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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1841

Nonlinear Optical Processes in Solids
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Volume Number: 1841
Date Published: 11 December 1992
Softcover: 30 papers (338) pages
ISBN: 9780819410672

Table of Contents
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Pulse shape and its spectrum transformation in a homogenous Kerr medium
Author(s): Anna M. Kochetkova; S. A. Shlyonov
Transient diffraction and precursorlike effects in vacuum
Author(s): E. M. Belenov; A. V. Nazarkin
Double phase conjugation of asynchronous optical beams
Author(s): S. A. Korol'kov; A. V. Mamaev; Vladimir V. Shkunov
Self-pumped passive ring mirror in crystals with strong fanning
Author(s): Nickolai Vasiljevit Bogodaev; Ludmila I. Ivleva; A. S. Korshunov; A. V. Mamaev; N. N. Polozkov; Aleksei A. Zozulya
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Light propagation in a photorefractive BaTiO3 crystal
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Hyung-Wook Jeon; Sang Sam Choi
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Nonlinear frequency converters as sources and detectors of polarized light with linear polarization degree of 10-9
Author(s): Dmitri Yu. Paraschuk; N. P. Zaitseva; Nikolay I. Zheludev
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Self-oscillations and multistability as a result of polarization interaction of counterpropagating waves in the optical system with a rotating mirror
Author(s): A. A. Golubkov; V. A. Makarov
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Self-induced changes of light polarization in cubic media
Author(s): Nickolai R. Belashenkov; Sergei A. Kozlov
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Thermal nonlinearities and polarization switch in the gyrotropic isoindex crystals
Author(s): Sergei V. Popov; Nikolay I. Zheludev
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Nonlinear propagation of nanosecond and picosecond light pulses in chalcogenide glasses
Author(s): Andrei M. Andriesh; Valentin N. Ciumash; Ion A. Cojocaru; Mario Bertolotti; Eugenio Fazio; Concita Sibilia; A. Ferrari
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Laser-induced coloration of magnesium-doped lithium niobate
Author(s): A. L. Aleksandrovsky; I. I. Naumova
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Time-resolved nonlinear spectroscopy of semiconductor microcrystals (quantum dots)
Author(s): V. S. Dneprovskii; Victor I. Klimov; M. G. Novikov; D. K. Okorokov; Yu. V. Vandyshev
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Higher harmonics of the photorefractive grating under recording through the phase-locked detection mechanism
Author(s): V. S. Liberman; O. P. Nestiorkin; Boris Ya. Zeldovich
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Stability of excited frequencies in a doubly resonant parametric oscillator
Author(s): Sergei A. Akhmanov; Anatoliy S. Chirkin; Ilya V. Golovnin
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Spontaneous breaking of symmetry of vibronic transitions saturation and threshold generation of second harmonic in centrosymmetric solids
Author(s): Vladimir I. Emel'yanov
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Dynamics and statistics of holographic-type parametric light scattering
Author(s): Alexander N. Penin; K. Zabrodin
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Stochastic resonance in a passive bistable system
Author(s): D. G. Luchinsky; G. P. Golubev; A. Velikovich; M. I. Dykman; Peter V. E. McClintock; N. D. Stein; N. G. Stocks
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Noise pumping in nonlinear optical processes: Part I--Stimulated Raman scattering
Author(s): Yu. E. D'yakov; Sergei Yu. Nikitin
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Noise pumping in nonlinear optical processes: Part II--Parametric amplification of light; Raman scattering in a selective resonator
Author(s): Yu. E. D'yakov; Sergei Yu. Nikitin
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Influence of multiphoton absorption on stimulated scattering and phase conjugation of excimer XeCl laser radiation
Author(s): Vladimir B. Karpov; Vladlen V. Korobkin; D. A. Dolgolenko
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Self phase conjugation of middle infrared radiation by four-wave mixingand stimulated scattering
Author(s): Viktor I. Bespalov; A. A. Betin; Konstantin V. Ergakov; E. A. Zhukov; O. V. Mitropol'sky; D. V. Osipov; S. G. Turgenev
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Phase conjugation in a high-power E-beam-sustained CO2 laser
Author(s): Vladimir E. Sherstobitov; Alexander A. Ageichik; V. D. Bulaev; Sergei A. Dimakov; M. N. Gerke; Dmitri A. Goryachkin; Victor P. Kalinin; I. Koval'; E. N. Paryshev; Yuri A. Rezunkov; Nikolay A. Romanov; Andrey Yu. Rodionov; Vladimir V. Stepanov; V. V. Zemlyanykh
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Parametric Raman lasers
Author(s): L. L. Losev; A. P. Lutsenko
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Control of the XeCl and KrCl laser emissions parameters and frequency conversion of UV radiation in hydrogen and lead vapor cells using stimulated Raman effect
Author(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Sergey V. Mel'chenko; Alexei N. Panchenko; Gennadiy S. Evtushenko
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