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Advanced Semiconductor Epitaxial Growth Processes and Lateral and Vertical Fabrication
Editor(s): Roger J. Malik; Chris J. Palmstrom; Salah M. Bedair; Harold G. Craighead; Randall L. Kubena

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Volume Number: 1676
Date Published: 2 September 1992

Table of Contents
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In-situ x-ray studies of OMVPE growth
Author(s): Paul H. Fuoss; Frank J. Lamelas; P. Imperatori; David W. Kisker; G. Brian Stephenson; Sean Brennan
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Real-time optical control of epitaxial III-V semiconductor composition and structure
Author(s): William E. Quinn; David E. Aspnes; M. J. S. P. Brasil; M. A. Pudensi; Steven A. Schwarz; Maria C. Tamargo; Steve Gregory; Robert E. Nahory
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GaAs atomic-layer epitaxy in a rotating disc reactor
Author(s): Heng Liu; Peter A. Zawadzki; Peter E. Norris
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Vapor transport epitaxy: an advanced growth process for III-V and II-VI semiconductors
Author(s): Alexander Gurary; Gary S. Tompa; Craig R. Nelson; Richard A. Stall; Yicheng Lu; Shaohua Liang
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GaInP/GaAs multiwafer production in a commercial-available AIX 2000 reactor
Author(s): Holger Juergensen
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Ordered-disordered ternary III-V semiconductor alloys
Author(s): N. A. El-Masry
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Al-Ga-In-As-P alloy system in low-pressure MOVPE
Author(s): Dietmar A. Schmitz
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Atomic-layer epitaxy of device-quality Al0.3Ga0.7As
Author(s): Anthony Dip; Peter C. Colter; G. M. Eldallal; Salah M. Bedair
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Direct synthesis of III-V semiconductor quantum wires and quantum dots by molecular-beam epitaxy
Author(s): Klaus H. Ploog; Richard Noetzel
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Quantum wires and other novel structures by MBE overgrowth on the cleaved edges of multilayer substrates
Author(s): Loren N. Pfeiffer; H. L. Stormer; Alejandro R. Goni; A. Pinczuk; Kirk W. Baldwin; Kenneth W. West
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Laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition of device-quality GaAs
Author(s): John C. Roberts; H. Liu; Karim S. Boutros; J. Ramdani; Salah M. Bedair
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Growth and performance of surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Niloy K. Dutta
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Structural and optical properties of strained In0.2Ga0.8As-GaAs quantum wells
Author(s): Moses T. Asom; Lars C. Luther; Gabriela Livescu; Venkat S. Swaminathan; Sung-Nee G. Chu
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Buried heterostucture lasers using a single-step metal-organic chemical vapor deposition growth over patterned substrates
Author(s): John Lopata; Niloy K. Dutta; William S. Hobson; Paul Raymond Berger
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Buried heterostructure formation processes for high-performance devices
Author(s): Alexei V. Syrbou
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Evaluation of the band offsets of GaAs/GaInP multilayers by electroreflectance
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Daniel Yang; James W. Garland; Zhijie Zhang; Dazhong Xue
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Carbon doping of III-V compounds by atomic-layer epitaxy
Author(s): Kimberly G. Reid; A. F. Myers; J. Ramdani; N. A. El-Masry; Salah M. Bedair
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MBE growth of (GaAs)m/(AlAs)n short-period superlattices and their application in fabricating visible lasers
Author(s): Naresh Chand; Niloy K. Dutta; John Lopata; Robert Hull; Michael Geva
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Fabrication and imaging of quantum-well wire structures
Author(s): Lars Samuelson; Kristina Georgsson; Anders Gustafsson; Ivan Maximov; Lars Montelius; Stefan Nilsson; Werner Seifert; Allen Semu
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Monte Carlo simulation of a "true" quantum wire
Author(s): Lucio Rota; F. Rossi; Paolo Lugli; Elisa Molinari; Stephen M. Goodnick; Wolfgang Porod
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Photoluminescence and Raman scattering studies of GaAs-AlGaAs quantum dots
Author(s): Peidong D. Wang; Cliva M. Sotomayor-Torres; H. McLelland; Stephen Thoms; Steven P. Beaumont; Chris D. W. Wilkinson; Alistair Kean; C. R. Stanley; H. Benisty; Claude Weisbuch
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Zero-dimensional states in nanostructures constricted by double-barrier heterojunctions and H-isolation
Author(s): Marleen Van Hove
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Quantization of static domains in slim superlattices
Author(s): Dmitri V. Averin; Alexander N. Korotkov; Konstantin K. Likharev
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Resonance phenomenon in double-bend-point contact structures
Author(s): Jong C. Wu; Martin N. Wybourne; Andreas Weisshaar; Stephen M. Goodnick
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Dry-etching process for the fabrication of optoelectronic gratings in III-V substrates
Author(s): Antoni S. Gozdz; John A. Shelburne; Chuan C. Chang; R. S. Robinson
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Processing of InP and related compounds at nanometer dimensions
Author(s): Ilesanmi Adesida; Hung-Pin Chang; Donald J. Ballegeer; X. Liu; Stephen G. Bishop; Catherine Caneau; Rajaram J. Bhat
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Direct electron-beam patterning on a nanometer scale of CaF2 layers grown by MBE on silicon <111>
Author(s): Richard Zanetti; J. H. Paterson; G. A.C. Jones; King-Ning N. Tu; L. M. Brown
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