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Integrated Circuit Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control VII
Editor(s): Michael T. Postek
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Volume Number: 1926
Date Published: 4 August 1993
Softcover: 53 papers (606) pages
ISBN: 9780819411600

Table of Contents
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Images of dielectric film structures on reflecting substrates
Author(s): J. Felix Aguilar; Eugenio R. Mendez
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Utilizing diffraction imaging for nondestructive wafer topography measurements
Author(s): Tim M. Morris; Dennis S. Grimard; Chiao-Fe Shu; Fred Lewis Terry; Michael E. Elta; Ramesh C. Jain
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Comparisons of measured linewidths of submicrometer lines using optical, electrical, and SEM metrologies
Author(s): Richard A. Allen; Patrick M. Troccolo; James C. Owen; James E. Potzick; Loren W. Linholm
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Interferometric measurement of etch depths in phase-shift masks
Author(s): Patrick M. Troccolo; Donald K. Cohen; Nelson Tam; Giang T. Dao; Qi-De Qian
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Linewidth determination using simulated annealing
Author(s): Katherine Creath; Shiyu Zhang
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Using scattered light modeling for semiconductor critical dimension metrology and calibration
Author(s): Richard H. Krukar; Steven L. Prins; D. M. Krukar; Gary A. Peterson; Steve Gaspar; John Robert McNeil; S. Sohail H. Naqvi; Donald R. Hush
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Lithography process monitor using light diffracted from a latent image
Author(s): Lisa-Michelle Milner; Kenneth P. Bishop; S. Sohail H. Naqvi; John Robert McNeil
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Cost of ownership for inspection equipment
Author(s): Daren L. Dance; Phil Bryson
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Improving ASM stepper alignment accuracy by alignment signal intensity simulation
Author(s): Gerald Li; Sagar M. Pushpala; Bradley Bradford; Zezhong Peng; Mohan Gottipati
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Recent developments in stepper-focus and overlay-control metrology for subhalf-micron manufacturing applications
Author(s): Richard F. Hollman; Paul M. Bischoff; Paul Hellebrekers
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Advanced method for determining photoresist system capability
Author(s): Wayne H. Ostrout; Thomas Brown; Stuart E. Brown
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Process optimization of APEX-E
Author(s): Karen E. Petrillo
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Matching of multiple-wafer steppers for 0.35-um lithography using advanced optimization schemes
Author(s): Martin A. van den Brink; Chris G. M. de Mol; Judon M. D. Stoeldraijer
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Positive DUV resist (APEX-E) by IBM for SVGL Micrascan
Author(s): Vasanti A. Deshpande; Nathan S. Thane; John S. Hargreaves; Yumiko Takamori; Eric M. Apelgren; Peter Freeman; Karey L. Holland
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Characterization of metal film reflectivity for implementaton into manufacturing
Author(s): J. M. Perchard; Kathy E. Shaw; Mark Mueller
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Characterization of stepper chuck performance
Author(s): Randal K. Goodall; Frances P. Alvarez
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Report on the NIST low-accelerating-voltage SEM magnification standard interlaboratory study
Author(s): Michael T. Postek; Andras E. Vladar; Samuel N. Jones; William J. Keery
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Nonlinearity in scanning electron microscope critical dimension measurements introduced by the edge detection algorithm
Author(s): Robert R. Hershey; Michael B. Weller
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Characterization of atomic force microscopy and electrical probing techniques for IC metrology
Author(s): Ricardo Toledo-Crow; Mehdi Vaez-Iravani; Bruce W. Smith; Joseph R. Summa
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SEM inspection methods for process development and manufacturing of a 0.25-um T-gate GaAs MESFET fabrication
Author(s): Bret A. Small; Rick D. Hudgens; Shirley A. Meyer
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Developments in 2D AFM metrology
Author(s): Diana Nyyssonen
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New low-voltage SEM technology for imaging and metrology of submicrometer contact holes and other high-aspect-ratio structures
Author(s): Kevin M. Monahan; Guillermo L. Toro-Lira; Mark P. Davidson
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Observation of deep holes using new technique
Author(s): Fumio Mizuno; Satoru Yamada; Akihiro Miura; Hideo Todokoro
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Survey on pattern dimension measurement
Author(s): Toshio Kaneko; Yoshihiro Todokoro
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Focus vernier for optical lithography
Author(s): William H. Arnold; Eytan Barouch; Uwe Hollerbach; Steven A. Orszag
