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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiovascular Interventions II
Editor(s): George S. Abela
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Volume Number: 1642
Date Published: 28 August 1992
Softcover: 35 papers (248) pages
ISBN: 9780819407887

Table of Contents
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Analysis of laser-induced vascular injury using image processing and 3D reconstruction
Author(s): Cynthia J. Roberts; Xia Li
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Changes in optical density of vascular tissue after 308-nm excimer laser irradiation
Author(s): Hans-Joachim Schwarzmaier; Matthias P. Heintzen; Wolfram Mueller; Raimund Kaufmann; Myron Lee Wolbarsht
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Near-IR Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy in surgery and medicine: guidance system for laser angioplasty
Author(s): Shuming Nie; Qiushi Ren; Douglas C. B. Redd; Nai-Teng Yu
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Percutaneous angioscopy after excimer laser angioplasty
Author(s): Fumitaka Nakamura; Jan Kvasnicka; Herbert J. Geschwind; Yasumi Uchida
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Detection of atherosclerosis via magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Andrew L. Alexander; Victor T. Pytlewski; Michael F. Brown; Arthur F. Gmitro
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Variation in optical performance of beta-carotene-stained rabbit aorta
Author(s): Biqing Ye; George S. Abela
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Detection and quantification of thermal injury to the myocardium using ultrasound
Author(s): Stephan E. Friedl; Yishin Weng; Eric D. Mathews; George S. Abela
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Experience with a new spectra holmium laser probe
Author(s): Edward B. Diethrich; Osvaldo J. Santiago
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Use of the holmium:YAG laser in coronary disease
Author(s): Richard R. Heuser
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In-vivo holmium laser angioplasty
Author(s): Karl Konstantin Haase; Stefan Hassenstein; Hartmut Hanke; Sybille Hanke; Martin Oberhoff; Karl R. Karsch
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Excimer and holmium:YAG laser coronary angioplasty
Author(s): Herbert J. Geschwind; Fumitaka Nakamura; Jan Kvasnicka; Jean Luc Dubois-Rande
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Multifiber coronary laser angioplasty with a holmium:YAG laser
Author(s): Christopher J. White; Stephen R. Ramee; Tyrone J. Collins; Juan E. Mesa; Ashit Jain
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Comparison of holmium:YSGG versus Nd:YAG in an artificial circulation model
Author(s): Roy N. Lawrence; Jonathan A. Michaels; Stephen G. Bown
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Acute effects of pulsed-laser irradiation on the arterial wall
Author(s): Fumitaka Nakamura; Jan Kvasnicka; Hanjiang Lu; Herbert J. Geschwind; Micheline Levame; Hassan Bousbaa; Francoise Lange
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Tissue ablation with excimer laser and multiple-fiber catheters: effects of optical fiber density and fluence
Author(s): Jan Kvasnicka; Fumitaka Nakamura; Herbert J. Geschwind; Francoise Lange
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Excimer laser angioplasty in conjunction with intravascular ultrasonic imaging
Author(s): Daniel J. Kasprzyk; Jeffrey M. Isner; Robert J. Crowley
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Radially focusing fiber optic probes for laser angioplasty
Author(s): Richard T. Mihran; Huey-Daw Wu; Frank S. Barnes
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Primary success and one-year followup of percutaneous peripheral excimer laser angioplasty
Author(s): Adriana Visona; Guido Liessi; Luigi Miserocchi; Andrea Bonanome; Luigi Lusiani; Giovanni Breggion; Antonio Pagnan
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Fluorescence response of selected tissues in the canine heart: an attempt to find the conduction system
Author(s): David J. Aziz; Anthony Caruso; Maria Aguirre; Arthur F. Gmitro
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Laser-induced fluorescence identification of intimal hyperplasia after intravascular stent implantation
Author(s): Alexandra Lucas; Masis Perk; Yue Wen; Fermin O. Tio; Wolfgang Schneider
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Fluorescence spectroscopic detection of early injury-induced atherosclerosis
Author(s): Alexandra Lucas; Masis Perk; Yue Wen; Carol Smith
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Percutaneous excimer laser coronary angioplasty: development of technology and initial clinical results
Author(s): James E. Tcheng; James S. Miller; Ronald W. Songer; Robert A. Golobic
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Percutaneous cardioscopy of the left ventricle in patients with myocarditis
Author(s): Yasumi Uchida; Takanobu Tomaru; Fumitaka Nakamura; Tomomitsu Oshima; Yoshiharu Fujimori; Junichi Hirose
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Use of CO2 laser gingivoplasty in heart-transplant subjects
Author(s): Carlo de Rysky; Franco Forni
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Arterial healing response after angioplasty and its contributions to restenosis
Author(s): Cornelius Borst; Lieselotte van Erven; Evelyn Velema; Mark J. Post
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Three years of clinical experiences on excimer laser angioplasty
Author(s): Riccardo Viligiardi; Sandra Galiberti; Roberto Pini; Renzo Salimbeni
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Transluminal angiomicroscopy of arterial thrombosis and thrombolysis
Author(s): Takanobu Tomaru; Yasumi Uchida; Fumitaka Nakamura; Atsuko Miwa; Koichiro Yamada; Tsuneaki Sugimoto
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Percutaneous intracardiac surgery with cardioscopic guidance
Author(s): Fumitaka Nakamura; Atsuko Miwa; Yasumi Uchida; Koichiro Yamada; Takanobu Tomaru; Tsuneaki Sugimoto
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Comparative studies on transluminal angiomicroscopic and ex-vivo microscopic features of vascular lesions
Author(s): Yasumi Uchida; Takanobu Tomaru; Fumitaka Nakamura; Toshio Kamijo; Atsuko Miwa; Koichiro Yamada; Tsuneaki Sugimoto
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Percutaneous angioplasty of chronic arterial obstruction by a temperature-controlled Nd:YAG laser system
Author(s): Yasumi Uchida; Tomomitsu Oshima; Yoshiharu Fujimori; Junichi Hirose
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Clinical laser angioplasty with a pulsed neodymium:YAG laser: long-term followup
Author(s): Roy N. Lawrence; Jonathan A. Michaels; Frank W. Cross; Michael Raphael; M. Adiseshiah; A. Marston
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High-speed coronary rotational angioplasty with the rotablator
Author(s): Nadim M. Zacca; Neal S. Kleiman; P. J. Asimacopoulos
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Ultrasound detection of cavitation as a phenomenon common to intervention devices causing tissue ablation
Author(s): David S. Bach; William F. Armstrong; Raimund Erbel; Stephen G. Ellis; Joao Sousa; Uri Rosenschein
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Excimer laser coronary angioplasty: relative risk analysis of clinical results
Author(s): John A. Bittl
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Lesion-specific laser catheters for angioplasty
Author(s): Douglas Murphy-Chutorian
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