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Laser-Tissue Interaction III
Editor(s): Steven L. Jacques
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Volume Number: 1646
Date Published: 7 August 1992
Softcover: 49 papers (442) pages
ISBN: 9780819407924

Table of Contents
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Biomedical applications of free-electron lasers: generation of ultrashort high-peak-power optical pulses
Author(s): Eric B. Szarmes; John M. J. Madey
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Applications of free-electron lasers to measurements of energy transfer in biopolymers and materials
Author(s): Glenn S. Edwards; J. Bruce Johnson; John A. Kozub; Jerri A. Tribble; Katrina Wagner
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Biological activity of photoproducts of merocyanine 540 generated by laser-light activation
Author(s): Kirpal S. Gulliya; Tran C. Chanh; Shazib Pervaiz; Anthony Harriman; James Lester Matthews
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Soft tissue surgery with combined FEL and conventional laser beams
Author(s): Millard M. Judy; Billie L. Aronoff; James Lester Matthews
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Comparative laser-tissue interaction effects at 1.96 and 2.01 um of Cr; Tm:YAG laser
Author(s): Michail M. Pankratov; Donald F. Perrault; Stanley M. Shapshay; Joseph F. Pinto; Dina Esterowitz; H. Thomas Aretz
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Pulsed holmium laser tissue ablation threshold studies
Author(s): Yacov Domankevitz; Margaret S. Lee; Norman S. Nishioka
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Ablation of hard dental tissues with the Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Vicki A. Vickers; Steven L. Jacques; Jon A. Schwartz; Massoud Motamedi; Sohi Rastegar; J. W. Martin
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Physical characteristics of excimer laser-tissue interaction
Author(s): John V. McGrann; Joseph Neev; Michael W. Berns
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Cold laser technique for cell surgery
Author(s): Daniel V. Palanker; Shoshanit Ohad; Aaron Lewis; Neri Laufer
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Self-tuning control of Nd:YAG laser coagulation: principle
Author(s): Radouan Faiz; Serge R. Mordon; Marcel Staroswiecki; Jean Marc Brunetaud
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Choice of CO and CO2 lasers operation modes for high-quality deep cutting of biotissues
Author(s): Vladislav S. Alejnikov; Victor I. Masychev; Vladimir I. Klimenko
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Comparison of the treatment of vascular lesions with the copper-vapor laser and flashlamp-pumped dye laser
Author(s): Stephen Thomas Flock; Milton Waner; Ben McGrew; G. B. Colvin; Donna Montague
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Liver photocoagulation with diode laser (805 nm) versus Nd:YAG (1064 nm)
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques; Sohi Rastegar; Massoud Motamedi; Sharon L. Thomsen; Jon A. Schwartz; Jorge H. Torres; Ilkka Mannonen
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Laser wound: (one) scavenging of necrotic debris
Author(s): Alexey J. Nevorotin; Gregory L. Zeltzer; Mart M. Kull; A. P. Kallikorm; A. A. Zhloba; Virgo Th. Mihkelsoo; R. R. Machulaitis
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Study of Nd:YAG laser treatment for the posterior capsular opacification induced by the artificial intraocular lens implantation
Author(s): Xiao-Wu Ni; Jian Lu; Anzhi He; Yong-Nian Li
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Development and experimental in-vivo evaluation of mathematical modeling of coagulation by laser
Author(s): Claire Beacco; Serge R. Mordon; Jean Marc Brunetaud
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Theoretical analysis of equivalency of high-power diode laser (810 nm) and Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm) for coagulation of tissue: predictions for prostate coagulation
Author(s): Sohi Rastegar; Steven L. Jacques; Massoud Motamedi; Beop-Min Kim
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Temperature distribution in biotissues under cw low-intensity laser irradiation
Author(s): Alexander N. Yakunin; Yury N. Scherbakov; Valery V. Tuchin; Sergei R. Utz; Ilya V. Yaroslavsky
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Origin of corneal bleaching under chemical HF laser ablation
Author(s): Nickolay P. Furzikov
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Near atraumatic high-repetition-rate pulsed lasers in surgery
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Andrei V. Belikov; Andrew V. Erofeev; Ildar K. Ilyasov
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Photochemical effects of chloroaluminum-sulfonated phthalocyanine in arteries with intimal hyperplasia
Author(s): Paolo Ortu; Glenn M. LaMuraglia; Walter Gregory Roberts; Kevin T. Schomacker; Thomas F. Deutsch; Thomas J. Flotte; Tayyaba Hasan
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Synergism between photochemical and ionizing radiation effects in MCF-7 cells in vitro
Author(s): Gulshan Ara; Terence S. Herman; Archana Varshney; Timothy Korbut; Beverly A. Teicher
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Upper excited-state photochemistry of DNA and nucleotides
