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Specification and Measurement of Optical Systems
Editor(s): Lionel R. Baker
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Volume Number: 1781
Date Published: 1 January 1993
Softcover: 39 papers (408) pages
ISBN: 9780819409607

Table of Contents
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Optics in hostile environments
Author(s): Philip J. Rogers
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ISO standards: a means for quality assurance for optical elements and systems
Author(s): Klaus W. Hildebrand
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Characterization of partially coherent beams
Author(s): Horst Weber
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Specification of the surface figure and finish of optical elements in terms of system performance
Author(s): Eugene L. Church; Peter Z. Takacs
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Sphericity and twist as functional parameters to represent surface geometries
Author(s): Johan Meijer
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Roughness and defect characterization of optical surfaces by light-scattering measurements
Author(s): Horst Truckenbrodt; Angela Duparre; Uwe Schuhmann
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Discrimination of surface properties using BRDF-variance estimators as feature variables
Author(s): Hendrik Rothe; Horst Truckenbrodt
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All-fiber compact near-field scanning optical microscope
Author(s): Pavel Tomanek; Michel Spajer
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Measure of surface and bulk defects in any transmitting or reflecting optical component
Author(s): Fabrizio Liberati
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Speckle-based interferometric technique for surface-finish measurements
Author(s): Vincenzo Greco; Giuseppe Molesini; Franco Quercioli
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Micro phase-shifting interferometer for surface measurement
Author(s): Hans-Joerg Heimbeck
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Phase detection deflectometry: an industrial solution for three-dimensional form measurement of aspheric and spheric surfaces
Author(s): Eric Durand; Jean-Marie Bacchus
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Photothermal measurement of temperature-dependent absorbance of infrared components
Author(s): Peter Eckardt; Heinz-Guenter Walther; W. Richter
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Thin-film characterization and photothermal absolute calibration measurements using high-frequency electric currents
Author(s): Michael Reichling; Eberhard Welsch; Eckart Matthias
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Testing aspherics without rotational symmetry using a Fizeau interferometer with computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Tilo Pfeifer; Jens Evertz; Rainer Tutsch; Hendrik Rothe
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Wavefront sensor optimization in astronomical applications
Author(s): Gerard Lelievre; J. Sebag; D. Bauduin; F. Fidouh; J. L. Lebrun; B. S. Servan
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Testing aspherical surfaces using multiple annular interferograms
Author(s): Mauro Melozzi; Luis Pezzati; Alessandro Mazzoni
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Interferometric testing of annular apertures
Author(s): Mauro Melozzi; Luis Pezzati
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New approach for quantitative interferogram analysis
Author(s): Frank Guse; Juergen Kross
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Interferometric methods for the measurement of wavefront aberrations
Author(s): Ingolf Weingaertner; Michael Schulz
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Absolute interferometric surface testing: a stringent need
Author(s): Karl-Edmund Elssner; Regina Burow; Guenter Schulz; Andreas Vogel
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Fabrication and optical characteristics of microlens arrays engraved in photoresist coatings
Author(s): Francoise Gex; Gerard Roblin; Guy Edouard Artzner; L. Bernstein; David Horville; V. Serpette
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Wavefront sensors and beam-control systems
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin; Leonid V. Antoshkin; Sergei A. Alesandrov; Yurij A. Bela'ev; Valeri A. Tartakovski; Michail V. Dvornikov
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Software design for a compact interferometer
Author(s): Andreas Vogel
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Improvements in OTF measurement technique
Author(s): Michael Schulz
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Evaluation of point spread functions of microscope objectives using moments by modified definitions
Author(s): R. Castaneda; Juergen Kross
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Optical performance and specification for ground-based telescopes
Author(s): Philippe Dierickx
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International standardization of measurement methods for x-ray image intensifier tubes
Author(s): Peter W.J. Linders
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Measurement of the MTF of staring-array imaging systems
Author(s): Thomas L. Williams
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Damage threshold determination according to ISO-DIS 11254: first results
Author(s): Juergen Becker; Achim Bernhardt
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Characterization and measurement of localized surface quality
Author(s): Lionel R. Baker
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Measurement equipment for CAQ-based final control of optical systems
Author(s): M. Geier; Karl K. Lenhardt; Reinhold Litschel; R. Maehringer
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Application of the PST-function to radiometric thermometers
Author(s): Norbert Schuster
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Target coding to improve the performance of optical measurement systems
Author(s): Bernhard Braunecker
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Geometrical and physical theory of image formation: a synthesis
Author(s): Harold H. Hopkins
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Global optimization for lens design: an emerging technology
Author(s): Thomas G. Kuper; Thomas I. Harris
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Generation of lens designs for optimization
Author(s): Michael J. Kidger
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Design of optical interference coatings 1992
Author(s): Alfred J. Thelen
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Thin films for magneto-optical recording
Author(s): Paul Hans Lissberger
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