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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1825

Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XI: Algorithms, Techniques, and Active Vision
Editor(s): David P. Casasent
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 1825
Date Published: 1 November 1992
Softcover: 71 papers (806) pages
ISBN: 9780819410269

Table of Contents
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New advances in correlation filters
Author(s): David P. Casasent
Recognition of containers using a multidimensional pattern classifier
Author(s): Michael Magee; Richard Weniger; Dennis J. Wenzel; Reza Pirasteh
Novel approach to object recognition by the fusion method
Author(s): Yong-Qing Cheng; Yong-Ge Wu; Ke Liu; Jingyu Yang
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FFT look-up table for image processing
Author(s): Muzhir Shaban Mohammed; Santiago Lorenzo; Luis L. Nozal; Rui M. Boucho-Oliveira
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'We do dishes, but we don't do windows': function-based modeling and recognition of rigid objects
Author(s): Melanie A. Sutton; Louise Stark; Kevin W. Bowyer
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Interweaving reason, action, and perception
Author(s): Claude L. Fennema
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Looking near one object for another
Author(s): Lambert E. Wixson
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Comparing subset-convergent and variable-depth local search on perspective-sensitive landmark recognition problems
Author(s): J. Ross Beveridge
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Eye for design: why, where, and how to look for causal structure in visual scenes
Author(s): Matthew Brand
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How I handled ambiguity in a system to read music scores
Author(s): Alan Ruttenberg
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Disparity filtering: proximity detection and segmentation
Author(s): David Coombs; Ian Horswill; Peter von Kaenel
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Depth reversal in binocular vision with symmetrical convergence
Author(s): Chang-Ming Sun; Andrew K. Forrest
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Approach for description and recognition of arbitrary curves based on segment code
Author(s): Hongjian Liu; Jiangchuan Du; Wu Xian; Ernest L. Hall
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Corner detector for 3D object recognition
Author(s): Andrew K. C. Wong; Qigang Gao
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Hierarchical edge detector using the first- and second-derivative operators
Author(s): Ralf Schuster; Nirwan Ansari; Ali R. Bani-Hashemi
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Extracting a symbolic object description from gray-level images using a Kalman-filter-based contour tracer combined with a complex edge-operator
Author(s): Markus Becker; Dietmar Ley
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Boundary-based shape normalization technique
Author(s): Jia-Guu Leu
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Cooperative algorithm for 2D facets extraction using contours and regions
Author(s): E. Zagrouba; Charlie J. Krey
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Object recognition using an efficient technique for aligning quadric surfaces
Author(s): Nicolas Alvertos; Ivan D'Cunha
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Improvement of algorithm about corner detection in object feature extraction
Author(s): Guoliang Sun
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Comparison of massively parallel hand-print segmentors
Author(s): R. Allen Wilkinson; Michael D. Garris
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Object segmentation techniques for use in laboratory visual automation systems
Author(s): Peter Eggleston
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Effects of the clique-potentials on maximum a posteriori region segmentation
Author(s): Aly A. Farag; Yuen-Pin Yeap; Edward J. Delp
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Multiresolution segmentation of range images based on Bayesian decision theory
Author(s): Pierre Boulanger; Guy Godin
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Automated system trend monitoring based on time series analysis
Author(s): Scott A. Starks; Jaime L. Mercado
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Incorporating color and spatiotemporal stereovision techniques for road following
Author(s): Eric Sung; Toe Myint
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Color image enhancement based on modified IHS coordinate system
Author(s): Jeong Yeop Kim; Jae-Chang Shim; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Using self-organizing recognition as a mechanism for rejecting segmentation errors
Author(s): R. Allen Wilkinson; Charles L. Wilson
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Algorithm for dynamic object tracking
Author(s): Mihai P. Datcu; Florin Folta; Cristian E. Toma
Determining composition of grain mixtures using texture energy operators
Author(s): Bradley Pryor Kjell
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Motion perception at equiluminance and the consequences for computational vision systems
