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Short-Pulse High-Intensity Lasers and Applications II
Editor(s): Hector A. Baldis
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Volume Number: 1860
Date Published: 8 July 1993
Softcover: 26 papers (242) pages
ISBN: 9780819410870

Table of Contents
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Advances in solid-state modelocked lasers: generation and amplification of sub-20-femtosecond pulses
Author(s): Jianping Zhou; Dennis W. Garvey; Chung-Po Huang; Melanie T. Asaki; Howard Nathel; Henry C. Kapteyn; Margaret M. Murnane
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Chirped-pulse amplification experiments on the VULCAN Nd:glass laser facility
Author(s): Colin N. Danson; L. J. Barzanti; Chungu Zenghu; A. R. Damerell; Mike D. Dooley; Christopher B. Edwards; S. Hancock; Michael H. Key; R. Mahadeo; M. R. G. Miller; Peter A. Norreys; C. E. Ollman; David A. Pepler; D. A. Rodkiss; Ian N. Ross; M. A. Smith; P. F. Taday; W. T. Toner; K. Wigmore; T. B. Winstone; R. W. W. Wyatt; Shen Luan; F. N. Beg; Angus S. Bell; A. E. Dangor; Marcus Henry R. Hutchinson; P. Lee; Ian P. Mercer; Roland A. Smith; F. Zhou; A. P. Fews
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Development of high-brightness KrF lasers using both Raman and ultrashort-pulse CPA techniques
Author(s): Ian N. Ross; Gabriel Bialolanker; J. M. Evans; K. E. Hill; Graeme J. Hirst; Chris J. Hooker; J. R. Houliston; Michael H. Key; J. M. D. Lister; G. H. C. New; Wilson Sibbett; M. J. Shaw; Sandor Szatmari; D. C. Wilson
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Experimental demonstration of laser acceleration of electrons via relativistic plasma waves
Author(s): Chris E. Clayton; Kenneth A. Marsh; A. Dyson; Matthew J. Everett; Amit K. Lal; Wim P. Leemans; Ronald L. Williams; Chand J. Joshi
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Observations of MeV electrons and scattered light from intense subpicosecond laser-plasma interactions
Author(s): Christopher B. Darrow; Stephen M. Lane; Daniel E. Klem; Michael D. Perry
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Defocusing effects of a terawatt laser in an underdense plasma
Author(s): Louis Andre Lompre; P. Monot; T. Auguste; Gerard L. Mainfray; Claude Manus
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Brillouin scattering from fluctuations produced by stimulated Raman scattering
Author(s): T. Kolber; Wojciech Rozmus; V. T. Tikhonchuk; Hector A. Baldis; Kent G. Estabrook
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Kinetic simulations of ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions and a novel method of generating odd harmonics
Author(s): Scott C. Wilks; William L. Kruer; Warren B. Mori
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Intense ultrashort-pulse laser-solid interactions for soft x-ray generation
Author(s): Donald P. Umstadter; Xinbing Liu; Jonathan Workman
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Thomson scattering measurements in optically ionized gases produced by high-intensity KrF laser radiation
Author(s): Allen A. Offenberger; W. J. Blyth; Michael H. Key; J. Wark; Z. Najmudin; A. E. Dangor
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Absorption and x-ray measurements from ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions
Author(s): Daniel E. Klem; Christopher B. Darrow; Stephen M. Lane; Michael D. Perry
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Femtosecond dynamics of short-scale-length laser plasmas
Author(s): Xinbing Liu; Donald P. Umstadter
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Soft x-ray pulse length measurement by pump-probe absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Mark Sher; Umar Mohideen; Harry W.K. Tom; Obert R. Wood; Gary D. Aumiller; Thomas J. McIlrath; Jeffrey Bokor; Richard R. Freeman; Jack Sugar
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Characterization of short-pulse laser-produced plasmas at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ultrashort-pulse laser
Author(s): Ronnie L. Shepherd; Dwight F. Price; William E. White; Albert L. Osterheld; Rosemary S. Walling; William H. Goldstein; Richard E. Stewart; Susana Gordan
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Efficient K alpha emission in high-contrast short-pulse laser-plasma interactions
Author(s): B. Soom; Hong Chen; Barukh Yaakobi; David D. Meyerhofer
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Ultrafast x-ray emission from ultrashort plasmas
Author(s): Jean-Claude Kieffer; Mohamed Chaker; J. P. Matte; Christian Y. Cote; Yves Beaudoin; Z. M. Jiang; Ching-Yuan Chien; S. Coe; Gerard A. Mourou; Olivier Peyrusse; D. Gilles
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Demonstration designs for optical-field-ionized plasma x-ray lasers
Author(s): Peter A. Amendt; David C. Eder; Richard A. London; Bernie M. Penetrante; Mordecai D. Rosen
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Development of short-pulse soft x-ray lasers
Author(s): Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Brian J. MacGowan; Jeffrey A. Koch; Stanley Mrowka; Dennis L. Matthews; David C. Eder; Richard A. London
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Innershell photoionized x-ray laser schemes
Author(s): George L. Strobel; David C. Eder; Richard A. London; Mordecai D. Rosen; Roger W. Falcone; S. P. Gordon
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Production of dense vapor targets for laser-plasma interaction studies with intense ultrashort pulses
Author(s): Paul Robert Bolton; David C. Eder; Gary Guethlein; Richard E. Stewart; Peter E. Young
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Analysis of neon soft x-ray spectra from short-pulse laser-produced plasmas
Author(s): Amber C. Abare; Christopher J. Keane; John K. Crane; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Richard W. Lee; Michael D. Perry; Roger W. Falcone
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High-order harmonic generation with short-pulse lasers
Author(s): Kenneth J. Schafer; Jeffrey L. Krause; Kenneth C. Kulander
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Multiply charged ions produced in noble gases with a 1-ps laser pulse at 1053 nm
Author(s): Louis Andre Lompre; T. Auguste; P. Monot; Gerard L. Mainfray; Claude Manus
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Observation of nonsequential ionization of helium and its impact on intensity monitoring
Author(s): David N. Fittinghoff; Paul Robert Bolton; Britton Chang; Kenneth C. Kulander
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High-intensity ultrasoft x-ray source
Author(s): Valery Ju. Znamenskiy; O. B. Anan'in; Yuri A. Bykovsky; I. K. Novikov; A. A. Zhuravlev
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Numerical analysis of time evolution of the populations of the levels implied in the fifth-order harmonic generation
Author(s): Niculae N. Puscas; Paul E. Sterian; Ovidiu N. Rancu
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