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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1808

Visualization in Biomedical Computing '92
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Volume Number: 1808
Date Published: 22 September 1992
Softcover: 63 papers (720) pages
ISBN: 9780819410085

Table of Contents
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Structure-sensitive scale and the hierarchical segmentation of gray-level images
Author(s): Lewis D. Griffin; Alan C.F. Colchester; Glynn P. Robinson; David John Hawkes
Boundary detection via dynamic programming
Author(s): Jayaram K. Udupa; Supun Samarasekera; William A. Barrett
Probabilistic segmentation using edge detection and region growing
Author(s): Russell R. Stringham; William A. Barrett; David C. Taylor
Spatiotemporal detection of arterial structure using active contours
Author(s): M. Eric Hyche; Norberto F. Ezquerra; Rakesh Mullick
Probabilistic multiscale image segmentation: set-up and first results (Proceedings Only)
Author(s): Koen L. Vincken; Andre S.E. Koster; Max A. Viergever
Surface parametrization and shape description
Author(s): Christian Brechbuehler; Guido Gerig; Olaf Kuebler
Deformable Fourier models for surface finding in 3-D images
Author(s): Lawrence H. Staib; James S. Duncan
Medial description of gray-scale image structure by gradient-limited diffusion
Author(s): Daniel S. Fritsch
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From partial derivatives of 3-D density images to ridge lines
Author(s): Olivier Monga; Serge Benayoun; Olivier D. Faugeras
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Mapping the human cerebral cortex using 3-D medial manifolds
Author(s): Gabor Szekely; Christian Brechbuehler; Olaf Kuebler; Robert Ogniewicz; Thomas F. Budinger
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Image fusion using geometrical features
Author(s): Petra A. van den Elsen; J. B. Antoine Maintz; Evert-Jan D. Pol; Max A. Viergever
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Quantitative integration of multimodality medical images
Author(s): Kiyoyuki Chinzei; Takeyoshi Dohi; Takashi Horiuchi; Yuji Ohta; Makoto Suzuki; Yasushi Yamauchi; Daijo Hashimoto; Masakazu Tsuzuki
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New approach to 3-D registration of multimodality medical images by surface matching
Author(s): Hongjian Jiang; Richard A. Robb; Kerrie S. Holton Tainter
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Toward frameless stereotaxy: anatomical-vascular correlation and registration
Author(s): Christopher J. Henri; A. Cukiert; D. Louis Collins; A. Olivier; Terence M. Peters
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3-dimensional registration and visualization of reconstructed coronary arterial trees on myocardial perfusion distributions
Author(s): John W. Peifer; Ernest V. Garcia; C. David Cooke; J. Larry Klein; Russell D. Folks; Norberto F. Ezquerra
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Automatic superimposition of CT and SPET immunoscintigraphic images in the pelvis (Proceedings Only)
Author(s): Catherine Perault; Andres Loboguerrero; Jean-Claude Liehn; Frederic Batteux
Edge information at landmarks in medical images
Author(s): Fred L. Bookstein; William D. K. Green
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Smoothing and matching of 3-D space curves
Author(s): Andre P. Gueziec; Nicholas Ayache
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Local filtering and global optimization methods for 3-D magnetic-resonance angiography image enhancement
Author(s): Dirk Vandermeulen; D. Delaere; Paul Suetens; Hilde Bosmans; Guy Marchal
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Combining shape-based and gray-level interpolations
Author(s): Roberto A. Lutufo; Gabor T. Herman; Jayaram K. Udupa
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Incremental volume reconstruction and rendering for 3-D ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Ryutarou Ohbuchi; David Chen; Henry Fuchs
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Acceleration of ray-casting using 3-D distance transforms
Author(s): Karel J. Zuiderveld; Anton H. J. Koning; Max A. Viergever
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Evaluation and optimization of contrast enhancement methods for medical images
Author(s): Derek T. Puff; Robert Cromartie; Etta D. Pisano; Keith E. Muller; Richard Eugene Johnston; Stephen M. Pizer
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New paradigm for optimal multiparameter image visualization
Author(s): Robert W. Boesel; Yoram Bresler
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Interactive 3-D segmentation
Author(s): Thomas Schiemann; M. Bomans; Ulf Tiede; Karl Heinz Hoehne
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G2: the design and realization of an accelerator for volume visualization
Author(s): Louis T. S. Leung; Warren Synnott
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Data representation and visualization in 4-D microscopy
Author(s): Andres Kriete; Steffen Rohrbach; Tim Schwebel; Hans-Joachim Wagner; Uwe Behrens
