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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1831

Mobile Robots VII
Editor(s): William J. Wolfe; Wendell H. Chun
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Volume Number: 1831
Date Published: 4 May 1993
Softcover: 60 papers (682) pages
ISBN: 9780819410320

Table of Contents
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Navigation system for autonomous mapper robots
Author(s): Marc Halbach; Yvan Baudoin
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Path planning by potential diffusion networks
Author(s): Wei Shen; Jun Shen; Jean-Paul Lallemand
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GORP: a new method for mobile robot path-planning problem
Author(s): S. M. Noorhosseini; Alfred S. Malowany
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Flock autonomy for unmanned vehicles
Author(s): Ilya Schiller; Joanne S. Luciano; James Stark Draper
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Flexible integration of path-planning capabilities
Author(s): Iain C. Stobie; Milind Tambe; Paul S. Rosenbloom
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Real-time obstacle avoidance based on sensory information
Author(s): Massimo Ianigro; Tiziana D'Orazio; Francesco P. Lovergine; Ettore Stella; Arcangelo Distante
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Applications and performance of a new rapid sorting technique
Author(s): Vibeke Libby; William B. Leonard; Donald Roth
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Adaptive position estimation for an automated guided vehicle
Author(s): Brett D. Lapin
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Comprehensive study of three-object triangulation
Author(s): Charles J. Cohen; Frank V. Koss
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Neural networks for mobile robot visual exploration
Author(s): Ivan A. Bachelder; Allen M. Waxman
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Absolute external mobile robot localization using a single image
Author(s): Sara Fleury; Thierry Baron
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Analysis of color and range image using PDS
Author(s): Qian Zhang; Ren Jiang; Ke Liu; Jingyu Yang
Man-machine interface and supervisor for a mobile robot
Author(s): Olivier Causse
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On-line data display
Author(s): Sherman Y. T. Lang; Martin Brooks; Marc Gauthier; Marceli Wein
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Man-portable command, communication, and control systems for the next generation of unmanned field systems
Author(s): Charles J. Jacobus; Brian T. Mitchell; Heidi N. Jacobus; Russell C. Watts; Mark J. Taylor; Alfonso Salazar
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Comparison of two range-based pose estimators for a mobile robot
Author(s): Gary Shaffer; Javier Gonzalez; Anthony Stentz
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Teleoperated mobile robotics instructional laboratory
Author(s): Charles J. Cohen; Lynn Conway; Remzi Arpaci; Alexander Ramos
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Implementation studies of a biologically based controller for a shallow water walking machine
Author(s): Jill D. Crisman; Joseph Ayers
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Knowledge, execution, and what sufficiently describes sensors and actuators
Author(s): John Budenske; Maria Gini
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Sensor abstractions to support many-robot systems
Author(s): Douglas W. Gage
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Autonomous navigation and speech in the mobile robot of MAIA
Author(s): Bruno Caprile; Gianni Lazzari; Luigi Stringa
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SAL: a language for developing an agent-based architecture for mobile robots
Author(s): Willie Y. Lim; Joe Verzulli
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Three-dimensional minimum-cost path planning using cellular automata architectures
Author(s): Panagiotis G. Tzionas; Phillippos G. Tsalides; Adonios Thanailakis
Design issues with the SSV platform
Author(s): Benny M. Gothard; Ronald L. Spomer; J. Medina; Wendell H. Chun
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Vision-directed path planning, navigation, and control for an autonomous mobile robot
Author(s): Andrew K. C. Wong; Song Gao
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Monitoring system with logical reasoning for mobile robot guidance
Author(s): Claudio Laloni; R. Gutsche; Friedrich M. Wahl
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Robot Engine: rapid product development path
Author(s): Buelent Sert
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Mobile robot navigation sensors
Author(s): Faycal Benayad-Cherif; James Maddox; Lon Muller
