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Miniature and Micro-Optics: Fabrication and System Applications II
Editor(s): Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri; Wilfrid B. Veldkamp
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Volume Number: 1751
Date Published: 13 January 1993
Softcover: 39 papers (388) pages
ISBN: 9780819409249

Table of Contents
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Diffractive optical elements fabricated by laser direct writing and other techniques
Author(s): Pierre Langlois; Hubert Jerominek; Luc Leclerc; Jin Pan
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Two-dimensional array of AR-coated diffractive microlenses fabricated by thin-film deposition
Author(s): Edgar Pawlowski; Herbert Engel; Margit Ferstl; Walther Fuerst; Berndt Kuhlow
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Binary optics thin-film microlens array
Author(s): M. Edward Motamedi; Robert J. Anderson; R. de la Rosa; Leonard G. Hale; William J. Gunning; Randolph L. Hall; Mohsen Khoshnevisan
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Experimental techniques for the evaluation of light-induced microlens formation in photopolymers
Author(s): Nicholas J. Phillips; Christopher A. Barnett
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Optical testing and characterization of mirolens arrays
Author(s): Leonard G. Hale; M. Edward Motamedi; William J. Gunning
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Micro-optics research activities in Japan
Author(s): Koichi Nishizawa; Masahiro Oikawa
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Holographic elements for optical interconnects at 1.5 um
Author(s): Berndt Kuhlow; Margit Ferstl; Harald Kobolla; Edgar Pawlowski
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Verification of the form of microlens arrays for atmospheric wavefront sensors using phase-stepping microscopy
Author(s): Paul C. Montgomery; Jean-Pierre Fillard; Guy Edouard Artzner
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Fabricating binary optics in infrared and visible materials
Author(s): Margaret B. Stern; Michael Holz; Theresa Rubico Jay
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Astrabismatic spectacles: a medical application for binary optics
Author(s): Michael Holz
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Microconcentrators for focal plane arrays
Author(s): Michael W. Farn
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Diffractive optics for industrial lasers: effects of fabrication error
Author(s): Russell W. Gruhlke; Kurt J. Kanzler; Larry Giammona; Charles Langhorn; William Sullivan
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New diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Sergei T. Bobrov; Boris N. Kotletsov; Yuri G. Turkevich
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Diffractive micro-optical element with nonpoint response
Author(s): Victor A. Soifer; Michael A. Golub
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High-efficiency multiple phase level lenslet array
Author(s): Guofan Jin; Yingbai Yan; Xu Wang; Zheng Li; Minxian Wu
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Formation of optical elements of glasses by ion-exchange method and photothermo-induced crystallization
Author(s): Leonid B. Glebov; Nikolai V. Nikonorov; Gury Timofeevic Petrovsky; Mikhail V. Kharchenko
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Reflective 16-phase-level kinoform for beam array generator
Author(s): Pin Long; Dahsiung Hsu; Minxian Wu; Kuofan Chin; Shiping Gao
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Novel family of optical and optoelectronic elements for information processing using the current filament in semiconductors
Author(s): Oleg A. Ryabushkin; Vladimir A. Sablikov; Nikolay S. Platonov; Vladimir Antonovich Bader; V. I. Sergeyev; D. Yu. Babkin
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Diffraction reference wavefront laser interferometer
Author(s): Vladimir K. Kirillovsky
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Artificial index surface relief diffraction optical elements
Author(s): Sergey V. Babin; Helmut Haidner; Peter Kipfer; Adolf Lang; John T. Sheridan; Wilhelm Stork; Norbert Streibl
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Processing of optical microlens by a laser ion-exchange method
Author(s): Shigenori Matsui; Kaoru Suzuki; Tetsuya Taniyama; Junji Nakata; Takaya Masutani
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Fabrication of pure silica micro-optics by sol-gel process
Author(s): Jean-Luc R. Nogues; Roy Layne Howell
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Achromatization of optical waveguide components using diffractive elements
Author(s): Kevin E. Spaulding; G. Michael Morris
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Effect of refractive microlens array fabrication parameters on optical quality
Author(s): Theresa Rubico Jay; Margaret B. Stern; Robert E. Knowlden
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High-NA planar microlens for LD array
Author(s): Masahiro Oikawa; Hideki Imanishi; Takashi Kishimoto
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Optical interconnections using microlenses for parallel processing
Author(s): Shigeru Kawai; Soichiro Araki; Kenichi Kasahara; Keiichi Kubota
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Holographic optical coupling and beamsplitting elements for optoelectronic interconnects and sensors
Author(s): Juerg Schmidt; Reinhard Voelkel; S. Rosner; Wilhelm Stork; John T. Sheridan; Franz Durst; Johannes Schwider; Norbert Streibl
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Two-dimensional optical position sensor using a dual axis miniature optical scanner
Author(s): Hiroki Kamoda; Hiroshi Goto; Koichi Imanaka
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Statistical moments of the transmittance of phase-only spatial light modulators
Author(s): Robert W. Cohn; R. J. Nonnenkamp
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TE/TM mode splitter with waveguide photodetectors
Author(s): Tami Kihara; Kiyoshi Yokomori; Shunsuke Fujita; Magane Aoki; Akihiko Hiroe
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Spatial light modulators using birefringence in multiple-quantum-well structures
Author(s): Faquir C. Jain; S. K. Cheung; Glen W. Drake
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High-resolution optical lithography with a near-field scanning subwavelength aperture
Author(s): Fred Franklin Froehlich; Tomas D. Milster; R. Uber
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Wavelength multiplexer using dispersion-compensated pairs of diffraction gratings in a guided-wave structure
Author(s): Eva M. Strzelecki; Robert M. Mino; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin; Guoda Xu
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Distributed feedback D-fiber dye laser
Author(s): Jim D. Freeze; Richard H. Selfridge
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Microhybrid integrated devices and components: microphotonic devices
Author(s): Koichi Imanaka
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Fabrication and measurement of fused silica microlens arrays
Author(s): Keith O. Mersereau; Casimir R. Nijander; Avi Y. Feldblum; Wesley P. Townsend
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Quantized fraction Fresnel zone plate for increasing propagation distance of directed radiation beams
Author(s): Wenmin Shi; Pin Long; Dahsiung Hsu
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Laser formation of micro-optical elements based on glass-ceramics materials
Author(s): Vadim P. Veiko; Konstantin G. Predko; Vladimir P. Volkov; Petr A. Skiba
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Hybrid integration of surface-emitting microlaser chip and planar optics substrate
Author(s): Juergen Jahns; Robert A. Morgan; Hung N. Nguyen; James A. Walker; Susan J. Walker; Yiu-May Wong
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