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Interactive wavelet-based image compression with arbitrary region preservation
Author(s): Armando Manduca
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Estimating ankle rotational constraints from anatomic structure
Author(s): H. Harlyn Baker; Janice S. Bruckner; John H. Langdon
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Visualization tools for computational electrocardiology (Proceedings Only)
Author(s): Robert S. MacLeod; Christopher R. Johnson; Mike A. Matheson
3-dimensional visualization of pose determination: application to SPECT imaging (Proceedings Only)
Author(s): Rakesh Mullick; Norberto F. Ezquerra; Ernest V. Garcia; C. David Cooke; Russell D. Folks
Method for interactive manipulation and animation of volumetric data (Proceedings Only)
Author(s): Yves D. Jean; Larry F. Hodges; Roderic Pettigrew
Electronic imaging of the human body
Author(s): Michael W. Vannier; Randall E. Yates; Jennifer J. Whitestone
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Multimodality radiological image processing system
Author(s): Ronald L. Levin; Mary A. Douglas; Joseph A. Frank; R. Gladish
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Imaging applications platform: concept to implementation
Author(s): Patrick B. Heffernan; Doron Dekel
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Framework for the generation of 3-D anatomical atlases
Author(s): Karl Heinz Hoehne; Andreas Pommert; Martin Riemer; Thomas Schiemann; Rainer Schubert; Ulf Tiede; Werner Lierse
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Computer vision and graphics in fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Lawrence M. Lifshitz; Kevin Fogarty; John M. Gauch; Edwin Moore
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Interactive 3-D graphics workstations in stereotaxy: clinical requirements, algorithms, and solutions
Author(s): Hans-Heino Ehricke; Gerhard Daiber; Ralf Sonntag; Wolfgang Strasser; Mathias Lochner; Lothar Schad Rudi; Walter Josef Lorenz
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Interactive visualization and manipulation of 3-D reconstructions for the planning of surgical procedures
Author(s): Ron Kikinis; Harvey E. Cline; David Altobelli; Michael W. Halle; William E. Lorensen; Ferenc A. Jolesz
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Visualization of multimodal images for the planning of skull base surgery
Author(s): Derek L.G. Hill; S. E.M. Green; J. E. Crossman; David John Hawkes; Glynn P. Robinson; C. F. Ruff; T. C.S. Cox; A. J. Strong; Michael J. Gleeson
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Physical model of facial tissue and muscle articulation derived from computer tomography data
Author(s): Keith Waters
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Volume rendering: application in static field conformal radiosurgery
Author(s): J. Daniel Bourland; Jon J. Camp; Richard A. Robb
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Model-based 3-D segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions in dual-echo MRI data
Author(s): Micheline Kamber; D. Louis Collins; Rajjan Shinghal; G. S. Francis; Alan C. Evans
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Informing interested parties of changes in the optical performance of the cornea caused by keratorefractive surgery: a ray-tracing model that tailors presentation of results to fit the level of soph
Author(s): Leo J. Maguire; Jon J. Camp; Richard A. Robb
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Wavelet processing techniques for digital mammography
Author(s): Andrew F. Laine; Shuwu Song
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Three-dimensional structure of neurons from peripheral autonomic ganglia using confocal microscope images
Author(s): Steven M. Miller; Philip Schmalz; Leonid Ermilov; James Tarara; Ruchun Ma; James Brewer; Joseph H. Szurszewski
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Data processing for 3-D ultrasound visualization of tumor anatomy and blood flow
Author(s): Jeffery C. Bamber; R. J. Eckersley; P. Hubregtse; N. L. Bush; D. S. Bell; Diane C. Crawford
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Joint kinematics via three-dimensional MR imaging
Author(s): Jayaram K. Udupa; Bruce Elliot Hirsch; Supun Samarasekera; Roberto J. Goncalves
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Three-dimensional visualization of cardiac single-photon-emission computed-tomography studies
Author(s): C. David Cooke; Ernest V. Garcia; Russell D. Folks; John W. Peifer
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Overlay of neuromagnetic current-density images and morphological MR images
Author(s): Manfred Fuchs; Hans-Aloys Wischmann; Olaf Doessel
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Smooth muscle current-density distribution: value and estimation from potential data (Proceedings Only)
Author(s): Abdalla S.A. Mohamed; Fabian D'Souza; D. N. Ghista; W. Lammers; T. E. El-Sharkawy
Introduction to volume visualization and its biomedical applications
Author(s): Arie E. Kaufman; Karl Heinz Hoehne; William E. Lorensen; Roni Yagel

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