Author(s): George Lee Zimmerman; Viet Nguyen
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Fuzzy morphological filters
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Divyendu Sinha; Purnendu Sinha
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Optical morphological processors: gray scale with binary structuring elements, detection, and clutter reduction
Author(s): Roland H. Schaefer; David P. Casasent; Anqi Ye
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Automated recognition and precise estimation of orientation of objects for industrial applications
Author(s): Curt L. Orbert; Ewert W. Bengtsson; Bo G. Nordin
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Identification of flaws in metallic surfaces using specular and diffuse bispectral light sources
Author(s): Michael Magee; Steven B. Seida; Ernest A. Franke
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Computation of the medial axis skeleton at multiple complexities
Author(s): Ronald D. Chaney
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Application of morphological transformations in defect detecting of printed circuit board
Author(s): ShiFu Yuan; Xueru Zhang; Lixue Chen; Jing Hong
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Mechanical parts inspection for robot grinding flexible manufacturing cells
Author(s): Karl Ratcliff; Charles R. Allen
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Neural network approach for inventory control
Author(s): Zoheir Ezziane; Abdel Kader Mazouz; Chingping Han
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Basic characteristics and realization of production system control
Author(s): Shaopeng Cheng; Richard Shell; Ernest L. Hall
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Communications protocols for a distributed processor to support flexible manufacturing
Author(s): David W. Elizandro; Scott A. Starks
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Laboratory setup for sensory-based robot programming
Author(s): Evgeni Kukareko; Juha Roening
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Collision avoidance tests using the Charlie_1 Trike vehicle
Author(s): Charles R. Allen; R. West
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Obstacle detection and terrain characterization using optical flow without 3-D reconstruction
Author(s): Gin-Shu Young; Tsai Hong Hong; Martin Herman; Jackson C. S. Yang
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Intelligent robot control using omnidirectional vision
Author(s): Manoj P. Ghayalod; Ernest L. Hall
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Gaze control for an active camera system by modeling human pursuit eye movements
Author(s): Sebastian Toelg
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Controlling multiple groups of robots
Author(s): MawKae Hor
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Industrial robot
Author(s): A. Prakashan; H. S. Mukunda; S. D. Samuel; J. C. Colaco
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Real-time adaptive vision servoing of a robotic manipulator
Author(s): N. Houshangi
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Selecting viewpoints for visual manufacturing systems
Author(s): John E. McInroy
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Kinematic calibration of a binocular head using stereo vision with the complete and parametrically continuous model
Author(s): Sheng-Wen Shih; Jia-Sheng Jin; Kuo-Hua Wei; Yi-Ping Hung
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Three-dimensional camera-space manipulation using servoable cameras
Author(s): Umesh A. Korde; Emilio Gonzalez-Galvan; Steven B. Skaar
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Fixation by active accommodation
Author(s): Kourosh Pahlavan; Tomas Uhlin; Jan-Olof Eklundh
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Fixation-based filtering
Author(s): Thomas J. Olson; Robert J. Lockwood
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Using viewpoint consistency in active stereo vision
Author(s): James J. Clark; Michael J. Weisman; Alan L. Yuille
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Visual looming
Author(s): Daniel Raviv
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'Bee-bot': using peripheral optical flow to avoid obstacles
Author(s): David Coombs; Karen Roberts
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Behavior-based control for an eye-head system
Author(s): Michael J. Daily; David W. Payton
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Autonomous obstacle avoidance using visual fixation and looming
Author(s): Kunal Joarder; Daniel Raviv
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Active stereo vision routines using PRISM-3
Author(s): Hendrick James Antonisse
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University of Illinois active vision system
Author(s): A. Lynn Abbott; Narendra Ahuja
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Electronic front-end processor for active vision
Author(s): Peter J. Burt; P. Anandan; Keith Hanna
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Calibration of the spherical pointing motor
Author(s): Benjamin B. Bederson; Richard S. Wallace; Eric L. Schwartz
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