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Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies V
Editor(s): G. Stephen Mecherle
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Volume Number: 1866
Date Published: 6 August 1993
Softcover: 30 papers (352) pages
ISBN: 9780819410931

Table of Contents
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Future trends in crosslink communications
Author(s): Wayne R. Fenner
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Status of the European developments for laser intersatellite communications
Author(s): Alexandru F. Popescu; Bernhard Furch
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Ground system development for the ETS-VI/LCE laser communications experiment
Author(s): Motokazu Shikatani; Masahiro Toyoda; Hideki Takami; Kenichi Araki; Mistuo Isogai; Yoshiaki Suzuki; Tadashi Aruga
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Overview of Lincoln Laboratory development of lasercom technologies for space
Author(s): Don M. Boroson
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Recent progress in deep-space optical communications
Author(s): James R. Lesh
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Overview of laser communication technology at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Author(s): William L. Hayden; Michael Anthony Krainak; Donald M. Cornwell; Anthony W. Yu; Xiaoli Sun
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LITE engineering model-II: the flight-qualified subsystems
Author(s): Allen D. Pillsbury
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LITE engineering model-I: operation and performance of the communications and beam-control subsystems
Author(s): Don M. Boroson
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Far-field pattern measurement of on-board laser communication equipment by free-space laser transmission simulator
Author(s): Keizo Inagaki; Mitsuo Nohara; Yoshinori Arimoto; Masayuki Fujise; Yoji Furuhama; Seiji Kanda; Kenichi Araki
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Laser communications for covert links
Author(s): Jerold L. Jaeger; Robert T. Carlson
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Gbps-class optical communications systems for free-space applications
Author(s): Jeffrey C. Livas; Stephen B. Alexander; Emily S. Kintzer; Eric A. Swanson; Thomas J. Paul
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Next-generation 3-Gbps coherent optical space communication terminal under 100 lbs, 100W
Author(s): G. Stephen Mecherle; David P. Smith
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Free-space optical code-division multiple-access system design
Author(s): Lori L. Jeromin; John E. Kaufmann; Edward A. Bucher
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Link budget model and applications for laser communications through the atmosphere
Author(s): Estela Fernandez; Pedro Menendez-Valdes; Manfred E. Wittig; Adolfo Comeron
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Size, weight, and power trends in laser crosslinks
Author(s): Daniel E. Driemeyer; Amos J. Chenoweth; Douglas W. Dreisewerd; Steve Lambert; Tim Morris; William Casey
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Maturity of direct-detection laser crosslink technology
Author(s): Amos J. Chenoweth; Duane E. Crofts; Douglas W. Dreisewerd; Samuel I. Green; Steve Lambert; Tim Morris; Shawn Simmons; William Casey
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Combinatorial pulse position modulation for power-efficient free-space laser communications
Author(s): James M. Budinger; Mark J. Vanderaar; Paul K. Wagner; Steven B. Bibyk
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Analog-modulated satellite laser crosslinks at 300 and 650 Mbps
Author(s): Robert T. Carlson
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Comparison and evaluation of data communication methods over a free-space optical laser link for teleoperation
Author(s): Khalid Girach; K. Bouazza-Marouf; David Kerr; Jim Hewit
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Simplified gimbal design for LEO satellites tracking to a GEO satellite
Author(s): Yoshinori Arimoto; Keizo Inagaki; Masayuki Fujise; Yoji Furuhama; Masao Inoue; Toshio Kashiwase
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Novel, nearly 4 π-steradian gimbal-less optical transmitter
Author(s): William C. Brown
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Coherent detection spatial tracking system with automatic alignment in free-space laser communications
Author(s): Jackie S. C. Fung
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Wideband precision two-axis beam steerer tracking servo design and test results
Author(s): William L. Hayden; T. McCullough; A. Reth; David M. Kaufman
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Experimental evaluation of radiation susceptibility of high-speed CCD detectors for free-space optical communications application
Author(s): Theodore L. Miller; Dennis A. Thompson; Donald J. Nicholson
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Evolution and future of the multiple-diode laser
Author(s): John E. Jackson; Amos J. Chenoweth; Douglas W. Dreisewerd; Steve Lambert; William Casey
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ALGS: design and testing of an earth-to-satellite optical transceiver
Author(s): Donald J. Davis; Robert B. Deadrick; Jim R. Stahlman
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Status of SDIO/IS&T lasercom testbed program
Author(s): Eric J. Korevaar; Scott H. Bloom; Kevin D. Slatnick; Victor J. Chan; Irene H. Chen; Michael D. Rivers; Carrey Foster; Kyunam Choi; C. S. Liu
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Experimental results with a prototype three-channel multiaccess transceiver lasercom terminal
Author(s): Ernest S. Clarke; R. Prenger; Monte Ross
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GOPEX: a laser uplink to the Galileo spacecraft on its way to Jupiter
Author(s): Keith E. Wilson; James R. Lesh; Tsun-Yee Yan
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