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Optically Activated Switching III
Editor(s): R. Aaron Falk
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Volume Number: 1873
Date Published: 9 June 1993
Softcover: 30 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780819411006

Table of Contents
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Ion-implanted GaAs
Author(s): Nicolas C. Anderson
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Characterization of current filamentation in GaAs photoconductive switches
Author(s): Jeff C. Adams; R. Aaron Falk; C. David Capps; Gail L. Bohnhoff-Hlavacek
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Development of current filaments in photoconductive GaAs switches
Author(s): Karl H. Schoenbach; J. S. Kenney; Frank E. Peterkin; R. J. Allen
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Long-lifetime silicon photoconductive semiconductor switches
Author(s): Guillermo M. Loubriel; Fred J. Zutavern; Gary J. Denison; Wesley D. Helgeson; Dan L. McLaughlin; Marty W. O'Malley; C. H. Sifford; L. C. Beavis; Carl H. Seager; Arye Rosen; Richard G. Madonna
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Lifetime of BASS devices on 50-ohm video pulser circuits
Author(s): Michael H. Herman; S. M. Ahern; Larry O. Ragle; Charles S. Leung; Heikki I. Helava; Dave M. Rossi; D. Mansfield; Kenneth M. Positeri
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GaAs PCSS: high-gain switching and device reliability
Author(s): Fred J. Zutavern; Guillermo M. Loubriel; Dan L. McLaughlin; Marty W. O'Malley; Wesley D. Helgeson; Gary J. Denison
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Novel curve-fitting technique for characterization of high-resistivity semiconductor materials
Author(s): Sridhar Panigrahi; Vishnu K. Lakdawala; Lucy M. Thomas-Harrington; Ralf Peter Brinkmann
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Breakdown of high-voltage silicon devices
Author(s): Frank E. Peterkin; B. J. Hankla; R. A. Peterson; A. Rhagavendran; Paul Frazer Williams
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New results on surface flashover in silicon-dielectric systems
Author(s): Gheorghe Gradinaru; V. P. Madangarli; Tangali S. Sudarshan
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High-Tc superconductor opening switches for picosecond pulsed power system
Author(s): Wei-lou Cao; Yuan-Qun Liu; Chi Hsiang Lee; S.-N. Mao; Xiaoxing Xi; T. Venkatesan
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Fast optically triggered superconducting opening switches
Author(s): Deepnarayan Gupta; William R. Donaldson; Alan M. Kadin
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Influence of fabrication techniques on gallium arsenide switch photoconductivity
Author(s): Lucy M. Thomas-Harrington; Vishnu K. Lakdawala
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Nonalloyed contacts to p-type GaAs
Author(s): Peter A. Barnes; Joongseo Park; John B. Crofton
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Tailoring of transport dynamics by recombination center engineering of copper-compensated GaAs
Author(s): Michael S. Mazzola; David C. Stoudt; Randy A. Roush
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Time-dependent model of optically activated GaAs switch
Author(s): C. David Capps; R. Aaron Falk; Jeff C. Adams
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Streamer propagation model for high-gain photoconductive switching
Author(s): Daniel W. Bailey; Roger A. Dougal; Jerry L. Hudgins
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Sudden breakdown of bulk semiconductor switches
Author(s): Ralf Peter Brinkmann; Karl H. Schoenbach; David C. Stoudt; Randy A. Roush
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Transmission-line modeling of photoconductive switches
Author(s): William R. Donaldson; Liyue Mu
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Simple model of electromagnetic-wave-induced avalanching in semiconductors
Author(s): Maurice Weiner; Lawrence E. Kingsley; A. H. Kim; Robert J. Youmans
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General engineering model for linear and nonlinear photoconductive switches
Author(s): Mark K. Browder; William C. Nunnally
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Monte Carlo modeling of solid state photoswitches
Author(s): Peter W. Rambo; Jacques Denavit
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Progress in UWB generation with linear silicon switches
Author(s): Kendall W. Cardwell; David M. Giorgi; Iain Alexander McIntyre; Paul J. Solone; K. Stuurman; Oved S. F. Zucker
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Photoconductive switch control of optical devices
Author(s): Oved S. F. Zucker; Iain Alexander McIntyre; Paul J. Solone; Kendall W. Cardwell; David E. Hargis
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Nonlinear optical pulse compression for high-power GaAs photoconductive switching
Author(s): Thibaut T. de Saxce; Pascal Picart
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Recent progress in photoconductive opening switch research at the University of Maryland
Author(s): Eric E. Funk; Pak Shing Cho; Ping-Tong Ho; Julius Goldhar; Chi Hsiang Lee
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Investigation of the temperature and electric field dependence of a GaAs microwave photoconductive switch
Author(s): Stephen E. Saddow; Bruno J. Thedrez; Sheng-Lung L. Huang; Timothy J. Mermagen; Chi Hsiang Lee
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Electron-beam-activated diamond switch experiments
Author(s): Shiow-Hwa Lin; Lawrence H. Sverdrup; Kristine M. Garner; Eric J. Korevaar; Charles M. Cason; Chester C. Phillips
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Photoconductive measurements on P-type 6H-SiC
Author(s): Stephen E. Saddow; Pak Shing Cho; Julius Goldhar; John Palmour; Chi Hsiang Lee
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Thermal ionization model for the sustaining phase of lock-on in GaAs
Author(s): Harold P. Hjalmarson; Fred J. Zutavern; Guillermo M. Loubriel; Malcolm T. Buttram; Albert G. Baca; Louis A. Romero
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Development of optically triggered semiconductor switches for the generation of high-power pulses
Author(s): Ulf Katschinski; Andreas Schuette; Juergen G. H. Salge
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