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Free-Electron Laser Spectroscopy in Biology, Medicine, and Materials Science
Editor(s): H. Alan Schwettman

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Volume Number: 1854
Date Published: 14 July 1993

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Vanderbilt University Free-Electron Laser Center
Author(s): Charles A. Brau; Marcus H. Mendenhall; R. H. Ossof
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Far-Infrared free-electron laser facility at the University of California/Santa Barbara
Author(s): Jann P. Kaminski
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Facilities and opportunities for FEL research at Duke
Author(s): Vladimir N. Litvinenko; John M. J. Madey; Karl David Straub
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Facilities at the Stanford Picosecond FEL Center
Author(s): Todd I. Smith; H. Alan Schwettman; Kenneth W. Berryman; Richard L. Swent
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Far-Infrared nonlinear response of electrons in semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): Mark S. Sherwin; N. Asmar; William W. Bewley; Keith Craig; C. L. Felix; B. Galdrikian; Elisabeth G. Gwinn; Andrea G. Markelz; Arthur C. Gossard; P. F. Hopkins; Mani Sundaram; Bjorn Birnir
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Far-Infrared harmonic generation from semiconductor heterostructures
Author(s): Andrea G. Markelz; Elisabeth G. Gwinn; Mark S. Sherwin; James N. Heyman; Chen Nguyen; Herbert Kroemer; P. F. Hopkins; Arthur C. Gossard
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Intrinsic response times of double-barrier resonant tunneling diodes at terahertz frequencies
Author(s): Jeff S. Scott; Jann P. Kaminski; S. James Allen; David H. Chow; Mark Lui
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Semiconductor spectroscopy and ablation processes with the Vanderbilt University FEL
Author(s): Norman H. Tolk; Royal G. Albridge; Alan V. Barnes; Jim T. McKinley; H. B. Nielsen; Akira Ueda; J. F. Smith; Jeffrey L. Davidson; M. L. Languell; Carlo Coluzza; E. Tuncel; Giorgio Margaritondo
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Picosecond nonlinear optics in semiconductor quantum wells with SCA free-electron laser
Author(s): Zhiwei Xu; Li Xing Zheng; Jury V. Vandyshev; Gary W. Wicks; Philippe M. Fauchet; Bruce A. Richman; Chris W. Rella
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Excitation spectroscopy of thin-film disordered semiconductors
Author(s): S. Q. Gu; P. Craig Taylor; Jim T. McKinley; Akira Ueda; X. Yang; Norman H. Tolk
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Picosecond infrared vibrational photon echoes and lifetime measurements using the Stanford superconducting-accelerator-pumped free-electron laser
Author(s): Michael D. Fayer; David Zimdars; Andrei Tokmakoff; Scott Chen; Scott R. Greenfield; Todd I. Smith; H. Alan Schwettman
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Biophysics applications of free-electron lasers
Author(s): Robert H. Austin
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FEL investigations of energy transfer in condensed phase systems
Author(s): Don Otto Henderson; Richard Mu; Enrique Silberman; J. Bruce Johnson; Glenn S. Edwards
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Matrix-assisted laser-desorption mass spectrometry of DNA using an infrared free-electron laser
Author(s): Richard F. Haglund; Kai Tang; Franz Hillenkamp; C. H. Winston Chen
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Probing protein photochemistry and dynamics with ultrafast infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Kristen A. Peterson; William H. Woodruff; R. Brian Dyer
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Measurement of fiber optic transmission and ablation of tissue using a near-IR free-electron laser
Author(s): Ronald W. Waynant; Glenn N. Merberg
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Plasma ablation of hard tissue by the free-electron laser
Author(s): Lou Reinisch; Robert H. Ossoff
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FEL microscopy for the investigation of transient local heating in single living cells
Author(s): Bruce J. Tromberg; K. A. Peterson; Tatiana B. Krasieva; Satoshi Shimizu; Chris W. Rella; Andrew Gee Jeung; Curtis F. Chapman; Dana D. Dlott; Michael D. Fayer; H. Alan Schwettman; Michael W. Berns
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Free-electron laser irradiation of the cornea
Author(s): Denis M. O'Day; Richard F. Haglund; Regan Logan; Michael Borne
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FEL experiments to study the effect pulse duration on the biological consequences of laser-induced stress waves
Author(s): Thomas J. Flotte; Apostolos George Doukas
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