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Enabling Technologies for High-Bandwidth Applications
Editor(s): Jacek Maitan

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Volume Number: 1785
Date Published: 20 January 1993

Table of Contents
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Network attached peripherals in a high-performance file-serving environment
Author(s): Fred W. McClain
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National Storage Laboratory: a collaborative research project
Author(s): Robert A. Coyne; Harry Hulen; Richard W. Watson
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Trends and technologies in high-performance mass storage and data management
Author(s): Dale Lancaster
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Spaceflight optical disk recorder development
Author(s): Stephen G. Jurczyk; Glenn D. Hines; Thomas A. Shull
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Holographic storage: not a device, but a storage class
Author(s): Stephen R. Redfield
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Architecture for a large, high-density, fast-access data repository
Author(s): Gerard A. Schlak
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Health care using high-bandwidth communication to overcome distance and time barriers for the Department of Defense
Author(s): Seong Ki Mun; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Anthony Gelish; Robert E. de Treville; Monet R. Sheehy; Mark Hansen; Mac Hill; Elisabeth Zacharia; Michael J. Sullivan; C. Wayne Sebera
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Picture archiving and communication system developments expected in the 1990s
Author(s): Philip G. Drew; Lawrence D. Lorah; Michael J. Lydon; Elliott D. Novak
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Access to a digital x-ray archive over Internet
Author(s): George R. Thoma; L. Rodney Long; Lewis E. Berman
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DICOM: a standard for medical imaging
Author(s): Steven C. Horii M.D.; W. Dean Bidgood M.D.
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Loss of information due to compression of medical images
Author(s): Larry T. Cook
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Management of time-dependent multimedia data
Author(s): Thomas D.C. Little; John F. Gibbon
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Context-sensitive multimedia
Author(s): Nathan S. Abramson; Walter R. Bender
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Interfacing for persons who are blind and physically handicapped
Author(s): John P. Cookson; Lloyd Rasmussen
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Multimodal communication
Author(s): Kenneth J. Thomas Tolman
Transmitting time-dependent multimedia data in FDDI networks
Author(s): Cheng-Chew Lim; L. Yao; Wei Zhao
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Developing a management system for a multimedia information network
Author(s): Gwo Jen Hwang
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Supporting real-time analysis of multimedia communication sessions
Author(s): John F. Buford; J. Lloyd Rutledge; Richard A. Miner; Patrick D. Krolak
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Visual communication of engineering and scientific data in the courtroom
Author(s): Gerald W. Jackson; Andrew C. Henry
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Practical applications of multimodal NDT data
Author(s): Robert S. Frankle
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Real-time data acquisition and storage system
Author(s): Fabrizio Barone; Luciano DiFiore; Leopoldo Milano; G. Russo
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Optical music recognition system which learns
Author(s): Ichiro Fujinaga
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Audio networking at the Center for Art and Media Technology Karlsruhe
Author(s): Pierre Dutilleux
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Remote access to interactive media
Author(s): Roger B. Dannenberg
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Object-oriented interface to the NeXT sound driver
Author(s): Mike T. Minnick
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Networking for education: the resource access approach to learning
Author(s): Louis M. Gomez; Warren S. Gifford
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Collaborative Visualization Project: shared-technology learning environments for science learning
Author(s): Roy D. Pea; Louis M. Gomez
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Expressive communication in multimedia environments
Author(s): John Carey
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Computers in mathematics: teacher-inservice training at a distance
Author(s): Edward A. Friedman; M. Peter Jurkat
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Multimedia systems overview: the big picture
Author(s): Alfred Riccomi
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