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Applications of Artificial Neural Networks IV
Editor(s): Steven K. Rogers
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Volume Number: 1965
Date Published: 2 September 1993
Softcover: 64 papers (710) pages
ISBN: 9780819412010

Table of Contents
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Resolution-limited statistical image classification
Author(s): Marek Elbaum; Mark Syrkin
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Using back error propagation networks for automatic document image classification
Author(s): Susan E. Hauser; Timothy J. Cookson; George R. Thoma
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Neural networks for eddy detection in satellite imagery
Author(s): Sarah H. Peckinpaugh; Juanita R. Chase; Ronald J. Holyer
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Neural net range image segmentation for object recognition
Author(s): Leda Villalobos; Francis L. Merat
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Application of a neural architecture to extract motion from image sequences
Author(s): D. E. Swanson; Steven K. Rogers; Dennis W. Ruck
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Neural network prediction of short-term motions of mobile objects in noisy environments
Author(s): Ahmed Yassin Tawfik; Quiming Zhu
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Identification of passive millimeter-wave images using neural networks
Author(s): Bryce M. Sundstrom; Kwang-Shik Min
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Sensor image simulation using neural networks
Author(s): Erwin W. Baumann; Budimir Zvolanek
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Feature discovery on segmented objects in SAR imagery using self-organizing neural networks
Author(s): Robert Joseph Fogler; Mark W. Koch; Mary M. Moya; Donald R. Hush
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Evaluation of the fractal dimension as a pattern recognition feature using neural networks
Author(s): John S. DaPonte; Jo Ann Parikh; James Decker; Joseph N. Vitale
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Applying neural networks to ultrasonographic texture recognition
Author(s): Jean-Francois Gallant; Jean Meunier; Robert Stampfler; Jocelyn Cloutier
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Scene classification and segmentation using multispectral sensor fusion implemented with neural networks
Author(s): Laurence E. Lazofson; Thomas J. Kuzma
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Neural network for Gulf Stream dynamics
Author(s): Juanita R. Chase; Ronald J. Holyer
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Neural network solutions to logic programs with geometric constraints
Author(s): Jo Ann Parikh; Anne Werkheiser; V. S. Subrahmanian
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Clutter cancellation and sea-ice detection using artificial neural network
Author(s): Henry Leung; Martin Blanchette; Simon Haykin
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Neural nets with varying topology for high-energy particle recognition: an outlook of computational dynamics
Author(s): Antonio Luigi Perrone; Roberto Messi; Enrico Pasqualucci; Gianfranco Basti
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Neural nets for radio Morse code recognizing
Author(s): Hsin-Chia Fu; Y. Y. Lin; Hsiao-Tien Pao
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Clustering with unsupervised learning neural networks: a comparative study
Author(s): Chin-Der D. Wann; Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos
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ANN-TREE: a hybrid method for pattern recognition
Author(s): Lijia Zhou; Stan Franklin
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Performance aspects of mapping neural networks onto a massively parallel SIMD computer
Author(s): Andreas Zell; Michael C. Vogt; Niels Mache; Markus Huttel
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Studies on some properties of a mapping neural network
Author(s): Ying Lin Yu; Wei Zhang
MONNET: a software system for modular neural networks based on object passing
Author(s): Rupert Lange; Reinhard Maenner
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Analog circuit design and implementation of an adaptive resonance theory (ART) neural network architecture
Author(s): Ching S. Ho; Juin J. Liou; Michael Georgiopoulos; Gregory L. Heileman; Christos G. Christodoulou
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Recurrent neural networks for radar target identication
Author(s): Eric T. Kouba; Steven K. Rogers; Dennis W. Ruck; Kenneth W. Bauer
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Neural network ATR indexing system
Author(s): Allen Gee; David M. Doria; James D. Leonard
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Neural network processor for n-mode fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Howard Hou; Barry G. Grossman
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F16 jet engine trending and diagnostics with neural networks
Author(s): Guy Denney
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Learning a three-layer backpropagation network to recognize different Arabic fonts
Author(s): Adel A. El-Zoghabi; Mohammed A. Ismail; Stewart N. T. Shen; E. A. Korany
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AFIT Neural tactile sensor
Author(s): J. D. Nering; Matthew Kabrisky; Steven K. Rogers; M. Leahy
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Autonomous parts assembly: comparison of ART and neocognitron
Author(s): Ryan G. Rosandich; Murat A. Ozbayoglu; Eric W. Roddiger; Cihan H. Dagli
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Neural networks for web-process inspection
