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Damage to Space Optics, and Properties and Characteristics of Optical Glass

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Volume Number: 1761
Date Published: 11 January 1993

Table of Contents
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Effects of long-term space environment exposure on optical substrates and coatings
Author(s): Keith A. Havey; Arthur W. Mustico; John F. Vallimont
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Review of reliability and quality assurance issues for space optics systems
Author(s): Vicki R. Farmer
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Effects of radiation on the optical properties of glass materials
Author(s): Ghanim A. Al-Jumaily
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Nuclear radiation effects on mirrors
Author(s): Terrence F. Deaton
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Proton-induced radiation effects on optical glasses
Author(s): Peter R. Silverglate; Edward F. Zalewski; Peter Petrone
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Gamma radiation effects on infrared bandpass filters
Author(s): David B. Jansen; Gary L. Paderewski; Thomas A. Stringer
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Optical scatter due to impact effects
Author(s): Alan J. Watts; D. R. Atkinson; C. R. Coombs; L. B. Crowell; Michael Black
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Radiation and mechanical shock effects on baffle materials
Author(s): Douglas E. Caldwell; Terrence F. Deaton
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Nuclear-radiation-induced fluorescence effects in surface overlayers
Author(s): Norman H. Tolk; M. M. Albert; Royal G. Albridge; Alan V. Barnes; D. R. Brown; G. A. Mensing; George Pollock
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Electromagnetic interaction of spacecraft with ambient environment
Author(s): Hwar-Ching Ku; David M. Silver
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Algorithm for calculating nonisothermal diffusion-limited outgassing rates
Author(s): Timothy J. Girard; Richard M. Payton
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Characteristics of partial pressure analyzers
Author(s): Charles R. Tilford
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Low-energy sputtering yield measurements of O+, O2+, N+, and N2+ incident on Al and Al2O3 surfaces
Author(s): Samuel L. Espy; I. F. Urazgil'din; Alan V. Barnes; Y. Yao; J. L. Allen; Royal G. Albridge; Norman H. Tolk
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Nonlinear optical processes in glass
Author(s): Joseph H. Simmons; Osama H. El-Bayoumi
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Laser and thermophysical properties of Nd-doped phosphate glasses
Author(s): Joseph S. Hayden; M. K. Aston; Stephen A. Payne; Melanie L. Elder; Jack H. Campbell
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Synthesis of dye-impregnated sol-gel glasses for fiber optic chemical sensing
Author(s): Jack Y. Ding; J. Tong; Mahmoud R. Shahriari; George H. Sigel
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Structure property relationships of nanometer-size metal clusters in glasses
Author(s): Robert H. Magruder; Donald L. Kinser; J. E. Wittig; Ray A. Zuhr
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Optical and infrared spectra of thermally annealed Pb-implanted SiO2 glasses
Author(s): Don Otto Henderson; Steven H. Morgan; Richard Mu; Robert H. Magruder; T. S. Anderson; J. E. Wittig; Ray A. Zuhr
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Optical elements derived from stretched glass
Author(s): Nicholas F. Borrelli
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Structure and properties of fluoride phosphate glasses
Author(s): Doris Ehrt
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Study of optical glass with new property
Author(s): Guanming Qiu; C. Huazhen
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Optical glasses for high-peak-power laser applications
Author(s): Jack H. Campbell; Frank Rainer
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Solarization and fluorescence phenomena in DUV-transmitting boron crown glasses
Author(s): Thomas Kloss
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High Verdet constant Faraday rotator glasses
Author(s): Yasi Jiang; Michael J. Myers; Daniel L. Rhonehouse
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Effects of excimer laser exposure on the degradation of silica glasses and fibers
Author(s): SriRaman Kannan; John K-J. Li; Robert L. Lehman; George H. Sigel
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Gamma radiation effects on some optical glasses
Author(s): Monika J. Liepmann; Leah Boehm; Zion Vagish
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Processing of infrared-transmitting glasses
Author(s): Peter J. Melling; Osama H. El-Bayoumi
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Procedure for working with glasses exhibiting weak chemical resistance
Author(s): Robert J. Scheller; Alexander J. Marker
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Refractive index evaluation using reflectometry: accuracy analysis
Author(s): Diana Tentori-Santa-Cruz; Javier Camacho
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Studies on XPS, IR, Raman, and visible spectra of glasses in MnO2-Li2O-P2O5 system
Author(s): Guomei Wang; Jiaheng Lei; Zuyuan Qu; Huaishun Yun
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Ductile spallation of aluminum under shock loading induced by high-power laser pulses
Author(s): Shiming Zhuang; Chunyan Wang; Cangli Liu; Chengwei Sun
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