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Systems-Oriented Optical Design
Editor(s): Thomas U. Kampe; Joseph H. Oberheuser
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Volume Number: 1970
Date Published: 10 August 1993
: 20 papers (218) pages
ISBN: 9780819412089

Table of Contents
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Comments and guidelines for selecting IR objectives for focal plane arrays
Author(s): Max J. Riedl
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Role of diffractive optical elements in the design of mid-wave infrared zoom lenses
Author(s): Russell M. Hudyma
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Scan lens design for Direct Write Scene Generation
Author(s): Celia A. Doub
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Infrared system design using coherent IR fiber bundles
Author(s): Cynthia Lea Chippindale; R. Lawrence Sinclair; Frank B. Johnston; Roger Henri Arsenault; Steve Tritchew; Paul C. Chevrette
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Control of residual chromatic aberration levels in infrared microscope objective designs
Author(s): Christopher Carl Alexay
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Software development for design of illuminator systems
Author(s): Ian P. Powell; Amanda J. Bewsher
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Design and fabrication of an infrared wide field of view objective utilizing a hybrid refractive/diffractive optical element
Author(s): Russell M. Hudyma; Hank Karow; Larry Giammona; George R. Meyer
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Overhead projector LCD panel for image processing
Author(s): Subhash C. Jain; S. D. Mehta; Mahendra Singh
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Requirements for the optical insertion of thermal references sources
Author(s): Howard V. Kennedy
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Transmission shading considerations in IR window design
Author(s): J. Alexander Fry; William R. Herzog; Richard H. Twedt
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Design and performance of the infrared instrumentation system (IRIS)
Author(s): Charles Douglas Mitchell; John T. Ellis; H. Woodward Howard; Russell M. Terry; Granville R. Anderson
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M1A2 tank commander's independent thermal viewer optics: system engineering perspective
Author(s): David D. Ratcliff
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M1A2 tank commander's independent thermal viewer optics: optics design perspective
Author(s): Douglas W. Anderson
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Wide field-of-view three-mirror telescope designed for improved manufacturability
Author(s): R. Lawrence Sinclair; Roger Henri Arsenault; Russell M. Hudyma
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Design of a real-time unskeletonized autostereoscopic display system enabled by new technology
Author(s): Steven C. Gustafson; Gordon R. Little; Thomas P. Staub; John S. Loomis; Jay M. Brown; Ned Francis O'Brien
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Laboratory prototype of a multiorder etalon sounder: from design to construction and laboratory testing
Author(s): Jinxue Wang; Paul B. Hays; Jian Wu; Heinz J. Grassl
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Systems considerations in the design of the High Energy Transient Experiment (HETE) ultraviolet objective lens
Author(s): Thomas U. Kampe; Clark A. Pentico; Roland K. Vanderspek; Peter Tappan; George R. Ricker
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Restoration of laser energy distribution from measurements of sound generated by light absorption on solid surface
Author(s): Alexey Nikolaevic Bogaturov; Valerii V. Vorob'ev; Vladimir Alexeevich Myakinin
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Restoration of two-dimensional intensity distribution of pulse laser beam by acoustic method
Author(s): Vladimir Alexeevich Myakinin; Yu. V. Golembeovskii; M. S. Gorbunov
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Characterization of a Nd-YAG laser connection to an optical fiber
Author(s): Bruno Richou; L. Berthe; Jacques Richou
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