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Intracavity and Extracavity Control of Laser Beam Properties
Editor(s): Roger Lee Facklam; Karl H. Guenther; Stephan P. Velsko

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Volume Number: 1869
Date Published: 7 August 1993

Table of Contents
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Lasers with internal frequency-shifted feedback
Author(s): Frank V. Kowalski; Stefan Balle; Ian C. M. Littler; Klaas Bergmann
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Patterns and weak optical turbulence in wide-aperture lasers
Author(s): Jerome V. Moloney; P. K. Jakobsen; J. Lega; Alan C. Newell
Energy-efficient optical system for excimer laser ablation apparatus
Author(s): Nobuyuki Zumoto; Masao Izumo; Toshinori Yagi; Yasuhito Myoi; Masaaki Tanaka
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Theoretical model of new beam quality paradigm for high-power laser optics
Author(s): James R. Palmer
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New mathematical model for Gaussian beams
Author(s): Barbara Tehan Landesman
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IMAGE: a computer program for the modeling of obscured-aperture laser beams with wavefront aberrations and clipped Gaussian irradiance profiles
Author(s): William H. Swantner
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Engineering of glass for optimized optical and physical properties
Author(s): Alexander J. Marker; Joseph S. Hayden; Jack H. Campbell
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High-efficiency high-reliability optical components for a large, high-average-power visible laser system
Author(s): John R. Taylor; Christopher J. Stolz
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Actively cooled ZnSe output coupler for high-power CO2 lasers
Author(s): Peter F. Muys; Mathieu Massart; Piet Union
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Temporal pulse-width control of a regenerative amplifier with intracavity etalons
Author(s): Mark D. Skeldon; Snow T. Bui
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Closely spaced mirror pair for reshaping and homogenizing pump beams in laser amplifiers
Author(s): Isaac L. Bass
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Performance and manufacturability of three types of doublet lenses for laser focusing over wide spectral regions
Author(s): William H. Swantner
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Super-Gaussian mirrors based on thermo-optical effect
Author(s): Antonello Cutolo; Giancarlo Calafiore; Luigi Zeni
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Birefringent crystal-optical elements and laser measuring systems on their basis
Author(s): Vyatcheslav A. Boutchenkov; Yu. E. Kamatch; Yu. V. Osipov
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Phase grating used in coherent laser beam summation
Author(s): ZhenSen Wu; Langyun Gao; Ping Zhang
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Analysis of high-average-power three-wave mixing with thermal aberration and power dephasing
Author(s): Gary C. Catella; David S. Burlage
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Multimode 2.1-um optical parametric oscillator based on walk-off compensated LiNbO3
Author(s): William J. Scharpf; Bruce P. Boczar
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Continuously tunable diode-pumped UV-blue laser source
Author(s): Alex H. Kaz; Orhan Aytur; Larry R. Marshall
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Mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator development at STI Optronics, Inc.
Author(s): Charles I. Miyake; Frank D. Braun; David Lloyd Cunningham
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Thermal conductivity measurements in nonlinear optical materials
Author(s): J. Donald Beasley
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Design and performance of efficient narrowband and mode-locked optical parametric oscillators of BBO and KTP
Author(s): Rene Beigang; Carsten Fallnich; R. Feldbausch; Andreas Fix; C. Graesser; Achim Nebel; R. Urschel; T. Schroeder; Dapeng Wang; Richard E. Wallenstein
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Applying room-temperature diode lasers to difference-frequency generation
Author(s): Roger S. Putnam
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Parametric photometer: a device for standardless nondestructing measurement of radiation spectral brightness
Author(s): David N. Klyshko; Galia Kh. Kitaeva; Alexander N. Penin
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High-accuracy laser power meter
Author(s): James W. Hoffman; Richard A. Heppner
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