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Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging
Editor(s): David C. Wilson; Joseph N. Wilson

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Volume Number: 1768
Date Published: 9 December 1992

Table of Contents
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Statistical approach to multiscale medial vision
Author(s): James M. Coggins
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Evaluation and error detection in digital image segmentation
Author(s): Stefano Calcagni; Giovanni Venturi; Silvana G. Dellepiane
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Use of matched filters for extraction of left ventricular features in two-dimensional short-axis echocardiographic images
Author(s): David C. Wilson; Edward A. Geiser; Jun-Hua Li
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Filtering with a normalized Laplacian of a Gaussian kernel
Author(s): David H. Eberly; Daniel S. Fritsch; Charles Kurak
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Image reconstruction in electrical impedance tomography
Author(s): David C. Barber; Brian Brown
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Discontinuity-preserving vector smoothing on multivariate MR images via vector mean-field annealing
Author(s): Youn-Sik Han; Wesley E. Snyder
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Use of geometric prior information in Bayesian tomographic image reconstruction: a preliminary report
Author(s): Jorge Llacer; Bart M. ter Haar Romeny; Max A. Viergever
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Application of the finite element method for the forward model in infrared absorption imaging
Author(s): Martin Schweiger; Simon Robert Arridge; Mutsuhisa Hiraoka; David T. Delpy
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Direct 3D reconstruction based on many-knot interpolating spline technique
Author(s): Ke Liu; Jian Lu; Yong-Shen Xiong; Yong-Qing Cheng; Jingyu Yang
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Noise power spectrum for filtered backprojection using discrete representations
Author(s): Jeanpierre V. Guedon; Robert M. Gagne; Kyle J. Myers; Robert F. Wagner
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Design and analysis of physical phantom experiments for serial SPECT brain tumor imaging
Author(s): Nicholas Lange; L. A. O'Tuama; S. Ted Treves
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Tumor detection in gamma-ray images
Author(s): Robin N. Strickland
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Barankin bound: a model of detection with location uncertainty
Author(s): Marie Foley Kijewski; Stefan P. Mueller; Stephen C. Moore
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Predicting human performance by a channelized Hotelling observer model
Author(s): Jie Yao; Harrison H. Barrett
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Medical imaging and military technology: opportunities for conversion and cooperation
Author(s): Harrison H. Barrett
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Differential geometry for characterizing 3D shape change
Author(s): Amir A. Amimi; James S. Duncan
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Three-dimensional curvature features of the left ventricle from CT volumic images
Author(s): Denis P. Friboulet; Isabelle E. Magnin; Andreas Pommert; Michel Amiel
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Charting the human cerebral cortex
Author(s): Olaf Kuebler; Gabor Szekely; Christian Brechbuehler; Robert Ogniewicz; Thomas F. Budinger; Peter T. Sander
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Automatic registration of 3D images using surface curvature
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Thirion; Olivier Monga; Serge Benayoun; Andre P. Gueziec; Nicholas Ayache
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Comparison of methods for spectral estimation from 1D NMR time signals
Author(s): Keith A. Wear; Kyle J. Myers; Robert F. Wagner; Sunder S. Rajan; Laurence W. Grossman
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Feature space for edgels in images with landmarks
Author(s): Fred L. Bookstein; William D. K. Green
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Comparison of implementation strategies for deformable surfaces in computer vision
Author(s): John M. Gauch; Mohamad Seaidoun; Michael Harm
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Segmentation of images for gingival growth measurement
Author(s): Dong-Il Kim; Joseph N. Wilson
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Characteristic bodies and surface constrained source estimation
Author(s): William J. Dallas
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Compression and reconstruction of medical image sequences
Author(s): James B. Farison; Youngin O. Shin; Mark E. Shields
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Nonlinear filtering and multiscale texture discrimination for mammograms
Author(s): Walter B. Richardson Jr.
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Multiscale wavelet representations for mammographic feature analysis
Author(s): Andrew F. Laine; Shuwu Song
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