Author(s): Ivo G. Gut; Irene E. Kochevar
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Monitoring photochemistry in tissue using frequency domain photon migration
Author(s): Tsong-Tseh Tsay; Bruce J. Tromberg; Eric H. Cho; Khai T. Vu; Lars Othar Svaasand
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Mapping radiant energy distributions during laser irradiation of collagen phantoms by photolabeling with tetrabrominated rhodamine
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques; Tayyaba Hasan
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Role of temperature dependence of optical properties in laser irradiation of biological tissue
Author(s): Sohi Rastegar; Beop-Min Kim; Steven L. Jacques
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Argon fluoride excimer laser ablation of cornea
Author(s): George H. Pettit; Marwood N. Ediger; Richard P. Weiblinger
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Q-switched laser ablation of tissue: plume dynamics and the effect of tissue mechanical properties
Author(s): Joseph P. Cummings; Joseph T. Walsh
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Biological effects of spark-generated shock waves
Author(s): Edwin L. Carstensen
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Laser-induced contained vaporization in tissue
Author(s): Ronald S. Dingus
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Characterization of plasma-induced shock waves
Author(s): Apostolos George Doukas; A. D. Zweig
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Laser-flash photography of laser-induced spallation in liquid media
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques; Gary Gofstein; Ronald S. Dingus
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Reduction of acoustic transients generated in liquid media and in tissue by pulsed 2-um lasers
Author(s): Tomas Sedlacek; Michael A. Martinelli; Leon Esterowitz; Joseph F. Pinto
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Influence of holmium:YSGG intensity on bubble formation in saline and in tissue
Author(s): Ton G. J. M. van Leeuwen; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonck; Cornelius Borst
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Thermal stress distribution in laser-irradiated hard dental tissue: implications for dental applications
Author(s): Massoud Motamedi; Sohi Rastegar; Bahman Anvari
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Bubble formation in light-absorbing liquid
Author(s): Alexander S. Silenok; Rudolf W. Steiner; Manfred Fischer; Karl Stock; Raimund Hibst; Vitali I. Konov
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Investigation of microplasma produced in physiological saline by a high-power YAG laser
Author(s): Jian Lu; Xiao-Wu Ni; Anzhi He
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Study of different ablation models by use of high-speed-sampling photography
Author(s): Guenther Paltauf; Erich Reichel; Heinz Schmidt-Kloiber
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Myosis in the operation of the YAG laser anterior capsulotomy
Author(s): Yong-Nian Li; Xiao-Wu Ni; Jian Lu; Anzhi He
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Comparative examination of fiber tips in myocardium using a holmium:YAG laser
Author(s): Shi-Ming Zheng; Robert A. Kloner; Peter Whittaker
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Quality biotissue boring by transparent tips
Author(s): Vladislav S. Alejnikov; A. V. Armichev; Victor I. Masychev
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Determination of optical properties in situ from radial backscattering profile using a CCD camera
Author(s): Robert Splinter; Robert H. Svenson; Laszlo Littmann; Jan R. Tuntelder; Michelle Thompson; George P. Tatsis; Chi H. Chuang
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Effect of dehydration on optical properties of tissue
Author(s): Francois Chambettaz; Fabienne D. Marquis-Weible; Rene-Paul Salathe
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Theoretical analysis of the light interaction with coagulated tissue
Author(s): Maya Ratna Jerath; Ashley J. Welch
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Improvements in the accuracy and statistical variance of the Monte Carlo simulation of light distribution in tissue
Author(s): Craig M. Gardner; Ashley J. Welch
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Light-absorption-induced heating causes altered surface reflectance of an oblique laser probe beam to achieve high signal-to-noise in a laser absorption spectrometer prism device
Author(s): Marcos T. T. Pacheco; Wilfredo Irrazabal Urruchi
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Skin optical parameters determination for laser photochemotherapy
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin; Sergei R. Utz; Ilya V. Yaroslavsky; Alexander Yu. Barabanov; O. D. Odoevskaya; S. I. Dovgansky
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Laser wound: (two) mixed-beam (cw Nd:YAG-PW XeCl) lasing results in mixed injuries
Author(s): Mart M. Kull; H. Kruuv; Gregory L. Zeltzer; Alexey J. Nevorotin
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Laser-induced pressure effects
Author(s): Thomas J. Flotte; Apostolos George Doukas
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