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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1654

Medical Imaging VI: PACS Design and Evaluation
Editor(s): R. Gilbert Jost
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 1654
Date Published: 1 July 1992
Softcover: 69 papers (604) pages
ISBN: 9780819408068

Table of Contents
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On-line performance characteristics of a radiology PACS
Author(s): Albert W. K. Wong; Mansur Loloyan; Shyhliang A. Lou; H. K. Huang
Acquisition and analysis of throughput rates for an operational department-wide PACS
Author(s): Brent K. Stewart; Ricky K. Taira; Samuel J. Dwyer; H. K. Huang
Designing an IMAC system using TeraNet
Author(s): In K. Mun; S. K. Hilal; M. C. Andrews; Rafael Gidron
Demonstration of medical communications based on an ATM broadband network technology
Author(s): Jerome R. Cox; G. James Blaine; Martin W. Dubetz; Kenneth Krieger; R. Gilbert Jost; Stephen M. Moore; William David Richard; Jonathan S. Turner; Albert Winterbauer
Concepts and system requirements for a global PACS
Author(s): Ralph Martinez; William J. Dallas; Ken-Ichi Komatsu; Hidenori Shinoda
Design of a high-speed high-resolution teleradiology system
Author(s): Brent K. Stewart; Samuel J. Dwyer; H. K. Huang; Hooshang Kangarloo
Command-wide teleradiology for U.S. armed forces in Korea
Author(s): Seong Ki Mun; Gordon V. Bryant; Harold Young; Monet R. Sheehy; Charles E. Willis; Fred Goeringer
ISDN-PACS concepts and groupware essentials for telediagnosis
Author(s): Peter F. Jensch; Andrew J. Hewett; Andreas Barth
Dial-up switched 56,000 bits-per-second teleradiology system
Author(s): Samuel J. Dwyer; Arch W. Templeton; Brent K. Stewart; Janice C. Honeyman
Comprehensive C++ I/O libraries supporting image processing in a university research environment
Author(s): Alfred Graham Gash; Fernandus Jacobus Re Appelman; Karel J. Zuiderveld
Image manipulation software portable on different hardware platforms: what is the cost?
Author(s): Yves Ligier; Osman M. Ratib; Matthieu Funk; Rene Perrier; Christian Girard; Marianne Logean
Compression for radiological images
Author(s): Dennis L. Wilson
Implementation of a digital archive center for a radiology department
Author(s): Albert W. K. Wong; Ricky K. Taira; H. K. Huang
Design and implementation of a distributed PACS database system
Author(s): Olivia R. Liu Sheng; Chih-Ping Wei; Hong-Mei Chen Garcia
Design of a PACS cluster controller
Author(s): Ricky K. Taira; Albert W. K. Wong; Brent K. Stewart; H. K. Huang
Concept and design considerations for an electronic film library
Author(s): Walter F. Good; Catherine M. Burzik; Paul J. Scanlon; Glenn S. Maitz; John M. Herron; David Gur
Distributed architecture for image archival in a hospital-wide PACS
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; Yves Ligier; Matthieu Funk; Jean-Francois Vurlod; Gerhard Trayser; Jean-Raoul Scherrer
Film and PACS: friends or foes?
Author(s): Geert Claeys; Vishal Wanchoo
Comparison of case retrieval times: film versus PACS
Author(s): Steven C. Horii; Betty A. Levine; Gregory Goger; Seong Ki Mun; Robert Fielding; Brian S. Garra; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Brian Krasner; Harold R. Benson
Issues and solutions for interfacing a PACS database with an RIS
Author(s): Claudine M. Breant; Ricky K. Taira; Gregory H. Tashima; H. K. Huang
Comparison of network throughput using ACR-NEMA 2.0 versus Ethernet with TCP/IP
Author(s): Steven L. Fritz; Steven R. Roys; Wayne Thornton DeJarnette; Deszu Csipo; James Connors
Selection of `subtle` cases for ROC studies
Author(s): David Gur; Jill L. King; Howard E. Rockette; Carl R. Fuhrman; Jules H. Sumkin
Simulating the Geneva PACS
Author(s): W. J. J. Stut; Osman M. Ratib; Albert Reinder Bakker
Operation of a clinical PACS
Author(s): Sandra Lee Eldredge; James Tagawa; Raymond Harvey Tecotzky; Todd M. Bazzill
Ultrasound management unit in a distributed PACS service
Author(s): Rudy A. Mattheus; Yvan Temmerman; Nick Geybels; Jan Van Kets; Michel Osteaux
Clinical assessment of a neuroradiology PACS
Author(s): Shyhliang A. Lou; H. K. Huang
PACS in clinical neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, and teleradiology
