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Optical Materials Reliability and Testing: Benign and Adverse Environments
Editor(s): Roger A. Greenwell; Dilip K. Paul
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Volume Number: 1791
Date Published: 25 February 1993
Softcover: 36 papers (350) pages
ISBN: 9780819409706

Table of Contents
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Chemical effects on the fatigue of lightguide fibers
Author(s): Daryl Inniss; Darryl L. Brownlow; Charles R. Kurkjian
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Zero stress aging and the static fatigue transition in optical glass fibers
Author(s): Enrique Cuellar; Michael T. Kennedy; Daniel R. Roberts; John E. Ritter
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Effect of carbon overcoating on the mechanical behavior of large flaws
Author(s): Matthew G. Estep; G. Scott Glaesemann
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Analysis of optical fiber splices by the nondestructive x-ray imaging technique
Author(s): Ta-Sheng Wei; B. T. Devlin; Hakan H. Yuce
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Strength and fatigue of optical fibers at different temperatures
Author(s): Dipak R. Biswas; C. D. Burpee; Hakan H. Yuce
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Influence of solubility on the reliability of optical fiber
Author(s): M. John Matthewson; Vincenzo V. Rondinella; Charles R. Kurkjian
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Effect of relative humidity on the mechanical properties of UV-curable optical fiber coatings
Author(s): Chander P. Chawla; E. S. Poklacki
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Stress-free aging of optical fiber in water and humid environments: part 2
Author(s): Michael T. Kennedy; Enrique Cuellar; Daniel R. Roberts; Maria M. Stipek
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Torsion effects on fracture characteristics of optical fiber
Author(s): T. D. Randall; Spiro Yannacopoulos; Linda L.G. Guo; Costas Saravanos
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Permanent stress allowable in field-installed fibers
Author(s): Koichi Abe; Lena Stormbom
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Demonstrated survivability of a high-temperature optical fiber cable on a 1500-lb.-thrust rocket chamber
Author(s): Amy L. Sovie
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Exact derivation of the tensile strain and strain rate equations for a rotating capstan fiber tester
Author(s): James J. Carr; Donald R. Dreyer
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Dynamic fatigue of metallized fiber optics
Author(s): Gerard F. Orcel
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New approaches to measurement of strength and fatigue of optical fibers
Author(s): Torbjorn K. Svensson; Erland Sundberg
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High-temperature sputtered coatings for optical fiber
Author(s): Harvey N. Rogers
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Survey of fiber optic sensor for remote sensing in radiologically and chemically harsh environments
Author(s): Shane Raymond Addleman; Beverly A. Crawford; Stephen J. Mech; Gary L. Troyer; Roger A. Greenwell
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Dielectric optical waveguide sensors integrated with GaAs active devices
Author(s): Richard Franklin Carson; Stephen A. Casalnuovo; Michael B. Sinclair
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Radiation sensitivity of fiber optic couplers
Author(s): Henning Henschel; Otmar Koehn; Hans Ulrich Schmidt
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COST 218 evaluation of optical fiber lifetime models
Author(s): Willem W. Griffioen; Anton H. E. Breuls; Guiseppe Cocito; Stephen R. Dodd; G. Ferri; P. Haslov; Lauri Oksanen; David J. Stockton; Torbjorn K. Svensson
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Initiating qualification program requirements for passive fiber optic components
Author(s): Michael Patrick Dugan
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Optical fibers and cables test results and their behavior prediction technique under operational conditions
Author(s): Sergei N. Popov; Alexander S. Parasyna
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Radiation response of 1300-nm optoelectronic components in a natural space environment
Author(s): Cheryl J. Dale; Paul W. Marshall
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Effects of 5.5-MeV proton irradiation on reliability of a strained-quantum-well laser diode and a multiple-quantum-well broadband light-emitting diode
Author(s): Bruce D. Evans; C. A. Gossett; Harold E. Hager; Chi-Shain Hong; Barrie W. Hughlock
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Integrated test and package methods for integrated photonics
Author(s): Richard Franklin Carson; Stanley H. Kravitz; Vincent M. Hietala; Nathan E. Harff; Marcelino G. Armendariz; G. Allen Vawter
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Gamma-ray vulnerability of light-emitting diodes, injection-laser diodes, and pin photodiodes for 1.3-um-wavelength fiber optics
Author(s): Gerard Breuze; Jean Serre
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Effects of ionizing radiation and hydrogen on erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Ronald H. West; Stuart Dowling; Richard Lewis; Ed S.R. Sikora; John V. Wright
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Enhanced radiation resistance of high-OH silica optical fibers
Author(s): Peter B. Lyons; Larry D. Looney
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Radiation resistance of optical fibers: correlation between UV attenuation and radiation-induced loss
Author(s): Heinz Fabian; Ulrich Grzesik; K.-H. Woerner; Henning Henschel; Otmar Koehn; Hans Ulrich Schmidt
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Excitation-dependent radiation-induced losses in step-index fibers with undoped core
Author(s): A. Bernhardt; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Heinz Fabian; Ulrich Grzesik; Henning Henschel; Otmar Koehn; Hans Ulrich Schmidt
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Radiation effects on the components of optical LAN systems
Author(s): Alvin S. Kanofsky; Vladimir Gershman; Warren A. Rosen
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Transient radiation effects in polarization-maintaining fibers
Author(s): Larry D. Looney; Peter B. Lyons
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In-situ measurements of the effects of neutron irradiation on polarization-maintaining fiber
Author(s): Michael Wayne Zmuda; David W. Pentrack; William R. Bulcock; Roger A. Greenwell; Jon E. Lloyd
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Survivability of optical fibers in space
Author(s): E. Joseph Friebele; Michael E. Gingerich; David L. Griscom
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Nuclear survivable polarization fibers for fiber gyroscopes on spacecraft
Author(s): Roger A. Greenwell; David M. Scott; John J. McAlarney
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Radiation-induced coloring of erbium-doped optical fibers
Author(s): Glen M. Williams; Martin A. Putnam; Charles G. Askins; Michael E. Gingerich; E. Joseph Friebele
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Reliability issues with connectors and splices
Author(s): Bruce G. LeFevre
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