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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1771

Applications of Digital Image Processing XV
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher
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Volume Number: 1771
Date Published: 12 January 1993
Softcover: 68 papers (668) pages
ISBN: 9780819409447

Table of Contents
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Subpixel resolution for target tracking
Author(s): John T. Reagan; Theagenis J. Abatzoglou; John A. Saghri; Andrew G. Tescher
Thin linear network extraction NEXSYS: a knowledge-based system for SPOT images
Author(s): Jean-Marc Gilliot; Jean-Louis Amat; Georges Stamon
Video enhancement workbench: an operational real-time video image processing system
Author(s): Stephen R. Yool; David L. Van Vactor; Kirk G. Smedley
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Endoscopic inspection and measurement
Author(s): John A. Gilbert; Donald R. Matthys; Christelle M. Lindner
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Real-time multiuser image processing system for research and development
Author(s): Ingmar A. Andersson
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IDIPP: a user-friendly easily expansible image processing package
Author(s): Rui Ribeiro; A. Marinheiro; Antonio Sousa Pereira; Marilia C. Oliveira; Jorge Saro; S. Jardim
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Highly functional and versatile camera platform for a multipurpose robotic vehicle
Author(s): Dai Hyun Kim; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Jenkin C. Chen; William Y. Liu; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin
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Real-time 2D and 3D imaging system based on parallel processor array
Author(s): Anne Demoyen; David Gray
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Design and development of a 4D scanner
Author(s): John N. Carter; Tim P. Monks; C. N. Paulson; C. H. Shadle
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Human articulation simulation
Author(s): Alain Perez
Robust shape reconstruction from combined shading and stereo information
Author(s): Kyoung Mu Lee; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Using the technique of color image processing to enhance the cytomorphological deformation
Author(s): Sing T. Bow; Jian Zhang; Xia-fang Wang
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Systematic method of design and realization of applications in vision
Author(s): Patrick J. Bonnin; Bertrand Zavidovique
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Quadtree-structured multiple resolution segmentation of some computed images
Author(s): Tianhu Lei; Zuo Zhao
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Algorithms to separate text from a mixed text/graphic document and generate a succinct description for this complex graphic
Author(s): Sing T. Bow; Jianjun Sa
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Projectively invariant structures in multisensor imagery
Author(s): Eamon B. Barrett; Paul Max Payton
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Task-focused modeling in automated agriculture
Author(s): Mark Richard Vriesenga; K. Peleg; Jack Sklansky
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Automatic 3D target model generation
Author(s): Louis A. Oddo
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Improved moment invariants for shape discrimination
Author(s): Chaur-Chin Chen; Tung-I Tsai
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Registration of noisy SAR imagery using morphological feature extractor and 2D cepstrum
Author(s): Alok R. Kher; Sunanda Mitra
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Fractal model for digital image texture analysis
Author(s): Michael G. Petrolekas; Sunanda Mitra
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Quantifying the super-resolution capabilities of the CLEAN image processing algorithm
Author(s): Bobby R. Hunt
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Model adaptive optimal image restoration
Author(s): Brian D. Jeffs; Wai Ho Pun
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New fast implementation of cellular array for morphological filters, stack filters, and median filters
Author(s): Long-Wen Chang; Wen-Shen Fong; Shang-Shung Yu
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Model-based 3D object recognition using reciprocal basis sets and direction of arrival techniques
Author(s): David Cyganski; Richard F. Vaz; Charles R. Wright
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Putting chaos into communications
Author(s): Helena S. Wisniewski
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Experimental techniques for exploiting chaos
Author(s): William L. Ditto; Mark L. Spano
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Noise reduction for chaotic data by geometric projection
Author(s): Robert G. Cawley; Guan-Hsong Hsu
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Chaos, communications, and signal processing
Author(s): Louis M. Pecora; Thomas L. Carroll
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Comparison of image coding techniques with a picture quality scale
Author(s): V. Ralph Algazi; Yoshiaki Kato; Makoto M. Miyahara; Kazunori Kotani
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Future trends in image coding
Author(s): Ali Habibi
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Image compression with QM-AYA adaptive binary arithmetic coder
Author(s): Joe-Ming Cheng; Glen G. Langdon
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Improved motion estimation algorithm with post processing and its application in motion-compensated interpolation
Author(s): Kan Xie; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Subband coding of prediction error images using constrained-storage VQ
Author(s): Christoph Stiller; Olaf Hirsch
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New techniques for subband/wavelet transform coefficient coding applied to still image compression
Author(s): Emmanuel Reusens; Touradj Ebrahimi
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Transform vector quantization: application and improvement
Author(s): Herbert Plansky
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Interlaced image sequence coding for digital TV
Author(s): Bruno Rouchouze; Frederic Dufaux; Murat Kunt
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Image coding through predictive vector quantization
Author(s): Ajai Narayan; Tenkasi V. Ramabadran
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Transform encryption coding for performance improvement of JPEG standard
Author(s): Chung Jung Kuo; Maw S. Chen
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Enhancement and restoration of ancient manuscripts
Author(s): Anil Christopher Kokaram; J. A. Stark; William J. Fitzgerald
Analysis and matching of degraded and noisy fingerprints
Author(s): Emre Kaymaz; Sunanda Mitra
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Measurement of appearances of oxide residues on rolled metals
Author(s): Robert C. Chang; John C. Montagna; Bernard J. Hobi; J. M. Stanley
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Fast accessing method of color image
Author(s): Machiko Sato; Jung-Kook Hong
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Three-dimensional submicron tomography of interfacial defects in GaAs IC ohmic contacts
Author(s): Michel Castagne; E. Baudry; P. Crudo
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Contact-free determination of human body segment parameters by means of videometric image processing of an anthropomorphic body model
Author(s): Herbert Hatze; Arnold Baca
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Tissue characterization by texture analysis of ultrasonic images
Author(s): Olivier Basset; Zhigang Sun; Gerard Gimenez
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of the prostate from transverse or sagittal ultrasonic images
Author(s): Olivier Basset; Isabelle R. Dautraix; Gerard Gimenez; Jean Louis Mestas
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One automatic segmentation method of x-ray image
Author(s): De-Chen Zhan; Jing-Chun Chen
Markov iterated function system model of images
Author(s): Huiguo Luo; Yaoting Zhu; Guang-Xi Zhu; Faguang Wan
Novel approach to human face recognition
Author(s): Ke Liu; Frederic Jallut; Ying-Jiang Liu; Yong-Qing Cheng; Jingyu Yang
Three-dimensional reconstruction of nodus sinuatrialis
Author(s): Jinxiang Wang; Jianson Liu
PALIMADAR: a PAL-optic-based imaging module for all-round data acquitision and recording
Author(s): Pal Greguss; Attila Kertesz; Viktor Kertesz
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