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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1656

High-Resolution Sensors and Hybrid Systems
Editor(s): Morley M. Blouke; Winchyi Chang; Laurence J. Thorpe; Rajinder P. Khosla
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Volume Number: 1656
Date Published: 12 August 1992
Softcover: 63 papers (642) pages
ISBN: 9780819408105

Table of Contents
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Harpicon camera for HDTV
Author(s): Jun Tanada
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Improving the color fidelity of cameras for advanced television systems
Author(s): Richard V. Kollarits; David C. Gibbon
2M pixels FIT-CCD with Hyper HAD sensor and camera for HDTV
Author(s): Kikue Ishikawa; Kazushi Wada; Satoshi Nakamura; Hideshi Abe
HDTV camera using digital contour
Author(s): Tadashi Sugiki; Akria Nakao; Tomoyuki Uchida
Real-time registration compensator for 1-inch Harpicon Hi-Vision camera
Author(s): Itaru Mimura; Naoto Tomura; Nobuo Murata; Masaharu Ohoka
Compact HDTV VCR
Author(s): Tetsuo Nagoya; Ken-Ichi Suda
Virtual reality/telepresence camcorder
Author(s): Kurtis J. Ritchey
All-digital 1.2-Gbit/s real-time HDTV VTR
Author(s): Laurence J. Thorpe; T. Yoshinaka
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Laser film recorder for HDTV
Author(s): Yukio Sugiura; Yuji Nojiri; Hiroshi Hirabayashi; Shigeru Tamura
High-resolution Schottky-barrier infrared image sensor
Author(s): Masafumi Kimata; Naoki Yutani; Natsuro Tsubouchi
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Hi-Vision telecine system using pickup tube
Author(s): Goro Iijima
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Very high resolution scanner and image processing system
Author(s): David C. Gibbon; Richard V. Kollarits
Performance evaluation of a high-quality TDI-CCD color scanner
Author(s): Hon-Sum Philip Wong; Whan-Soo Kang; Francis P. Giordano; Ying Yao
Laser telecine for HDTV
Author(s): Hiroshi Hirabayashi; Yuji Nojiri; Yukio Sugiura; Shigeru Tamura
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High-density HDVD system using visible laser diode
Author(s): Yoichi Tsuchiya; Hitoshi Terasaki; Yoshihiko Morita; Osamu Ota
V-grooved optical disc applied to HDTV signal recording
Author(s): Michiyoshi Nagashima; Fumiaki Ueno; Toshinori Kishi; Toshikazu Kozono; Mitsuo Fujiwara; Yoshinari Takemura; Shigeru Furumiya; Hiromu Kitaura; Kenji Koishi
Optical disc system for baseband HDTV signal
Author(s): Katsuhiko Matsushita; Takashi Ohnaka; Nabuhiro Hosohara; Osamu Idegata; Tatsuo Tanaka
Film-to-video imaging: concepts and a particular application
Author(s): J. R. Fredlund; Matthew Moorman; D. H. Smith; John Vincent; Larry Walther
Photographic scanner with integrated charge-coupled device
Author(s): S. Boyd; Selim Bencuya; R. Daniel McGrath; stephen saylor; William K. Smyth
Some characteristics of a TDI scanner
Author(s): Gerald Goertzel; Carlo J. Evangelisti
CCD imaging technology and the war on crime
Author(s): Glenn E. McNeill
Low-cost dual-speed scientific CCD camera
Author(s): Hans J. Meyer; Peter E. Doherty; Doug W. Donaghue; Gary Newman; Gary R. Sims
CCD image acquisition for multispectral teledetection
Author(s): R. Peralta-Fabi; A. Peralta; Jorge M. Prado; Esau Vicente; M. Navarette
Direct video acquisition by digital signal processors
Author(s): Luis A. S. V. de Sa; Vitor Mendes Silva; Joao Carlos Silvestre
Widening the dynamic range of pictures
Author(s): Orly Yadid-Pecht
Large-area CCD mosaic for astronomical imaging
Author(s): J. Anthony Tyson; Gary M. Bernstein; Morley Blouke; Robert W. Lee
Advances in frame transfer devices
Author(s): W. Alan Delamere; James S. Flores; Wayne W. Frame; Morley Blouke
Lateral overflow-gate shutter for CCD image sensors
Author(s): Hajime Akimoto; Hideyuki Ono; Mitsuo Nakai; Akira Sato; Takeshi Sakai; Masahiro Maki; Masayuki Hikiba; Haruhisa Ando
Recent advances in short-wavelength AR coatings for thinned CCDs
Author(s): Morley Blouke; Michael D. Nelson; M. Serra; Andre Knoesen; B. Higgins; W. Alan Delamere; Gary L. Womack; James S. Flores; T. M. Duncan; R. Reed
Bump-bonded back-illuminated CCDs
Author(s): Michael P. Lesser; Ann Bauer; Lee Ulrickson; David B. Ouellette
Design of a large-format charge-injection-device imager for spectroscopy
Author(s): El-Sayed I. Eid; Jeffrey J. Zarnowski; Frank S. Arnold; Joseph Carbone
Surface channel clocked antiblooming technique for area-array CCD imagesensors
Author(s): William D. Washkurak; Stephen J. Strunk; Savvas G. Chamberlain; John R.F. McMacken
256(V) x 256(H) full-frame area-array image sensor with on-chip electronics
Author(s): Stephen J. Strunk; William D. Washkurak; Savvas G. Chamberlain; S. J. Hood
Back-illuminated 2048 x 2048 charge-coupled device performance
Author(s): Kristie Werner Gladhill; Morley Blouke; Pauline Marriott; Thomas G. Houck; Brian L. Corrie; Harry H. Marsh
Color detection by MIS-avalanche photodetector (Proceedings only)
Author(s): Alexander G. Solonko
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High-resolution CCD imaging alternatives
Author(s): D. L. Brown; D. E. Acker
HDTV light camera in triax version
Author(s): F. Delmas; D. Tichit
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High-definition tape-to-film transfer
Author(s): Francois Helt
Technical choices for a very high definition DIA scanner
Author(s): Olivier Florant
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Indium-tin-oxide biased-gate technology
Author(s): Lloyd B. Robinson; William E. Brown; Mingzhi Wei; A. R. Schaeffer; P. P. Bertling; Michael P. Lesser
High-definition CCDs for enhanced definition television
Author(s): L. Brissot; Bruno Gili; F. Courros; A. Plasse; Jean-Alain Cortiula
Design criteria and development of components for a modular CCD-based detector for x-ray crystallography
Author(s): Daniel M. O'Mara; Wilfried R. Philips; Martin J. Stanton; Daniel Saroff; Istvan Naday; Edwin M. Westbrook
Spacecraft displacement damage dose calculations for shielded CCDs
Author(s): Cheryl J. Dale; Paul W. Marshall; Bill Cummings; Louis Shamey; Russ A. Howard; Alan W. Delamere
Epitaxial growth of p+ silicon on a backside-thinned CCD for enhanced UV response
Author(s): Michael E. Hoenk; Paula J. Grunthaner; Frank J. Grunthaner; Robert W. Terhune; Masoud M. Fattahi

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