Author(s): Janice C. Honeyman-Buck; Meryll M. Frost; Walter E. Drane; Anthony A. Mancuso; Ronald G. Quisling; Keith R. Peters; Anthony L. Litwiller; Edward V. Staab
Fiber optic video monitoring system for remote CT/MR scanners clinically accepted
Author(s): Raymond Harvey Tecotzky; Todd M. Bazzill; Sandra Lee Eldredge; James Tagawa; James W. Sayre
Time comparison of ICUs with and without digital viewing systems
Author(s): Louis M. Humphrey; Kevin Fitzpatrick; Natasha Atallah; Carl E. Ravin
Extended experience with digital radiography and viewing in an ICU environment
Author(s): Louis M. Humphrey; Kevin Fitzpatrick; Susan Paine; Carl E. Ravin
Primary interpretation of ICU radiographs via soft-copy display
Author(s): R. Gilbert Jost; G. James Blaine; Stephen M. Moore; Robert A. Whitman; Thomas R. Leith; Martin Steven Wimmer; Edward Muka
Display station utilization in a PACS serving the medical intensive care unit of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Author(s): Harold L. Kundel; Sridhar B. Seshadri; Bruce Carey; Sheel Kishore; Eric R. Feingold; Peter E. Shile; Ronald L. Arenson
Layered approach to workstation design for medical image viewing
Author(s): David R. Haynor; Gregory L. Zick; Marcus B. Heritage; Yongmin Kim
Interfacing diverse laser imagers into a comprehensive PACS: operational experiences and observations
Author(s): Johannes M. Boehme; Steven L. Figel; Neil T. Wolfman; David H. Tingley
Evaluation of a generic RIS-PACS interface
Author(s): Karen Soehlke; Paul Douglas Fisher
Formalization of the documentation and playback of a radiological diagnosis in a PACS environment
Author(s): Claudine M. Breant; Ricky K. Taira; Larry Bergeron; Tim Joseph; H. K. Huang
Adding intelligence to PACS
Author(s): Ricky K. Taira; Claudine M. Breant; Michael F. McNitt-Gray; Shantanu Sinha; H. K. Huang
Requirements analysis for PACS
Author(s): Janice C. Honeyman; Meryll M. Frost; Jonathan M. Messinger; Carole K. Palmer; W. Dean Bidgood; Edward V. Staab
Rationale for a large facility PACS implementation
Author(s): Joseph J. Donnelly; Peter P. Hindel; John A. Anderson
Data protection and security issues of PACS
Author(s): Albert Reinder Bakker
Effect of noise smoothing in 3-D surface display
Author(s): Keh-Shih Chuang; Bruce Kuo Ting Ho; Christine Wu; Doris T. Chin
Development and implementation of a PACS network and resource manager
Author(s): Brent K. Stewart; Ricky K. Taira; Samuel J. Dwyer; H. K. Huang
Simple approach to soft-copy quality monitoring
Author(s): Gregory G. Reiker; Nilesh R. Gohel; Edward Muka; G. James Blaine
Teleradiology support via narrow band ISDN and the JPEG still image compression standard
Author(s): G. James Blaine; Stephen M. Moore; Jerome R. Cox; Robert C. Lewis; Evren Senol; Robert A. Whitman
Prototyping a PACS-RIS/HIS interface in Europe
Author(s): Fenno P. Ottes; Albert Reinder Bakker; Carl A. Schulz; Frans J. Martens
Design of a multivendor PACS network for a university hospital environment
Author(s): Steven L. Fritz; Wayne Thornton DeJarnette
Training sample reduction through model feature selection in anatomical model development
Author(s): Tod S. Levitt; Marcus W. Hedgcock; Vera Michele Shadle; Scott E. Johnston; D. N. Vosky
Integrating voice with images and text in a workstation for radiology
Author(s): Torbjorn Sund; Frode Kileng; Eivind Rinde; Jan Stormer
Evaluation of a hospital-wide PACS: costs and benefits of the Hammersmith PACS installation
Author(s): Stirling Bryan; Justin Keen; Martin J. Buxton; Gwyneth C. Weatherburn
Architecture of a high-performance PACS based on a shared file system
Author(s): Robert A. Glicksman; Dennis L. Wilson; John H. Perry; Fred W. Prior
Modeling and simulation of a high-performance PACS based on a shared file system architecture
Author(s): Glenn Meredith; Kenneth R. Anderson; Emil Wirsz; Fred W. Prior; Dennis L. Wilson
Hierarchical rapid modeling and simulation of high-performance picture archive and communications systems
Author(s): Kenneth R. Anderson; Glenn Meredith; Fred W. Prior; Emil Wirsz; Dennis L. Wilson
Update of the ACR-NEMA digital imaging and communications in medicine standard
Author(s): David E. Best; Steven C. Horii; William C. Bennett; Charles R. Parisot

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