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Medical Lasers and Systems II
Editor(s): David M. Harris; Carl Murray Penney; Abraham Katzir

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Volume Number: 1892
Date Published: 7 July 1993

Table of Contents
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High-power diode lasers and their surgical applications
Author(s): Anthony L. Raven; Ilkka Mannonen; Douglas P. Fernie
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High-power laser diode technology for present and future medical applications
Author(s): Barbara A. Soltz; Jeff T. Ganley; Clint S. Miller
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LED-array light source for medical therapy
Author(s): Kenneth J. Schlager; Ronald W. Ignatius
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Diode-pumped UV refractive surgery laser
Author(s): Jui Teng Lin; Ming-Yi Hwang; C. H. Huang
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Alexandrite lasers for medical applications
Author(s): John C. Walling; Donald F. Heller; Georgia J. Fisanick
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Current advances in the development of forsterite lasers
Author(s): Vladimir Petricevic; Antonio S. Seas; Robert R. Alfano
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Combined 1.06- and 1.32-um Nd:YAG laser in the treatment of rectosigmoideal tumors
Author(s): Ladislav Horak; J. Fanta; Jan Marek
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Acousto-optical Q-switched cw Nd:YAG laser: new approach to endoscopic palliative treatment of gastrointestinal tract tumors
Author(s): Ladislav Horak; Jan Marek; V. Mandys
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Instrumentation for feedback-controlled retinal photocoagualation
Author(s): Steven F. Barrett; Maya Ratna Jerath; Henry Grady Rylander III; Ashley J. Welch
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Sidefiring laser-fiber technology for minimally invasive transurethral treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Author(s): Millard M. Judy; James Lester Matthews; W. W. Gardetto; R. V. Everett; H. A. Lahon
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Precision needle-tip localization during magnetic resonance imaging interstitial therapy
Author(s): Lu J. Huang; Shantanu Sinha; Usha Sinha; Sean J. Ennevor; Romaine E. Saxton; Robert B. Lufkin; Dan J. Castro
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Hybrid laser/MRI system for computerized image-monitored interstitial therapy
Author(s): Keyvan Farahani; Robert B. Lufkin; Andre Kosinski; Dan J. Castro
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Near-real-time transcutaneous vascular clipping guided by magnetic resonance angiography: a minimally invasive technique for vascular control
Author(s): Sean J. Ennevor; Dan J. Castro; Gino Girardi; Robert B. Lufkin; Keyvan Farahani; Richard C. Cho; Jacques Soudant
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MRI-guided holmium:YAG interstitial laser phototherapy and cavitron ultrasonic aspiration in an ex-vivo model: a comparison and dosimetry study of laser/ultrasonic tissue interactions
Author(s): Richard C. Cho; Dan J. Castro; Keyvan Farahani; Sean J. Ennevor; Teresa Pushek; Romaine E. Saxton
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Instrumentation for in-vivo tissue spectroscopy and imaging
Author(s): Brian C. Wilson; Michael S. Patterson; Brian W. Pogue
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Fluorescence-based tissue biopsy needle: in vivo optical diagnosis in rat model with low cost, arc-lamp-based system
Author(s): Karlheinz Strobl; Sandor G. Vari M.D.; Theodore G. Papazoglou; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.; Doug M. Brenner
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Optical imaging in the frequency domain
Author(s): William W. Mantulin; Todd E. French; Enrico Gratton
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New interventional room of the 1990s: how to upgrade a standard MR suite for minimally invasive surgery
Author(s): Dan J. Castro; Robert B. Lufkin; Romaine E. Saxton; Mokhtar Ziarati; Antony Nyerges; Keyvan Farahani; Shantanu Sinha; Carolyn Kimme-Smith; Vicky L. Schiller; Robert Keen; Yoshimi Anzai; Teresa Pushek
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Can broken fiber optics produce hazardous laser beams?
Author(s): Jack A. Labo; Mark E. Rogers
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Laser plume hazards in the healthcare environment
Author(s): Marcus D. Benedetto; John M. Kokosa
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Excimer lasers: a review of their special safety concerns
Author(s): Kenneth L. Barat
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Laser safety: regulations, standards, and recommendations
Author(s): Penny J. Smalley R.N.
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TV-controlled laser electro-optic system for iridopuncture
Author(s): Vasyl V. Molebny; Yuri Gubkin; Roman Petrenko; Viacheslav N. Zalessky M.D.; Yuri Gorgo; Valentine I. Kozlov
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New high-power waveguide neodymium laser for medical applications
Author(s): Merab I. Djibladze; George N. Kekelidze
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New technology in surgery: combination of laser and ultrasound
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zharov
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Outlook for medical lasers: a market update
Author(s): Irving J. Arons
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