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Automatic Object Recognition III
Editor(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Volume Number: 1960
Date Published: 15 October 1993
Softcover: 45 papers (506) pages
ISBN: 9780819411969

Table of Contents
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Bistatic scattering by a spherical dielectric target illuminated by an electromagnetic pulse
Author(s): Hans C. Strifors; Steffan Abrahamson; B. Brusmark; Guillermo C. Gaunaurd
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Joint range-angle beamforming with application to estimation of target density functions
Author(s): Erol Emre
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Frequency-domain texture features for classifying SAR images
Author(s): David G. Ehrhard; Roger L. Easton; John R. Schott; J. Marc Comeau
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Fractal detection algorithm for a LADAR sensor
Author(s): Kevin S. Schweiker
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Refinement of range-Doppler imagery by feedback control
Author(s): Benjamin C. Flores; Alberto Ugarte
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Choice of an entropy-like function for range-Doppler processing
Author(s): Benjamin C. Flores; Alberto Ugarte; Vladik Kreinovich
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Invariant phase-only filters for TABILS24 millimeter-wavelength radar data
Author(s): Robert R. Kallman
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Hypothesis likelihood function estimation for synthetic aperture radar targets
Author(s): Thomas Fister; Frederick D. Garber; Steven C. Sawtelle; Raymond L. Withman
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Target classification using wavelet decomposition features
Author(s): Ismail I. Jouny
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Vector quantization and learning vector quantization for radar target classification
Author(s): Clayton V. Stewart; Yi-Chuan Lu; Victor J. Larson
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Full-polarization two-dimensional Prony modeling with application to radar target identification
Author(s): Joseph J. Sacchini; William M. Steedly; Randolph L. Moses
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Accuracy and computational comparisons of TLS-Prony, Burg, and FFT-based scattering center extraction algorithms
Author(s): William E. Pierson; Chinghui J. Ying; Randolph L. Moses; William M. Steedly
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Reflectivity models for radar target recognition
Author(s): Joseph A. O'Sullivan; K. Cecilia Du; Robert S. Teichman; Michael I. Miller; Donald L. Snyder; Vincent C. Vannicola
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Automatic target recognition using a photograph
Author(s): Raphael J. Horak
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Temporal syntax-guided object and intent recognition
Author(s): Kirk A. Dunkelberger
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Neural network filter for target detection in high-clutter imagery
Author(s): Mukul V. Shirvaikar; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Development of distortion-invariant texture operators
Author(s): Gopalan Ravichandran; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Experiments in the use of fractal in computer pattern recognition
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Probabilistic IR modeling for Bayesian automatic object recognition
Author(s): Rufus H. Cofer; Samuel Peter Kozaitis
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Joint transform correlation under varying illumination conditions of the target
Author(s): Mohammad S. Alam; Mohammad A. Karim
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Wavelets for training a neural network to recognize objects
Author(s): John F. Pedersen; Edward B. Saff; Kevin S. Schweiker
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Information-theoretic performance bounding of Bayesian identifiers
Author(s): Scott D. Briles
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Method of lines for EM wave scattering from an arbitrary profile
Author(s): Kai Liu; Wei Hong
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Oscillatory neural networks for nonlinear system identification
Author(s): Ann Evenson; Travis J. McIlvenna; Mohamed L. Hambaba
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Resonance sonar identification of submerged shells that have oscillating internal masses attached by springs
Author(s): Guillermo C. Gaunaurd; H. Huang; W. Wertman
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Ocean acoustic source localization via Bayesian inversion
Author(s): Richard Pitre; Nolan R. Davis
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Holographic analysis of near-field acoustic displacement patterns of operating sonar transducer arrays
Author(s): Howard Fein
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History of resonance scattering theory in acoustics and its applications to target recognition
Author(s): Herbert Uberall
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Proper fluid loading of thin shell theories and the prediction of pseudo-Stoneley resonances
Author(s): Cleon E. Dean; Michael F. Werby
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Analysis and representation of sonar echo returns
Author(s): Roger H. Hackman; Theagenis J. Abatzoglou; Hal B. Arnold; John T. Reagan
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Influence of a waveguide on backscattered signals in the far field
Author(s): Guy V. Norton; Michael F. Werby; Elmer White
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Decomposition of guided waves into spherical representations and near-field effects on target scattering
Author(s): Michael F. Werby; Guy V. Norton; Elmer White
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Classification of elastic-shell resonances on curved bounded surfaces to very high frequencies
Author(s): Elmer White; Michael F. Werby; Guy V. Norton
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Scattering from elastic shells near an interface and the concept of a super resonance
Author(s): Gary Steven Sammelmann; Roger H. Hackman
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Classical scattering theory of waves from the viewpoint of an eigenvalue problem and application to target identification
Author(s): Chris Bottcher; M. R. Strayer; Michael F. Werby
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Principles and evaluation of an automatic target recognition system for synthetic aperture radar imagery based on the use of functional templates
Author(s): Jacques G. Verly; Richard L. Delanoy; Carol H. Lazott
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New fast algorithm of 2D moment invariant based on projection
Author(s): LiangZheng Xia; QingYao Luo; Xiaobing Li; Xiaoguang Ma
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Exact-scattered-field generation for time-domain approach of ultrasound tomography
Author(s): Y. Wang; Joel M. Morris
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Data acquisition for knowledge-based image classification and interpretation of remotely sensed multispectral images
Author(s): Robert-Josef Simmeth; Hartwig H. Spitzer
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Analytical method in image correlation
Author(s): Eugene I. Shubnikov
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Natural-textured-object recognition using spatial matched filtering technique
Author(s): K. M. Vinogradov; A. B. Zmicherevski; N. V. Kovalenkova; Alexandre V. Lukin
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Edge detectors and spectral image factorization
Author(s): Irina V. Borisova; Pavel G. Popov
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Iconic system for object recognition and its location determination
Author(s): Michael A. Popov; A. V. Reznik; A. Shkwar
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Probabilistic and information characteristics of iconic systems
Author(s): V. I. Kononov
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Invariance considerations in design of image-formation-measurement computer systems
Author(s): Svetlana A. Filatova; Peter V. Golubtsov
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