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Guide-dog robot Harunobu-5: a locomotion strategy sign-pattern-based stereotyped motion
Author(s): Hideo Mori; Satoshi Yasutomi; N. Mogadam Charkari; Kazuhiro Nishikawa; Kencihi Yamaguchi; Shinj Kotani
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Camera space control system for a mobile robot forklift
Author(s): Richard K. Miller; D. G. Stewart; W. H. Brockman; Steven B. Skaar
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Autonomous mobile platform
Author(s): A. Prakashan; S. D. Samuel; J. Shankar; Moondhra Vishal; S. Shivaswaroopa; K. Vijayasimha
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Object recognition by triaural perception on a mobile robot
Author(s): Herbert Peremans; Jan M. Van Campenhout
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Automatic acquisition of objects from multiple sensors on board a moving platform
Author(s): Thomas W. Jewitt
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Range-image segmentation, free-space determination, and position estimate for a mobile vehicle
Author(s): Pierre Boulanger; Francois Blais
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Range-imaging sensor for auto-vehicle guidance applying an optical radar
Author(s): Zukang Lu; Dawei Tu; Peiyong Li; Zhi Hong; Bizhen Wu
LaneTrak: a vision-based automatic vehicle steering system
Author(s): Osman D. Altan; Douglas Craig; Bakhtiar B. Litkouhi; Larry M. Oberdier
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Comparison of color image segmentations for lane following
Author(s): Frederic Sandt; Didier Aubert
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LaneLok: robust line and curve fitting of lane boundaries
Author(s): Surender K. Kenue; Shivendra Bajpayee
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Qualitative homing II: handling incorrectly identified landmarks
Author(s): Brian Pinette
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Integrating obstacle avoidance, global path planning, visual cue detection, and landmark triangulation in a mobile robot
Author(s): David Kortenkamp; Marcus J. Huber; Clare Bates Congdon; Scott B. Huffman; Clint R. Bidlack; Charles J. Cohen; Frank V. Koss; Ulrich Raschke; Terry E. Weymouth
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Qualitative navigation using isolated landmarks
Author(s): Il-Pyung Park; John R. Kender
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Autonomous system for cross-country navigation
Author(s): Anthony Stentz; Barry L. Brumitt; R. Craig Coulter; Alonzo Kelly
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Simulation for outdoor navigation
Author(s): Arun Hampapur; Gopal Sarma Pingali; Ramesh C. Jain
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Dynamic trajectory planning for a cross-country navigator
Author(s): Barry L. Brumitt; R. Craig Coulter; Anthony Stentz
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Terrain map building for fast navigation on rugged outdoor terrain
Author(s): Alonzo Kelly; Anthony Stentz; Martial Hebert
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Mobile robots with articulated tracks and manipulators: intelligent control and graphical interface for teleoperation
Author(s): ChuXin Chen; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Compliant-linkage kinematic design for multi-degree-of-freedom mobile robots
Author(s): Johann Borenstein
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Control of hopping height for a one-legged hopping machine
Author(s): Joseph Prosser; Moshe Kam
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Robot mapping with proximity detectors
Author(s): Raashid Malik; Samuel Prasad
Approximate maps for high-speed control of a mobile robot
Author(s): Richard Froom
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Blank-map orienteering for a mobile robot using certainty grids
Author(s): Timothy T. Good
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Graph-based mapping by mobile robots
Author(s): Kenneth J. Basye
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Using uncertain sensing data to create reliable maps: an algorithm for exploring/mapping unknown graphlike worlds
Author(s): Gregory Dudek; Paul Freedman; Souad Hadjres
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Computer vision for CARMEL
Author(s): Marcus J. Huber; Clint R. Bidlack; David Kortenkamp; Kevin Mangis; Douglas Baker; Annie S. Wu; Terry E. Weymouth
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Introduction to homogeneous networks
Author(s): William J. Wolfe; Jay Rothman; James MacMillan; Edward Chang
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Robot architectures and design paradigms
Author(s): William J. Wolfe; Wendell H. Chun

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