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Integrating Photogrammetric Techniques with Scene Analysis and Machine Vision
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Volume Number: 1944
Date Published: 24 September 1993
: 24 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780819411808

Table of Contents
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Integration of photogrammetric cues into cartographic feature extraction
Author(s): David M. McKeown; J. Chris McGlone
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Linear features for photogrammetric restitution and object completion
Author(s): Edward M. Mikhail
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Comparison of two terrain extraction algorithms: hierarchical relaxation correlation and global least squares matching
Author(s): Greg A. Hermanson; John H. Hinchman; Urho A. Rauhala; Walter J. Mueller
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Global image matching and surface reconstruction in object space using aerial images
Author(s): Heinrich Ebner; Christian Heipke; Mikael Holm
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Use of object space matching for feature extraction in multiple aerial images
Author(s): Toni F. Schenk; Charles K. Toth
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Fast autonomous registration of Landsat, SPOT, and digital map imagery
Author(s): Andrew John Lee; Neil H. Carender; Douglas J. Knowlton; David M. Bell; J. Kent Bryan
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Photogrammetry and projective geometry: an historical survey
Author(s): Thomas Buchanan
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Relationship between photogrammmetry and computer vision
Author(s): Richard I. Hartley; Joseph L. Mundy
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Extension of three-dimensional invariant methods to noncentral-projection imaging systems
Author(s): Eamon B. Barrett; Paul Max Payton
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Absolute orientation of photo pairs using GPS and laser profiles
Author(s): Johannes Kilian; Dieter Fritsch
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Photogrammetric techniques for panoramic cameras
Author(s): Richard I. Hartley
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Quality and performance analysis of automatic relative orientation
Author(s): Beate Haala; Michael Hahn; Dieter Schmidt
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SPOT stereo matching for DTM generation
Author(s): Emmanuel P. Baltsavias; Dirk Stallmann
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Some DEM applications in SAR imagery
Author(s): Frederic P. Perlant
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Alternatives to hierarchical techniques in stereo correlation
Author(s): F. Raye Norvelle
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Automatic recognition of USGS land use/cover categories using statistical and neural network classifiers
Author(s): Robert R. Bailey; Elaine J. Pettit; Ronald T. Borochoff; Michael T. Manry; Xianping Jiang
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Effect of on-board compression on stereo and classification
Author(s): Rajiv Gupta; John J. Bloomer; Aiman Albert Abdel-Malek; Rick Zinser; David B. Hogan
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State-of-the-art digital photogrammetric workstations for topographic applications
Author(s): Christian Heipke
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Low-cost soft-copy mapping
Author(s): Eugene Emery Derenyi
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Restitution of digital stereo data using a digital video plotter
Author(s): Thierry Toutin; Marc Beaudoin
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Conceptual design for a model-supported exploitation workstation for imagery analysts
Author(s): Shirley Jane Gee; Arthur M. Newman
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Rapid generation and use of 3D site models to aid imagery analysts/systems performing image exploitation
Author(s): Michael E. Murphy
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Model-based feature extraction
Author(s): Walter J. Mueller; James A. Olson
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Incorporating vanishing-point geometry in building extraction techniques
Author(s): J. Chris McGlone; Jefferey A. Shufelt
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