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Ultraviolet Technology IV
Editor(s): Robert E. Huffman
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Volume Number: 1764
Date Published: 22 January 1993
Softcover: 35 papers (412) pages
ISBN: 9780819409379

Table of Contents
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Panchromatic spectrograph with supporting monochromatic imagers
Author(s): A. Lyle Broadfoot; Bill R. Sandel; David J. Knecht; Rodney A. Viereck; Edmond Murad
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Horizon UV program atmospheric radiance measurements
Author(s): Francis J. LeBlanc; F. P. DelGreco; J. A. Welsh; Robert E. Huffman
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Air Force Program-675 far-ultraviolet cameras experiment: observations of the far-UV space environment
Author(s): George R. Carruthers; Jeff S. Morrill; Brian C. Dohne; S.A. Christensen
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Satellite observations with the UVPI instrument
Author(s): Herbert W. Smathers; Donald M. Horan; M. Singh; Joel G. Cardon; D. F. Bakeris; R. A. Swanson
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AURA, an experiment to measure ultraviolet radiation of the earth's atmosphere from space
Author(s): Michael E. Gangl; John H. Middlestadt; Richard W. Eastes
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Spectroscopy and imaging of the cosmic diffuse UV background radiation
Author(s): Richard C. Henry; Jayant Murthy; M. Allen; M. Corbin; Larry J. Paxton
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Auto-calibrating EUV spectrometers
Author(s): Gerhard Schmidtke
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Preliminary results from the MAMA detectors for the SOHO mission
Author(s): David C. Slater; Paolo Bergamini; Robert W. Bumala; J. Gethyn Timothy
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TAUVEX: UV space telescope
Author(s): Jeremy M. Topaz; Ofer Braun; Noah Brosch
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Ultraviolet O2 transmittance: AURIC implementation
Author(s): Gail P. Anderson; L. A. Hall; Ken Minschwaner; Kouichi Yoshino; C. Betchley; John A. Conant
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Far-UV remote sensing of thermospheric composition and the solar EUV flux
Author(s): Douglas J. Strickland; Richard Link; Larry J. Paxton
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AURIC airglow modules: phase 1 development and application
Author(s): Richard Link; Douglas J. Strickland; R. E. Daniell
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Electron impact emission cross sections needed in modeling UV observations of the upper atmospheres of the planets
Author(s): Joseph Ajello; Isik Kanik; Geoffrey K. James; Donald E. Shemansky
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New ultraviolet: global space weather systems
Author(s): Robert E. Huffman
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SSUSI: horizon-to-horizon and limb-viewing spectrographic imager for remote sensing of environmental parameters
Author(s): Larry J. Paxton; Ching-I. Meng; Glen H. Fountain; Bernard S. Ogorzalek; Edward Hugo Darlington; Stephen A. Gary; John O. Goldsten; David Y. Kusnierkiewicz; Susan C. Lee; Lloyd A. Linstrom; Jeffrey J. Maynard; Keith Peacock; David F. Persons; Brian E. Smith; Douglas J. Strickland; R. E. Daniell
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Model for generating UV images at satellite altitudes
Author(s): Robin J. Cox; Douglas J. Strickland; R. P. Barnes; Donald E. Anderson; Larry J. Paxton; Robert R. Meier
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Power spectral density analysis of UV clutter
Author(s): Patricia K. Murphy; Larry J. Paxton; Daniel Morrison; James F. Carbary; Ching-I. Meng
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HiRES: High-resolution extreme-ultraviolet spectroheliometer toroidal diffraction grating performance evaluation
Author(s): Thomas E. Berger; Paolo Bergamini; Arthur B. C. Walker; J. Gethyn Timothy; Surendra K. Jain; Ajay Kumar Saxena; Jagadish C. Bhattacharyya; Martin H.C. Huber; Giuseppe Tondello; Giampiero Naletto; Phillip C. Baker
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Stable vacuum UV CCD detectors designed for space flight experiments
Author(s): Dennis George Socker; Mike Marchywka; Gordon Charles Taylor; Peter A. Levine; R. Rios; Frank V. Shallcross; Gary W. Hughes
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Development efforts to improve curved-channel microchannel plates
Author(s): Michael B. Corbett; W. Bruce Feller; Bruce N. Laprade; Raymond C. Cochran; Richard L. Bybee; Anthony C. Danks; Charles L. Joseph
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Resolution and contrast of intensified and nonintensified UV imaging
Author(s): Christos G. Stergis; V. C. Baisley
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Development and calibration of UV/VUV radiometric sources
Author(s): J. Mervin Bridges
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Spectral radiance source for vacuum ultraviolet calibrations
Author(s): Fred G. Sherrell
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UV/VUV radiometric calibrations at SURF II
Author(s): Mitchell L. Furst; L. Randall Canfield
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UV bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurements for diffusers
Author(s): Patricia Yvonne Barnes; Jack J. Hsia
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Measured performance and description of the Naval Research Laboratory solar coronagraph optical test chamber and instrument clean room
Author(s): Clarence M. Korendyke
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Dynamic interferometer alignment and its utility in UV Fourier transform spectrometer systems
Author(s): Rick K. Dorval; James R. Engel; Geert J. Wijntjes
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Precision high-temperature blackbodies
Author(s): Victor I. Sapritsky; B. Carol Johnson; Robert D. Saunders; Lev V. Vlasov; Konstantin A. Sudarev; Boris B. Klevnoy; Vjcheslav I. Shapoval; Igor A. Dmitriev; Leonid M. Buchnev; Alexsandr V. Prochorov
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Effect of oxygen atom bombardment on the reflectance of SiC mirrors in the extreme-ultraviolet region
Author(s): John F. Seely; Glenn E. Holland; William R. Hunter; Robert P. McCoy; Kenneth F. Dymond; Michael R. Corson
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High-responsivity UV photoconductors based on GaN epilayers
Author(s): Larry F. Reitz
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Terrestrial solar spectral ultraviolet measurements at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Author(s): Daryl R. Myers; Theodore W. Cannon; John D. Webb
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Twilight Rayleigh scattering observed from ground and space
Author(s): J. Scott Evans; Douglas J. Strickland; Donald E. Anderson; Larry J. Paxton
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High-peak-irradiance microwave-powered UV lamps for processing of coatings, inks, and adhesives
Author(s): Richard W. Stowe
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Performance of high resolution decoding with multianode microchannel array detectors
Author(s): David B. Kasle; Elliott P. Horch
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Ultraviolet emissions quantified by rocket payloads
Author(s): Deborah A. Levin; Leonard H. Caveny; David M. Mann
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