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Medical Imaging VI: Instrumentation
Editor(s): Rodney Shaw
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Volume Number: 1651
Date Published: 1 June 1992
Softcover: 27 papers (284) pages
ISBN: 9780819408037

Table of Contents
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Two- and three-dimensional views of biomagnetic imaging
Author(s): William J. Dallas
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Variable-parameter magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): David M. Kramer; John Coleman; Leon Kaufman; Leila D. Mattinger
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Switched-field magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Joseph W. Carlson; Larry E. Crooks; M. Arakawa; D. M. Goldhaber; David M. Kramer; Leon Kaufman
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Spatial sampling considerations for biomagnetic measurements
Author(s): Heidi A. Schlitt; William J. Dallas; Walter H. Kullmann
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Solution to the inverse problem in selective excitation in magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Joseph W. Carlson
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Exposure latitude for thoracic radiography
Author(s): Richard L. Van Metter; Henri E. A. S. J Lemmers; Leo J. Schultze Kool
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Film/screen system optimization through the application of radiation transfer models to digitized phantom images
Author(s): Jacob Beutel; Michael Yampolsky; Rodney Shaw
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Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry using a multielement high-purity germanium detector array: technical considerations
Author(s): Eric L. Gingold; Bruce H. Hasegawa; Christopher E. Cann; Andrew D. Jeffries
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Development of thin-film flat-panel arrays for diagnostic and radiotherapy imaging
Author(s): Larry E. Antonuk; John M. Boudry; John Yorkston; E. J. Morton; Weidong Huang; Robert A. Street
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High-resolution digital x-ray imaging with solid state linear detectors
Author(s): Bernard Munier; Pascal Prieur-Drevon; G. Roziere; Jean Chabbal
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Comparison of three different schemes for dual-energy subtraction imaging in digital radiography: a signal-to-noise analysis
Author(s): Chris C. Shaw; David Gur
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Pixel averaging versus digitization using larger apertures: a comparison of the spatial resolution properties
Author(s): Chris C. Shaw; John M. Herron; David Gur
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Large-area solid state detector for radiology using amorphous selenium
Author(s): Wei Zhao; John A. Rowlands
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Comparison of imaging characteristics of multiple-beam equalization and storage phosphor direct digitizer radiographic systems
Author(s): A. Sankaran; Keh-Shih Chuang; Hisashi Yonekawa; H. K. Huang
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Signal fading, erasure, and rescan in storage phosphor imaging
Author(s): Chris C. Shaw; John M. Herron; David Gur
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Novel technique for simultaneous acquisition of primary and scatter image signals
Author(s): Chris C. Shaw
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Medical linear accelerator x-ray sources: variation with make, model, and time
Author(s): David A. Jaffray; Jerry J. Battista; Aaron Fenster; Peter Munro
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Physical characterization and optimal magnification of a portal imaging system
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Bissonnette; David A. Jaffray; Aaron Fenster; Peter Munro
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Image-intensifier-based volume tomographic angiography imager: preliminary results
Author(s): Ruola Ning; Steven J. Rooker; John B. Barsotti; Thomas W. Morris
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Volume CT of anthropomorphic phantoms using a radiation therapy simulator
Author(s): Michael D. Silver; Mitsuru Yahata; Yasuo Saito; E. Anne Sivers; S. R. Huang; Bruce M. Drawert; Thomas C. Judd
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Bremsstrahlung imaging with the gamma camera
Author(s): Maria Kallergi; Wei Qian; Laurence P. Clarke; Allan R. Gondeck
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SPECT imaging: the spatial distribution of detected photons about a point source in a scatter medium
Author(s): T. van Doorn; Zixin Zhang; Milka Zec
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Mammographic imaging properties of an experimental SrFBr:Eu2+ imaging plate
Author(s): Yuichi Hosoi; Hiroki Saito; Yasushi Kojima; Satoshi Arakawa; Kenji Takahashi
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Three-dimensional ellipsoidal backprojection images from large arrays
Author(s): Forrest L. Anderson
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New thermographic imaging techniques: panoramic and multiaspect thermography
Author(s): Akinori Nagasawa; Kazuichi Katoh; Yasuhiko Ohhashi
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Importance of TV camera tube parameters in fluoroscopic imaging
Author(s): William Bitler; James G. Coffin; Walter Doesschate; Robert M. Langdon; Gregory J. Murphy
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Optimization of peak kilovoltage and spectral shape for digital mammography
Author(s): Rebecca Fahrig; Andrew D. A. Maidment; Martin Joel Yaffe
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