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Character Recognition Technologies
Editor(s): Donald P. D'Amato

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Volume Number: 1906
Date Published: 14 April 1993

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Gradient-based contour encoding for gray-scale character recognition
Author(s): Geetha Srikantan; Stephen W. Lam; Sargur N. Srihari
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Detection of curved and straight segments from gray-scale topography
Author(s): Li Wang; Theo Pavlidis
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Address recognition system based on feature extraction from gray scale
Author(s): William J. Sakoda; Jiangying Zhou; Theo Pavlidis
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Skeleton metric: a tool for quantitative shape comparison
Author(s): Jonathan W. Brandt; V. Ralph Algazi
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Enhancement of mail piece images based on window statistics
Author(s): Yong-Chul Shin; Ramalingam Sridhar; Sargur N. Srihari
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Estimation of skew angle in text image analysis by sensor array processing techniques
Author(s): Hamid K. Aghajan; Babak H. Khalaj; Thomas Kailath
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New thinning algorithm using rough-set theory
Author(s): Joe C. H. Poon; Gary M. T. Man; Tony C. F. Ng
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New method for word recognition without segmentation
Author(s): Jairo Rocha; Theo Pavlidis
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Segmentation-free approach to optical character recognition
Author(s): Chien-Huei Chen; Jeff L. DeCurtins
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Recognition of handprinted characters in Italian cadastral maps
Author(s): Monica Del Buono; L. Boatto; Vincenzo Consorti; Vincenzo Eramo; Alessandra Esposito; F. Melcarne; M. Tucci
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Very fast recognition of GIRO check forms
Author(s): Thien Minh Ha; Horst Bunke
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Auto music score recognizing system
Author(s): Tatsu Kobayakawa
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Handwritten character recognition using background analysis
Author(s): Guido Tascini; Paolo Puliti; Primo Zingaretti
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Document image decoding using Markov source models
Author(s): Gary E. Kopec; Philip A. Chou
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Development of a highly accurate OCR system by neural network approach
Author(s): Joe C. H. Poon; Gary M. T. Man; Yan Chi Hung
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Identification and correction of rejection and substitution errors in optical character recognition systems
Author(s): Glenn S. Himes; Marty M. Scholl; Frank A. DeCosta
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Disambiguation of characters by a second-stage classifier
Author(s): Jiangying Zhou; Theo Pavlidis
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Novel structure-recognition-based OCR system and its parallel VLSI architecture
Author(s): Tie-Jun Shan
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Cursive script segmentation and recognition by dynamic programming
Author(s): Gary M. T. Man; Joe C. H. Poon
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Design of a character driven text reading system
Author(s): N. Pereira; Nikolaos G. Bourbakis
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Machine-assisted human classification of segmented characters for OCR testing and training
Author(s): R. Allen Wilkinson; Michael D. Garris; Jon C. Geist
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Synchronous tracking of outputs from multiple OCR systems
Author(s): Vicente P. Concepcion; Donald P. D'Amato
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Representing lexicons by modified trie for fast partial-string matching
Author(s): Stephen W. Lam; Xin Shen; Sheila X. Zhao; Sargur N. Srihari
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Multicriteria character classification using Pareto optimality
Author(s): Radovan V. Krtolica
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Postprocessing for character recognition using pattern features and linguistic information
Author(s): Takatoshi Yoshikawa; Masayosi Okamoto; Hiroshi Horii
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Effectiveness of feature and classifier algorithms in character recognition systems
Author(s): Charles L. Wilson
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OCR error rate versus rejection rate for isolated handprint characters
Author(s): Jon C. Geist; R. Allen Wilkinson
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Feature-preserving thinning algorithm for optical character recognition
Author(s): Ting-Shan Cheng; Cheng-Chin Chiang; Shing-Ming Roan; Hsin-Chia Fu
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Structure analysis method of graph image for document image retrieval
Author(s): Masashi Koga; Tatsuya Murakami; Yoshihiro Shima; Hiromichi Fujisawa
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Cross-validation comparison of NIST OCR databases
Author(s): Patrick J. Grother
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