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Color Hard Copy and Graphic Arts II
Editor(s): Jan Bares
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Volume Number: 1912
Date Published: 18 June 1993
Softcover: 44 papers (512) pages
ISBN: 9780819411457

Table of Contents
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Requirements for color technology
Author(s): Ronald B. Campbell
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High-quality digital color xerography
Author(s): Koichi Takiguchi
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Chromatic adaptation in hard copy/soft copy comparisons
Author(s): Mark D. Fairchild
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Guide to the confident and appropriate use of color
Author(s): William K. Horton
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Recent development on thermal papers
Author(s): Kazuo Watanabe; Ryuichi Kisaka
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Microporous aluminium-oxide coatings for nonimpact printing applications
Author(s): Bahram Farahbakhsh; Don C. Steele; Paul Smits
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Recent trends in ink-jet printing inks and papers
Author(s): Kohichi Nakamura
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Advances in liquid toner charging mechanism
Author(s): James R. Larson
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Solid ink technology--a ten-year perspective
Author(s): Tony Cruz-Uribe; J. Lahut; Joseph Parisi
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Acoustic wave model of drop-on-demand firing strategies
Author(s): David A. Paton
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Predictive model for color ink-jet printing
Author(s): Laurence Daligault; Philippe Archinard
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Physical limitations on high-performance piezoelectric pusher technology
Author(s): Stuart D. Howkins
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Testing unpackaged thermal ink-jet printing devices
Author(s): Herman A. Hermanson; Robert V. Lorenze
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Looking ahead through a rearview mirror
Author(s): Richard F. Koehler; Jan Bares
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Concurrent simulations of xerographic subsystems
Author(s): Meng H. Lean
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Numerical simulation of toner jumping method for nonimpact printing
Author(s): Noboru Kutsuwada; Tsutomu Shohdohji; Harunobu Izawa; Nobuhiro Okada; Takashi Sugai
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Numerical simulation of charge transport in ionographic printing
Author(s): Gerald A. Domoto; F. James Wang
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Dynamics of a wire in positive corona discharge
Author(s): Robert J. Kleckner; Gerald A. Domoto
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Color printer using monocomponent nonmagnetic development system
Author(s): Chiaki Tanuma; Ken-ichi Mori; Mitsunaga Saito; Masahiro Hosoya
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Breakdown analysis of multilayer amorphous silicon photoreceptors
Author(s): Jian Hu
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Thermal dye diffusion printing
Author(s): Richard A. Hann
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Direct digital color proofing using laser-induced dye transfer
Author(s): Elizabeth V. Patton; Charles D. DeBoer
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Photo quality 300-dpi A4-size printer using thermal dye transfer method
Author(s): Yasunori Kobori; Hiroshi Goto; H. Kimura; Hisato Nakamura; K. Tomatsuri
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3M's new transparent thermal film
Author(s): David A. Morgan
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Color measurement methods and systems in printing technology and graphic arts
Author(s): Helmut Kipphan
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Visualization of colorimetric calibration
Author(s): Robert J. Rolleston
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Analog off-press proofing today and its probable future evolution
Author(s): Mario Grossa; E. Wallace
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Mathematical method for designing a set of color scanning filters
Author(s): Poorvi L. Vora; H. Joel Trussell; Lawrence S. Iwan
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3M color-matching technology for Digital MatchprintTM
Author(s): Christopher J. Edge
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Color prints from a digital press
Author(s): Rudolf Karl Uhrig; Richard Williams
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Laser plate-printing system using TiO2 photoreceptor
Author(s): Youichi Ishibai; Mizuho Okada; Hajime Murakami; Sadao Murasawa; Mamoru Yoshiyama
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Advances in phototackification
Author(s): Howard E. Simmons; Walter R. Hertler
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Design considerations for prepress color proof measurement
Author(s): David L. Spooner
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Evolution of monofacet beam deflectors for high-resolution imaging applications
Author(s): Charles J. Kramer
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Highly sensitive register mark based on moire patterns
Author(s): Raphael L. Levien
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Hyperacuity laser printer
Author(s): Douglas N. Curry
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Resolution enhancement technology in Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers
Author(s): Charles C. Tung
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Particle size effects in halftone image graininess
Author(s): Howard A. Mizes
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Perceptual characteristics of image noise in color hard-copy images
Author(s): Yoshitsugu Hirose
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Feasibility of automated quality control for stamp manufacturing
Author(s): James R. Blaha; Jerry E. Oleksy; Penny Chen; James H. Choi
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Undercompensated error diffusion for multilevel printing
Author(s): David Birnbaum; Reiner Eschbach; Keith T. Knox
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Image quality improvement by pre- and post-processing in DCT coding
Author(s): Hiroshi Akitsu; Noboru Kutsuwada; Makoto Omodani; Yasushi Hoshino
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Spectral constraints and their realization in image quantization
Author(s): Thomas Scheermesser; Manfred Broja; Olof Bryngdahl
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Digital ferroelectric printhead technology
Author(s): Lewis Banks; R. Hedgley; Jean J.M.C.H. de la Rosette; Paul W. Surguy; Eric Spooner
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