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Instrumentation for Planetary and Terrestrial Atmospheric Remote Sensing
Editor(s): Supriya Chakrabarti; Andrew B. Christensen
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Volume Number: 1745
Date Published: 29 June 1992
Softcover: 32 papers (346) pages
ISBN: 9780819409188

Table of Contents
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Special sensor ultraviolet spectrographic imager: an instrument description
Author(s): Larry J. Paxton; Ching-I. Meng; Glen H. Fountain; Bernard S. Ogorzalek; Edward Hugo Darlington; Stephen A. Gary; John O. Goldsten; David Y. Kusnierkiewicz; Susan C. Lee; Lloyd A. Linstrom; Jeffrey J. Maynard; Keith Peacock; David F. Persons; Brian E. Smith
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Global spectroscopy and imaging of atmospheric x-ray bremsstrahlung: instrumentation and initial results from the PEM/AXIS instrument aboard the upper-atmosphere research satellite
Author(s): David L. Chenette; Dayton W. Datlowe; William L. Imhof; T. L. Schumaker; J. D. Tobin
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Optical design of the ultraviolet imaging spectrograph for the Cassini mission to Saturn
Author(s): William E. McClintock; George M. Lawrence; Richard A. Kohnert; Larry W. Esposito
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Auroral x-ray imaging from high- and low-Earth orbit
Author(s): David L. McKenzie; David J. Gorney; William L. Imhof
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WIND Imaging Interferometer (WINDII) on the upper-atmosphere research satellite
Author(s): William A. Gault; Gordon G. Shepherd; Gerard Thuillier; Brian H. Solheim; Charles H. Hersom; Jean-Francis Brun; Susan Brune; J. Gore
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Ultraviolet imager for ISTP
Author(s): Douglas G. Torr; Marsha R. Torr; Muamer Zukic; James F. Spann; R. Barry Johnson
Instrumentation on the RAIDS experiment I: far-ultraviolet imaging spectrograph and scanning grating spectrometers for the middle and near ultraviolet
Author(s): Robert P. McCoy; Robert R. Meier; Kenneth D. Wolfram; J. Michael Picone; Stefan E. Thonnard; Gilbert G. Fritz; Jeff S. Morrill; David Alan Hardin; Andrew B. Christensen; David C. Kayser; James B. Pranke; Paul R. Straus
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Instrumentation on the RAIDS experiment II: extreme-ultraviolet spectrometer, photometer, and near-IR spectrometer
Author(s): Andrew B. Christensen; David C. Kayser; James B. Pranke; Paul R. Straus; David James Gutierrez; Supriya Chakrabarti; Robert P. McCoy; Robert R. Meier; Kenneth D. Wolfram; J. Michael Picone
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Far-ultraviolet filters for the ISTP UV imager
Author(s): Muamer Zukic; Douglas G. Torr; Jongmin Kim; James F. Spann; Marsha R. Torr
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A solar spectrograph for occultation and solar flux measurements in the solar system
Author(s): Bill R. Sandel; A. Lyle Broadfoot
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Normal incidence spectrophotometer using high density transmission grating technology and highly efficiency silicon photodiodes for absolute solar EUV irradiance measurements
Author(s): Howard S. Ogawa; Donald R. McMullin; Darrell L. Judge; Raj S. Korde
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Gas ionization solar spectral monitor (GISSMO)
Author(s): James S. Vickers; Daniel M. Cotton; Timothy A. Cook; Supriya Chakrabarti
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Far ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet rocket instrumentation for measuring the solar spectral irradiance and terrestrial airglow
Author(s): Thomas N. Woods; Scott M. Bailey; Stanley C. Solomon; Gary J. Rottman
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A rare gas optics-free absolute EUV photon spectrometer for solar system studies
Author(s): Melvin D. Daybell; Michael A. Gruntman; Darrell L. Judge; James A. R. Samson
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Fourier Transform Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Author(s): Hilary E. Snell; Paul B. Hays
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Fabry-Perot interferometry with a bare CCD - Remote field site deployment for the CEDAR program and a sounding rocket experiment
Author(s): Rick J. Niciejewski; Timothy L. Killeen; Matthew Turnbull
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High resolution spectroscopy of the Martian atmosphere - Study of seasonal variations of CO, O3, H2O, and T on the north polar cap and a search for SO2, H2O2, and H2CO
Author(s): V. A. Krasnopolsky; Supriya Chakrabarti; Harold P. Larson; Bill R. Sandel
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A transportable, broad bandpass Fabry-Perot spectrometer for solar system observations
Author(s): John Noto; Robert B. Kerr; Kolam Ng; Redgie S. Lancaster; Michael Dorin
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Evaluation of the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) shortwave channel's stability using in-flight calibration sources
Author(s): Michael Alan Gibson; Robert Benjamin Lee; Susan Thomas
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Functional test and calibration plan for the Lightning Imaging Sensor
Author(s): James W. Bergstrom; John W. Jackson; David E. Simmons; Hugh J. Christian
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In-flight shortwave calibrations of the active cavity radiometers using tungsten lamps
Author(s): Susan Thomas; Robert Benjamin Lee; Michael Alan Gibson; Robert S. Wilson; William C. Bolden
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Calculation of the isoplanatic patch for Multiconjugate Adaptive Optics
Author(s): Jixiang Yan; Renzhong Zhou; Xin Yu
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Visible airglow limb imaging spectrograph for sounding rockets
Author(s): Frank R. Harris; Richard L. Gattinger; Ian C. McDade; Ian P. Powell; Edward J. Llewellyn; John W. N. Yuen; Peter Moorhouse; Supriya Chakrabarti
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A high resolution UV spectrograph for sounding rocket measurement of planetary emission line profiles
Author(s): Walter M. Harris; John T. Clarke; Jack Caldwell; Paul D. Feldman; Brett C. Bush; Daniel M. Cotton; Supriya Chakrabarti
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The Coronal Ultraviolet Berkeley Spectrometer (CUBS)
Author(s): Brett C. Bush; Daniel M. Cotton; Supriya Chakrabarti
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UVSTAR, an imaging spectrograph with telescope for the Shuttle Hitchhiker-M platform
Author(s): Bill R. Sandel; A. Lyle Broadfoot; Roberto Stalio
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A new low-resolution broad-band infrared spectrograph
Author(s): John A. Hackwell; David W. Warren
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Airglow studies using an all-reflection interferometer for extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy (ARIES)
Author(s): Daniel M. Cotton; Supriya Chakrabarti
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Effect of the location of curtain shutter for nodal camera used in remote sensing
Author(s): Xin Zhi Han
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A far and extreme ultraviolet limb imaging spectrograph for DMSP satellites
Author(s): Robert P. McCoy; Kenneth F. Dymond; Gilbert G. Fritz; Stefan E. Thonnard; Robert R. Meier; Paul A. Regeon
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Global Imaging Monitor of the Ionosphere (GIMI) - An ultraviolet ionospheric imaging experiment for the ARGOS satellite
Author(s): George R. Carruthers; Timothy D. Seeley
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Monochromatic imaging instrumentation for applications in aeronomy of the earth and planets
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Baumgardner; Brian Flynn; Michael J. Mendillo
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