen mixing in supersonic COILs
Author(s): Wolfgang O. Schall
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Influence of mixing and dissociation on the characteristics of the chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): A. N. Dvoryankin
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Study of red emission accompanied by the pulsed chemical iodine laser
Author(s): Masamori Endo; H. Ito; S. Yamashita; Taro Uchiyama
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Pulsed COIL review
Author(s): Nikolai N. Yuryshev
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Magnetic gain switching operation of chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Noriaki Miura; Ryo Kotegawa; Minoru Matsuo; Taro Uchiyama
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Experimental study of magnetic quenching of laser generation in COIL
Author(s): Josef Schmiedberger; Otomar Spalek; Jarmila Kodymova; Jiri Kovar
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Model for amplifier of pulsed chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Qi Zhuang; Feng Hao; Wang Chengdong; Sha Guohe; Zhang Cunhao
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New method to obtain the best beam quality from COIL
Author(s): Tomoo Fujioka
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Pressure recovery devices for supersonic COIL lasers
Author(s): Robert F. Walter; Robert A. O'Leary
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