Author(s): Sheldon Gruber; Leda Villalobos; Jonas Olsson
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Manipulator arm control by neural network with reward/punish learning scheme
Author(s): Jann T. Lin; Rafael M. Inigo
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Compact disc serial number inspection system
Author(s): Toru Oki; Philip Paolella; Andrew Chiu
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Neural network models in wafer fabrication
Author(s): Chinmoy B. Bose; Herbert A. Lord
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Helicopter gearbox diagnostics and prognostics using vibration signature analysis
Author(s): B. Eugene Parker; Todd M. Nigro; Monica P. Carley; Roger L. Barron; David G. Ward; H. Vincent Poor; Dennis Rock; Thomas A. DuBois
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Quasi-linear neural networks: application to the prediction and control of unsteady aerodynamics
Author(s): William E. Faller; Scott J. Schreck; M. W. Luttges
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Using the artificial neural network to solve real problems in process control for petroleum industry
Author(s): Zhicong Chai; An-le Chen; Yu-Xi Zhu
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Ordering-oriented Hopfield network and its application in stereo vision
Author(s): Joe-E Hu; Pepe Siy
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Using model-driven feedback in neural network object recognition
Author(s): David M. Doria; Allen Gee; James D. Leonard
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Off-line cursive handwriting recognition using neural networks
Author(s): Berrin A. Yanikoglu; Peter A. Sandon
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Neural networks for sign language translation
Author(s): Beth J. Wilson; Gretel Anspach
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Image compression and SANN equations
Author(s): Ying Liu
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Application of neural networks to diagnosis from single-photon emission tomography images of the human brain
Author(s): Steven J. Sheppard; Evor L. Hines; David Taylor; John Barham
Statistical analysis of information content for training pattern recognition networks
Author(s): Charles L. Wilson
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Artificial neural networks architecture for handwritten signature authentication
Author(s): Hubert Cardot; Marinette Revenu; Bernard Victorri; Marie-Josephe Revillet
Radial Basis Function network for handwritten digit recognition
Author(s): Bernard Lemarie
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Characterization of the 80170NX (ETANN) chip sigmoidal transfer function for a device Vgain=3.3V
Author(s): J. Calvin; Steven K. Rogers; Daniel R. Zahirniak; Dennis W. Ruck; Mark E. Oxley
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LCD-based electro-optic implementation of a multilayer perceptron neural network to classify fish species using sonograms as the neural inputs
Author(s): Shinobu Doi; Barry G. Grossman
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Methodology for generating behavioral specifications of analog hardware for artificial neural network implementations
Author(s): Arun Achyuthan; Mohamed I. Elmasry
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Performance evaluation of a neural network for weapon-to-target assignment
Author(s): J. Fury Christ; Edward W. Page; Gene A. Tagliarini
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Modeling training-site vegetation-coverage probability with a random optimization procedure: an artificial neural network approach
Author(s): Biing T. Guan; George Z. Gertner; David G. Kowalski
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Request routing with a backerror propagation network
Author(s): Susan E. Hauser; Wayne Hsu; George R. Thoma
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Optimization of a lens design using a neural network
Author(s): John Macdonald; Amanda J. Breese; Nigel L. Hanbury
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Integrated detection and segmentation for hyperspectral imagery using neural networks
Author(s): Joe R. Brown; Edward E. DeRouin
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Handwritten character recognition using Hopfield neural network
Author(s): C. Olson; Robert Y. Li
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Multisensor user authentication
Author(s): John M. Colombi; D. Krepp; Steven K. Rogers; Dennis W. Ruck; Mark E. Oxley
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Stanford neural network research
Author(s): Bernard Widrow; Michael Lehr; Francoise Beaufays; Eric Wan; Michel Bilello
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Studies on a network of complex neurons
Author(s): Srinivasa V. Chakravarthy; Joydeep Ghosh
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Automated radar behavior analysis using neural network architectures
Author(s): Gary Whittington; C. Tim Spracklen; J. M. Haugh; Helen Faulkner
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Roles of recurrence in neural control architectures
Author(s): Gintaras V. Puskorius; Lee A. Feldkamp
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Differential theory of learning for efficient neural network pattern recognition
Author(s): John B. Hampshire; Bhagavatula Vijaya Kumar
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Robust classification of variable-length sonar sequences
Author(s): Joydeep Ghosh; Narsimham V. Gangishetti; Srinivasa V. Chakravarthy
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Robust, high-fidelity coding technique based on entropy-biased ANN codebooks
Author(s): James E. Fowler; Stanley C. Ahalt
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