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Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy
Editor(s): Thomas J. Dougherty

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Volume Number: 1645
Date Published: 1 June 1992

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Feasibility of intrapleural photodynamic therapy: the first eight patients (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Harvey I. Pass; Thomas F. DeLaney; Angelo Russo; James Mitchell; Paul D. Smith; Walter Friauf; Gunter F. Thomas
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Photodynamic therapy for treatment of AIDS-related mucocutaneous Kaposi's sarcoma (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Vanessa Gayl Schweitzer M.D.
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Whole bladder wall photodynamic therapy with in-situ light dosimetry for carcinoma in situ of the bladder
Author(s): Marie-Ange D'Hallewin M.D.; Luc Baert M.D.; Johannes P. A. Marijnissen; Willem M. Star
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Individual in-vitro sensitivities of human pancreatic carcinoma cell lines to photodynamic therapy
Author(s): K. Thomas Moesta; Andrew Dmytrijuk; Peter M. Schlag; Thomas S. Mang
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Clinical, MRI, and histological results after photodynamic therapy of oral cancer
Author(s): Michael Herzog; Ch. Fellbaum; C. Wagner-Manslau; Hans-Henning Horch
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Photodynamic therapy on spontaneous tumors of dogs and cats: a ten-year study
Author(s): Diego Fonda
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Hematopoietic stimulation by porphyrin photosensitizers (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Julia G. Levy; David W. C. Hunt; David W. Mitchell; Catriona H. M. Jamieson
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Promotion of porphyrin cytotoxicity by ultrasound (Invited Paper)
Author(s): David Kessel; Russell Jeffers; Charles A. Cain
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Photodynamic therapy responsiveness using mono-1-aspartyl chlorin e6 (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Angela Ferrario; Charles J. Gomer
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Mechanisms of vessel damage in photodynamic therapy (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Victor H. Fingar; Thomas Jeffery Wieman M.D.
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Analysis of photochemical oxygen consumption effects in photodynamic therapy (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Thomas H. Foster; Scott L. Gibson; Yongli Gao; Russell Hilf
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Role of multidrug resistance in photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Heyke Cacile Diddens
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Host cell infiltration into PDT-treated tumor
Author(s): Mladen Korbelik; Gorazd Krosl; Graeme J. Dougherty; David J. Chaplin
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Influence of metronidazole and some electron acceptors on the chlorin e6 photosensitized killing of Ehrlich carcinoma cells
Author(s): V. Chekulayev; Igor Shevchuk; Virgo Th. Mihkelsoo; A. P. Kallikorm
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Polymer-bound meso-chlorin e6 for PDT (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Nancy L. Krinick; Ying Sun; D. A. Joyner; R. Reed; John D. Spikes; Richard C. Straight; Jindrich Kopecek
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Simple optical theory for light dosimetry during PDT (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques
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Optical methods for in-vivo pharmacokinetics (Invited Paper)
Author(s): William R. Potter; David A. Bellnier; Thomas J. Dougherty
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Laser-induced fluorescence quantitation of choloroaluminum phthalocyanine tetrasulfonate concentration in rat tissue
Author(s): Masoud Panjehpour; Rick E. Sneed; Donita L. Frazier D.V.M.; Mary Ann Barnhill; Sherrie O'Brien; Bill Harb; Bergein F. Overholt M.D.
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Photodynamic therapy in interplay with fluorescence diagnostics in the treatment of human superficial malignancies
Author(s): Torsten Andersson; Roger Berg; Jonas Johansson; Dick Killander; Katarina Svanberg M.D.; Sune Svanberg; Yuanlong Yang
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Spherical diffusing probes for high-peak-power copper vapor/dye laser systems
Author(s): Rudolf M. Verdaasdonck; Christiaan F. P. van Swol; Tom A. Boon
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Effectiveness of photosensitive dye during uptake and redistribution
Author(s): Xiao-Yan He M.D.; Steven L. Jacques; Gary Gofstein
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Diffuse reflection measurements determining optical properties of tissues
Author(s): Wei Sun; Jiang Li; Weiyang Li; Yiqun Lin; Jinpin Ying
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Photodynamic effects of silicon phthalocyanines in model cells and tumors (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Nancy L. Oleinick; Syed I. A. Zaidi; Boris D. Rihter; Malcolm E. Kenney; Marian E. Clay; Antonio R. Antunez M.D.; Hasan Mukhtar
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Three new phthalocyanines with potential for PDT studies
Author(s): Boris D. Rihter; Maria D. Bohorquez; Michael A. J. Rodgers; Malcolm E. Kenney
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Spectroscopy, photokinetics, and cellular effect of far-red and near-infrared absorbing photosensitizers
Author(s): Benjamin Ehrenberg; Adina Lavi; Yeshayahu Nitzan; Zvi Malik; Hava Ladan; Fred M. Johnson; Jonathan L. Sessler
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Improved photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Ravindra K. Pandey; Fuu-Yau Shiau; Isabelle Meunier; Subbaraya Ramaprasad; Adam B. Sumlin; Thomas J. Dougherty; Kevin M. Smith
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Syntheses of new porphyrin-type photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Kevin M. Smith; Ravindra K. Pandey; Fuu-Yau Shiau; Norman W. Smith; Panos Iakovides; Thomas J. Dougherty
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Spectroscopic investigation of light-induced intracellular reactions of hydrophilic meso-tetraphenylporphyrins
Author(s): Angelika C. Rueck; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Herbert Schneckenburger; Rudolf W. Steiner
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Dosimetry of cylindrical fibers in photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Thomas S. Mang; Leroy Wood
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Clinical LIF pharmacokinetic measurements with Photofrin II for optimizing the photodetection of early cancer
Author(s): Daniel Braichotte; Georges A. Wagnieres; J. M. Philippoz; Roland Bays; Hans-Beat Ris M.D.; Philippe Monnier; Andre Chatelain; Hubert van den Bergh
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