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Evaluation of the error in automatic measurement of interlevel alignment
Author(s): David C. Watkins; Lowell M. Bramer
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Frequency-domain subpixel position estimation algorithm for overlay measurement
Author(s): Scott C. Douglas
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Automatic feedback control to optimize stepper overlay
Author(s): Mark Drew; Kevin G. Kemp
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New methodology of optimizing optical overlay measurement
Author(s): Yasushi Tanaka; Masayuki Kamiya; Norio Suzuki
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Mask overlay scaling error caused by exposure energy using a stepper
Author(s): Takashi Saito; Shin-ya Sakamoto; Keiji Okuma; Hirofumi Fukumoto; Yoshimitsu Okuda
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Minimizing overlay measurement errors
Author(s): Nigel P. Smith; Gary R. Goelzer; Michael Hanna; Patrick M. Troccolo
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Measurement of phase-shift masks
Author(s): Fang Cheng Chang; Gordon S. Kino; William K. Studenmund; Stanley S. C. Chim; Ching-Hua Chou
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Film thickness measurement of amorphous silicon
Author(s): Wayne D. Clark; Mark E. Keefer; Dawn-Marie Cook
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Lithographic effects of metal reflectivity variations
Author(s): Nathan S. Thane; Chris A. Mack; Satyendra S. Sethi
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Digital image processing techniques for patterned-wafer inspection
Author(s): Babak H. Khalaj; Hamid K. Aghajan; Thomas Kailath
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FIB repair of 5x reticles and effects on IC quality
Author(s): Philip D. Prewett; Brian Martin; A. W. Eastwood; John G. Watson
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Obtaining process information from defect detection data to focus defect reduction programs in the fab environment
Author(s): Patricia Gabella; Elizabeth A. Knowles
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40-nm-particle high-probability detection for bare wafer using side-scattered light
Author(s): Minori N. Noguchi; Yukio Kembo
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Printability of submicron 5x reticle defects at i-line and DUV exposure wavelengths
Author(s): Brian Martin; Francis N. Goodall
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Study for measurement accuracy of the spectroscopic thin film thickness measurement system
Author(s): Nobuyuki Kondo; Nariaki Fujiwara; Atsushi Abematsu
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Precise reticle defect classification and sizing based on double-tier inspection technique
Author(s): Yair Eran; Shiree Shafrir; Ido Weinberg; Nissim Almaliach; Meir Aloni; Saeed Sabouri
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Dual-sensor technology for high-speed detection of 0.1-um defects
Author(s): David Alumot; Gadi Neumann; Rivi Sherman; Ehud Tirosh
Absolute pattern placement metrology on wafers
Author(s): Uwe Mickan; Klaus Rinn
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Applications of an atomic force metrology system in semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Jeanne E. Beacham; Francois M. Dumesnil; Barrie L. VanDevender
New feature extraction technique for detection of defects in microlithography patterns
Author(s): Damayanti C. Gharpure; Sunil K. David
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Understanding, quantifying, and reducing photospeed test error through technical partnerships and experimental design
Author(s): Mark A. Wirzbicki; James S. Lekas; Jesus F. Cuellar; Charlie L. Paddock; Mark A. Seliger; Michael W. Stan
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Application-specific microscopy for half-micron metrology
Author(s): Mircea V. Dusa; Guoqing Xiao; Frank S. Menagh; Erik H. Rauch; William M. Gouin; George P. Mirth
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Theoretical study and computer simulations of submicron linewidth measurement using optical phase-shifting interferometry
Author(s): Yiping Xu
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Integrated circuit wafer reflectivity measurement in the UV and DUV and its application for ARC characterization
Author(s): Bhanwar Singh; Sesh Ramaswami; Warren Lin; Nagesh Avadhany
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Aplanatic microlenses and applications in the semiconductor industry
Author(s): Mark P. Davidson
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Corner-rounding study
Author(s): Saeed Sabouri
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Postexposure bake as a process-control parameter for chemically amplified photoresist
Author(s): John L. Sturtevant; Steven J. Holmes; Theodore G. Van Kessel; Philip C. D. Hobbs; Jerry C. Shaw; Robert R. Jackson
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Phase image metrology with a modified coherence probe microscope
Author(s): Diana Nyyssonen; Joel L. Seligson; Isaac Mazor
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