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Nonconducting Photopolymers and Applications
Editor(s): Roger A. Lessard
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Volume Number: 1774
Date Published: 14 January 1993
Softcover: 34 papers (334) pages
ISBN: 9780819409478

Table of Contents
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Photophysics and photochemistry of side-chain substituted liquid crystalline polyaryl cinnamates
Author(s): Sangya Singh; David Creed; Charles E. Hoyle
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Intramolecular electronic energy transfer in bichromophoric molecular macrocyclic systems
Author(s): Shammai Speiser
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Primary photoprocesses in real-time holographic recording material: dichromated poly(vinyl alcohol)
Author(s): Gurusamy Manivannan; Rupak Changkakoti; Roger A. Lessard; Gilles Mailhot; Michel Bolte
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Argon ion laser technique for higher degree of polymerization at deep area of dental restorative resin
Author(s): Junji Nakata; Kaoru Suzuki; Shigeyuki Masutani; Tetsuya Taniyama; Takaya Masutani
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Organic electro-optic devices for optical interconnection
Author(s): George F. Lipscomb; Richard S. Lytel; Susan P. Ermer; John Francis Valley; Timothy E. Van Eck; Dexter G. Girton; Anthony J. Ticknor
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Cross-link induced linear and curved polymer channel waveguide arrays for massively parallel optical interconnects
Author(s): Ray T. Chen
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Traveling-wave modulator using a gelatin-based E-O polymer waveguide
Author(s): Robert Shih; Ray T. Chen; Z.Z. Ho
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Optical transmission of millimeter-wave signals through polyimide channel waveguides fabricated using direct laser writing
Author(s): Durai P. Prakash; David V. Plant; Dawei Zhang; Harold R. Fetterman
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Optical polymer waveguide devices and their applications to integrated optics and optical signal processing
Author(s): Norbert Keil; Bernhard N. Strebel; HuiHai Yao; Crispin Zawadzki; WenYen Hwang
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Optical properties of waveguiding structures in polymers
Author(s): Werner F. Frank; Alexander Schoesser; Stefan Brunner; Frank Linke; Torsten K. Strempel; Manfred Eich
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Architectures for interboard optical interconnections
Author(s): Jifeng Zu
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Effect of saturation on diffraction from dynamic photoanisotropic organic materials
Author(s): Tizhi Huang; Kelvin H. Wagner
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Photochemistry of some liquid crystalline stilbene polyesters
Author(s): David Creed; Richard A. Cozad; Charles E. Hoyle; Jack C. Morris; W. J. Jackson
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Characterization and control of cure of polymer coatings on optical disks
Author(s): Margaret E. Best; R. Bruce Prime
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Kinetics for reversible optical storage in azo polymers
Author(s): Paul L. Rochon; Jacques R. Gosselin; Almeria Natansohn; Shuang Xie
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Azo-dye polymer-based modulation in total internal reflective Fabry-Perot geometry
Author(s): Araz Yacoubian; Tin M. Aye; Gajendra D. Savant
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Local thermoplastic recording of holograms on organic photopolymers for data storage system
Author(s): Askar Asanbekovi Kutanov; Baktybek D. Abdrisaev
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Dynamical study of photoinduced anisotropy and orientational relaxation of azo dyes in polymeric films: poling at room temperature
Author(s): Michel L. Dumont; Zouheir Sekkat
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Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of polydiacetylenes
Author(s): Takayoshi Kobayashi; Masayuki Yoshizawa; Akio Yasuda
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Novel method for the preparation of polymethacrylates with nonlinear optically active side groups
Author(s): Peter Strohriegl; Harry Mueller; Oskar Nuyken
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Second harmonic generation studies on novel NLO-polymers
Author(s): Manfred Eich; Siegfried Ohl; Rudolf Zentel; Heike Baumann; Leonie Goebel; Hartmut Krueger; Werner F. Frank; Theo T. Tschudi
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Optical hysteresis behavior of tetra-nonyl phthalocyanine copper LB film
Author(s): Tao Luo; Fuxi Gan
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Electro-optic effect in gelatin-based nonlinear polymer
Author(s): Z.Z. Ho; Ray T. Chen; B. Borhani; Robert Shih
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Patterning multimode polymeric lightguides using a CO2 laser
Author(s): Claudia Dinger; Tomas R. Sterkenburgh; Thomas Holler; Hilmar Franke
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Observation real-time holography in EOSIN
Author(s): Mingjun M. Zhao; Yulin Li; Yuwen Qin; Andong Tang; Yue Kong; Zhao Wang
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Glass transition temperature of polymer films forming polymeric lightguides
Author(s): Martin Osterfeld; R. Thielmann; Hilmar Franke; P. Ambrovic; M. D. Lechner
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Some optical properties of polymethyl methacrylate fibers doped with methacrylate monomers: derivatives of anthracene
Author(s): Anna B. Wojcik; Shinzo Muto
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Antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides in polymer multilayer structures and with lateral confinement
Author(s): Andreas H. Braeuer
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Polymer waveguides for sensor applications
Author(s): Thomas Holler; Harald Boettner; A. Dumbs
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Hologram recordings in dichromated dye-colloids solid films at 442 nm
Author(s): Jean J.A. Couture
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Dynamic holographic interconnection using static holograms in EOSIN and spatial light modulators
Author(s): Mingjun M. Zhao; Yulin Li; Andong Tang; Yuwen Qin; Yue Kong; Zhao Wang
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Molecular organic semiconductors, electronic structure, and properties of photopolymers
Author(s): Taras Wakhodkin; Vitaliy K. Perepelitsa
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Graded index polymer waveguide amplifier working at lambda=1.06um
Author(s): Ray T. Chen; Winston Ho; Daniel P. Robinson
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Graded index polymer channel waveguide array for backplane optical interconnects
Author(s): Robert Shih; Ray T. Chen
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